WWE NXT – 7/17/2013

WWE NXT – 07/17/2013

The best showcase of WWE’s young and talented kicks off another edition this week.  There is a title match on the books tonight but we will start with Leo Kruger creeping his way to the ring first.  The show is going to open with a #1 Contender’s Match.

William Regal is back on commentary this week, giving his insight as “Don’t Tread on Me” Antonio Cesaro comes out.  The crowd joins in with WE THE PEOPLE.

Sami Zayn comes out next to complete the field.

#1 Contender for the NXT Championship

Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Cesaro and Zayn have to be separated as Kruger stands in the corner.  As the bell rings, the two go at it.  When Kruger walks over, Cesaro shoves him away.

Zayn delivers a flying kick to Kruger and Zayn and Cesaro rotate control with varying blows on each other.  As Antonio tries to use his boot to choke Sami, Kruger dumps him over the top and nails a suplex variation on Sami to assert the South African’s control for the first time in the match.

Kruger runs the ropes and Cesaro pops up like a horror villain and uses his pure strength to pull him out of the ring.  As the two battle for control on the outside, Zayn dives out of the ring.  As Zayn decides where to go next, we hit our first commercial interruption.

Sami is in the ring maintaining control on the former United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro, as the crowd does the classic “Ole”, nodding to Zayn’s past in Ring of Honor.

Zayn is up top for a cross body and gets caught by Cesaro for a nasty backbreaker.

Kruger is back in the ring and tries talking to Cesaro.  They are going back and forth but I can’t pick up what they are saying over LOUD chants of We The People by the crowd.

Cesaro disposes Kruger and starts uppercutting Zayn again.  As Cesaro tries to charge him, Zayn delivers a boot.  Kruger goes at him and blocks Zayn’s boot repeat.  As Kruger holds Zayn’s leg, Cesaro comes and delivers a suplex on Kruger, which in turn, makes a nice double suplex spot.

Cesaro tosses Kruger back over the top and goes back to working over Zayn.  I don’t get why Antonio keeps getting sent to work the developmental circuit.  This match shows not only does he have crazy and unique match innovation but he is telling a story in this match more than many of the marquee matches I’ve seen on bigger shows in the past several years.

Kruger makes his way back in and as he maintains some control, Zayn ends up hitting a move to take down both of the other competitors.  Regal points out that Zayn is someone you may not take seriously when seeing him in the street but he does the unimaginable in the ring.

Zayn is delivering punches between Cesaro and Kruger and throws them into each other before rolling up Kruger for a two count.  He follows straight into a pinning hurricanrana on Cesaro but once again a two count.

Zayn goes after Cesaro but Kruger pops up, only to get tossed by Zayn.  Zayn refocuses on Antonio for a nasty uppercut.  Cesaro nails the Neutralizer.  Kruger runs in and tosses Cesaro.  He scrambles back quick enough to steal the three count.

Kruger celebrates like crazy while Cesaro stares on with great anger.

Winner and #1 Contender for the NXT Championship: Leo Kruger

Kruger chants his own name at the top of the ramp.

Adrian Neville is stretching backstage when Corey Graves comes in saying he needs a tag team partner, not a friend.  He says he may have issues with Neville but he respects what he does in the ring.  He wants his “fix” of the ever-important tag titles.

A match graphic is aired for Bayley vs. Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte, where Ric will be present.

Also, a match graphic for NXT Champion Bo Dallas facing Scott Dawson with Sylvester Lefort.  Dawson has been getting some singles burn lately, despite having a solid enough tag team with Garrett Dylan.  In trying to figure out if Garrett got released, I see that Garrett is actually Jody Kristofferson, son of Kris Kristofferson.

Sylvester Lefort comes out talking about his protégé Scott Dawson.  The tron video shows Dylan’s name still there as Dawson comes out for his match.

Bo Dallas makes his way out next.  I feel like the crowd doesn’t know what to make of Bo these days, as some week he is treated as a face and some as a heel.

Scott Dawson vs. Bo Dallas

The two men circle up.  Dawson gets some early control in the non-title match up.  William Regal offers comparisons to the great Arn Anderson when it comes to Dawson.

The champ gets a quick dropkick but Dawson is able to get control over Bo again.

