WWE NXT – August 28, 2013

WWE NXT – 08/28/2013


Welcome to another week of NXT action!

The show starts with Corey Graves talking with Renee Young.  Rick Victor shows up and tells Graves they are tired of waiting, they will rise.  As Graves starts to talk back, Conor O’Brian attacks him from behind with fists to the back.  Victor holds Graves down as Conor smashes Corey with part of the set. Victor stands above Graves clutching Corey’s tag team championship belt.

It makes sense this is the first segment because the episode description from Hulu Plus talks about Neville avenging Graves, which I had no clue they were giving spoilers.

As the show opens, CJ Parker’s music is going and he does his Moonchild dancing as I hear William Regal’s voice trickle in on commentary.

If that wasn’t good enough, Tyler Breeze will be CJ’s opponent.

CJ Parker vs.Tyler Breeze

The two stare each other down as the crowd starts doing “YES” and “Breeze is Gorgeous” chants.  Breeze escapes outside but uses it to have CJ chase him and catch him to smash his “disgusting face” into the turnbuckle.

After Breeze grounds Parker, he checks himself out on his phone.  He returns to Parker to find himself suckered into an airplane spin, which Parker calls “Turning and Burning”. Parker hits a senton and gets some space to smash Breeze with some high knees when he gets up.

Parker has Breeze in the corner where Tyler left his phone.  Breeze smashes Parker in the face with the cellphone and picks up a three count.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Renee Young is backstage and Emma goofily stumbles in.  Renee asks her about her rivalry with Summer Rae.  Emma tries to be serious saying fighting Paige for the championship is on hold, her destiny is on hold but then she makes some odd comments about beating Summer Rae in a few minutes and blowing bubbles (occasionally part of her gimmick) and playing Dance Dance Emma-Lution.  She invites a confused Renee.

Match graphic for Adrian Neville versus Conor O’Brian, as decided by offscreen GM Dusty Rhodes based on what they are stating was an injury to Corey Graves at the start of the show.

The female ring announcer lets us know Tyler Breeze has left the building, to a large pop.

Emma comes out dancing with bubbles.

Summer Rae comes out and life can be enjoyable again.  She looks so pretty when she angrily swats away the bubbles that are still lingering.

Emma vs. Summer Rae

The announcers put over how Summer Rae is the first person to bring out a mean streak from Emma, who quickly takes over to start the match.

Emma smashes Summer’s head and grounds and pounds her for a while.  She gets Summer in the corner for her tarantula-like move but Summer is able to get away and take over control of the match.

Summer mounts some interesting offense, including using the ropes to work over Emma’s arm.

I am glad Summer is featured on the main shows with Fandango but she really is one of the better Divas workers and isn’t even in the ring.  I guess it will be like how Naomi didn’t wrestle for nearly her first year on the main roster.

Summer performs a mat based full nelson like move of Emma but she wraps Emma up with her legs.  Emma reverses it into a pin, so Summer turns it into a different pinning combination.

Summer whips Emma in the corner, Emma is able to coax Summer  over to get the tarantula version of the Dil-emma.  Emma does a splash on the downed summer in the corner.

She does a catapult type move to smash Summer’s face before locking in the Emma Lock and defeating Summer Rae.

Winner: Emma

Emma keeps doing her dance around the ring until Summer gets up and attacks her.  Knocking her to the outside isn’t enough, so Summer Rae gets Emma’s bottle of bubbles and throws the soapy liquid in Emma’s eyes.  As Emma struggles on the ground, Summer mocks her dance and goes backstage, owning my heart.

We see a clip from earlier tonight where Enzo Amore tells Scott Dawson that his name is on his shirt and his name is on his hat, so he has it good.  Dawson is there with his manager Sylvester Lefort and Enzo Amore is accompanied by Colin Cassidy, who is guidoing it up more these days.  Lefort apologizes their plan did not work against Mason Ryan and states that the two jersey guys should join Lefort’s stable for ultimate success and money.  Cassidy points out all Dawson does is lose.  The group continues to argue and we get a match graphic that Enzo Amore versus Scott Dawson is on the books for tonight.

Summer Rae yells at some redhead guy backstage until Sasha Banks comes back and tells Summer she can’t believe what she just did to Emma.  Summer tells Sasha that she shouldn’t be talking.  Summer is on RAW, Smackdown and SummerSlam was named after her, while Sasha can’t even get on NXT.  Summer tells Sasha that Sasha should take an example from her, an actual WWE Diva instead of the ugly fish in the small pond like Emma and Paige.  Sasha seems hurt and Summer mentions Sasha has a match with Paige in a couple weeks, where we may be seeing Sasha become the heel NXT Diva based on this segment.

Sylvester Lefort introduces Scott Dawson as Tony Dawson points out Regal’s weekly comparison of Dawson to Arn Anderson.

Enzo Amore comes out to a huge pop this week and a goofier haircut.  This must be an official face turn for Amore and Cassidy.  Enzo says if he and Big Cass had a dimes for each time they got beat up as kids, they would have zero dimes.

Scott Dawson vs. Enzo Amore

The crowd chants Enzo, he is playing it up.  Yup, they are faces now.