Dawson makes a few quick cover attempts to throw off Dallas but the champion continues to kick out.  As Dawson ties up Dallas, we hear about Dawson’s influences being Dick Murdoch and Buzz Sawyer.

Dallas starts building momentum and we hear his influences include John Cena.  And Bret Hart.

Dallas ends up with an out of nowhere belly to belly suplex and the match is over.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Not the best showcase of Dylan but he definitely has something more interesting going on in his tag team right now.

Kruger enters the ring and the new #1 Contender lays out the champion.  He hits a nasty neckbreaker before grabbing Bo’s title.  The crowd actually cheers and starts chanting “THANK YOU, KRUGER!”  Leo throws the belt onto the fallen Dallas and starts backing off, being a weirdo.

Another match graphic for Charlotte’s debut airs before a promo for The Ascension.  Rick Victor is seemingly wearing black contacts and Conor somewhat looks like Ryback in this.

Bayley comes out with her 80’s kids’ show theme song.  Full of hope and joy, according to Tony Dawson.  Attitude of Gratitude.


The Nature Boy’s theme song plays and Hall of Fame graphics fill Full Sail.  Ric Flair comes out the ring by himself, we see a kid with a RICK FLAIR sign.  The referee opens the ropes for Flair, who soaks in the crowd.

Flair asks if he is actually in Orlando, Florida.  I wonder if he thinks he is back in TNA.  Ric tells us he loves NXT.  I want to know how much NXT he has watched to this point.

Ric starts talking about his daughter will show us why she is the greatest Flair athlete of all time.  They talk about her gymnastics background, so she does some flips and stuff outside the ring.  Flair gives his daughter a kiss and the match gets underway.

Bayley vs. Charlotte

Charlotte lets out a woo and Flair grins ear to ear.  Bayley looks excited too and the two lock up.

Charlotte locks up Bayley’s arm.  Bayley screams no and counters, Charlotte re-counters using some of those gymnastic like moves.

Bayley goes over to Flair and says Nature Girl.

Charlotte does some pretty athletic counters, one which was named Charlotte’s web.

Bayley kicks out and goes for a few pin attempts as well.  The two back off and Ric Flair throws off his jacket ringside.

Bayley hits a suplex but Bayley kicks out.  Irish whip to the corner and Charlotte flips over the side to avoid Bailey.
Back in the ring, Charlotte hits a really unique flipping neckbreaker type move to pick up her first victory.

Winner: Charlotte

Ric is in the ring.  They woo together as he gets his daughter to do the strut with him.

Sheamus is introduced backstage.  They are interviewing him about a match on the show next week. He says he doesn’t know who he is facing but as he starts to hype the competition in NXT, he gets taken out.  The Wyatt Family stands above who shouts about taking out the big guys and tell Sheamus to Follow the Buzzards.

A match graphic shows for the tag title main event.

In the interview area, Tyler Breeze, cuts a promo hyping his debut.  He is in a chair, not letting his face be seen.  He tells us he is a model and they can’t seem him this week because next week we can witness GORGEOUS.

A match graphic shows next week will feature the finals of the Women’s Championship tournament – Paige vs. Emma.

We are about to have our main event as Adrian Neville rushes the stage.  We hear how Neville’s previous tag title reign gives him an advantage as his partner, Corey Graves, enters the NXT Arena.

The Wyatt’s entrance music hits.  They drag out Bray’s rocking chair and he whispers in Harper’s ear as Rowan stands there in the sheep mask.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Adrian Neville & Corey Graves vs. NXT Tag Team Champions Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

In-ring introductions are held.  Graves starts talking strategy to Neville as the Wyatts just stare into the crowd.

Graves starts the match with Luke Harper as we get a plug for next week’s tournament final for the first Women’s Champion of NXT.

Graves starts laying in the fists to Harper and brings Harper to the ropes his tarantula like move.  Graves is upping the intensity and brings Neville in.

Neville connects with some successful moves before Harper grabs him and drags him to the Wyatt corner.  We hear how Neville’s former tag partner, Oliver Gray, was sidelined by the Wyatt Family and is likely out for six months.

Graves comes back in to battle with Rowan, who was brought in for the Wyatts.  Graves continues to be the dominate competitor, which is rare from the NXT tag matches I have seen him in to date.

Neville takes out Rowan on the outside but Harper and Graves are the legal men in the ring, only to see Harper lay out Graves with a big boot.

Harper, looking pleased with himself, hovers above Graves.  We see Bray staring in the ring as a commercial break interrupts the bout.

Back from break, Rowan is dominating Corey Graves, working on the neck.  With the support of the crowd, Corey starts fighting out but Rowan plows him into the Wyatt corner and tags in Luke Harper, shouting his YEAH YEAH YEAH.

Harper starts delivering some punches to the grounded Graves.  He steps on Corey’s leg and brings Rowan back in.  The monsters do some double team power moves to capitalize on the size advantage.  Graves struggles in a bearhug from Rowan.  Rowan throws Graves to the ropes and throws a back elbow.  He makes a pin for a two count.

Regal corrects Tony Dawson for interrupting him too much and threatens to punch him. Dawson shuts up and Regal has to say he was kidding.  He has had to correct Dawson multiple times.

Between all the awkwardness I have reported for Dawson on Superstars and NXT, it sounds like he will be named lead announcer in no time!

The 320-pound Harper lands a crazy dropkick on Graves and tags in Rowan.  Graves keeps fighting back and Neville is getting antsy in the corner.

Rowan wraps up Graves in an abdominal stretch.  Graves gets close to escaping but the monster Erick Rowan pulls him back by the pants.  Another near fall but Graves won’t give up.

Giant headbutt by Rowan, who makes another smart tag to Harper.  Graves manages to knock Rowan off the apron and gets some offense on Harper but Harper nails a nasty spinning side slam.

Another kick out and Graves disposes of Harper.  He makes it over after some struggle and Neville is in and on fire.

Neville takes out the now legal Rowan in the ring.  He does a diving hurricanrana to Harper on the outside.  Both the tag champs are together on the outside but Neville does a springboard moonsault, taking out both title holders.

As he throws Rowan in the ring, Wyatt is now concerned and out of the chair.  Neville does his top rope dive but Harper breaks the tag.  As the ref chases away Harper, Wyatt comes in and pushes Neville off the top. Rowan is unsuccessful in the pin.

Before Wyatt can interfere again, the music of Sheamus hits.  The Celtic Warrior takes out Bray Wyatt.  Everyone is down everywhere but Adrian Neville comes off the top with a beautiful corkscrew finish on Erick Rowan.

Winners and new NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Corey Graves

Graves cannot believe it.  Graves, Neville and Sheamus celebrate in the ring.  Sheamus makes sure the new champions get their belts and he takes off to give them their own moment.

After some replays, Sheamus is the ring hugging the champions again.  We hear a new chapter has begun as NXT ends for the week!

NXT Win/Loss Totals (as of 5/15/2013)

Bo Dallas                                              4-0

Emma                                                   3-0

Leo Kruger                                          3-0

Conor O’Brian                                    2-0

Paige                                                     2-0

Xavier Woods                                    2-0

Charlotte                                             1-0

Luke Harper                                       4-1

Erick Rowan                                        4-1

Mason Ryan                                       4-1

Bray Wyatt                                          4-1

Big E Langston                                   3-1

Garrett Dylan                                     2-1

Summer Rae                                      2-1

Sami Zayn                                            3-3

Antonio Cesaro                                 2-3

Scott Dawson                                    2-3

Adrian Neville                                 2-2

Alicia Fox                                             1-1

Corey Graves                                     2-4

Enzo Amore                                       1-2

Colin Cassidy                                      1-2

Kassius Ohno                                     1-2

Aksana                                                 0-1

Audrey Marie                                    0-1

Andy Baker                                         0-1

Sasha Banks                                    0-1

Derrick Bateman                              0-1

Danny Burch                                      0-1

Baron Corbin                                      0-1

Dante Dash                                         0-1

Angelo Dawkins                             0-1

Aiden English                                     0-1

Sawyer Fulton                                   0-1

Curt Hawkins                                     0-1

Natalya                                                 0-1

Briley Pierce                                       0-1

William Regal                                     0-1

Sakamoto                                            0-1

Damien Sandow                               0-1

Tamina Snuka                                    0-1

Yoshi Tatsu                                         0-1

Brandon Travern                              0-1

Bayley                                                   0-2

Jake Carter                                         0-2

Travis Tyler                                         0-2



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