Enzo gets a side headlock on Dawson, who quickly throws him off.  Dawson tries doing a hip toss but Enzo actually lands on his feet.  Dawson throws Enzo on the ropes and then smashes him face first into the mat.

Dawson starts rubbing Amore’s face on the ropes before he whips him and knocks him down.  Dawson kicks Enzo’s face in as the crowd tries to get him back into the match.

Enzo throws a couple fists before Dawson knocks him down and kicks him hard.  Regal likens the fight to a weasel versus a cobra.  This makes me hope that Bobby Heenan would beat Santino.

Enzo gets in the match a little when Alexander Rusev shows up and knocks out Colin Cassidy.  This allows Dawson to nail a Greco-Roman suplex and win the match.

Winner: Scott Dawson

Lefort comes back and raises Rusev’s arm.  So now the French guys legion is a trucker and a Soviet Sumo Wrestler.

A recap is shown from the Cesaro-Zayn 2 out of 3 Falls match.

Renee invite Sami Zayn into the ring for an interview.  Zayn is asked about how many people talk about the greatness of that match and Sami says all her remembers is the end result, where Cesaro was a better man.

Renee asked Sami what is next.  He said he has to move forward, he will be prepared for Cesaro.  He says he has the same focus as everyone else here but Renee (where he flirts with her again).  He then says becoming NXT Championship, which immediately brings out Bo Dallas.

The crowd chants NO MORE BO again as Bo tells Sami that because a few people said Zayn had a good match on the internet, it doesn’t mean he is championship caliber.  He doesn’t know why this interview is happening because they don’t interview the losing team at the Super Bowl.

Zayn thanks Renee and tells her he will take it from here, sending her away from the ring before questioning why Bo came out.

Bo says he would love to have a match with Sami but accuses Sami of injuring him at SummerSlam Axxess.  He tells Sami that Sami is a good kid but too green to be in the ring with him or be like him.

Sami asks if be like him means being NXT Champion or being a delusional crazy person.  Bo says he doesn’t know what Sami is talking about because everyone loves Bo, which causes the crowd to lose it.  Sami points out he is getting BOOed out of the building.  Bo says they aren’t BOO-ing, they are BO-ing.  Sami asks and the crowd clarifies.

Sami asks if he is going to get an NXT Championship shot or is he scared.

The Real Americans’ music hits and it is ZEB COLTER who comes out.

Zeb tells Bo not to worry about someone like Zayn and starts threatening Sami.  Zeb wants Sami to cough up legal documentation that he is able to be in this country before he should be allowed a title match.

Sami tells Zeb to go back and tell Cesaro once he takes the NXT Championship off of Bo, he will do everything he can do to deport Zeb and Cesaro back to Hell where they belong.

As Zeb starts firing back, Jack Swagger  is in the ring assaulting Sami Zayn.  Jack sets up his gutwrench in delayed fashion like Cesaro does and nails it on Sami while Bo scoots to the back.

A match graphic airs for Neville-O’Brian in the main event.

Clips are shown from NXT at SummerSlam Axxess.  The main highlight is probably Cena putting over Adrian Neville and some white guy named Mojo that is being featured in the video as a tag partner for Xavier Woods.

Adrian Neville comes to the ring with what sounds like a different, more generic theme song.

The arena goes dark for the entrance of The Ascension.

As O’Brian and Victor show up on the ramp, Rick Victor is still carrying the championship belt of Corey Graves.

Adrian Neville vs. Corey Graves

Early on, Neville tries to use his speed to get away from O’Brian, who is rarely shown getting knocked off his feet.

Neville scores a crossbody but shortly after that, O’Brian is able to start pummeling Neville before commercial.

Back from commercial, it is announced the Zayn-Swagger will be next week’s main event.

Back to action, Neville is starting to build momentum.  He goes for a top rope crossbody but gets smacked by O’Brian.

Conor picks up Neville and whips him to the corner.  He charges but Neville escapes and nails a backdrop for the two count.

Neville goes up top, hoping for the Red Arrow.  He connects and (surprisingly) easily beats O’Brian.

Winner: Adrian Neville

They go to a replay and when they come back, Victor is in the ring beating Neville.  The Ascension both work over Neville as the announcers remind us Graves is injured and unable to come help his partner.  Of course, a bandaged Corey Graves makes his way to the ring, only to get beat down as well.

The crowd is fairly quiet as The Ascension slowly beats up the tag champions.  Remember when O’Brian was Alberto Del Rio’s rat man?

The Ascension stand over the champions as the show comes to a close.


NXT Win/Loss Totals (as of 5/15/2013)

Paige                                                     4-0

Tyler Breeze                                       3-0

Charlotte                                             2-0

Rick Victor                                           2-0

AJ Lee                                                   1-0

Roman Reigns                                   1-0

Seth Rollins                                         1-0

Sheamus                                             1-0

Dolph Ziggler                                      1-0

Bo Dallas                                              5-1

Erick Rowan                                        5-1

Mason Ryan                                       5-1

Emma                                                   4-1

Leo Kruger                                          4-1

Big E Langston                                   4-1

Conor O’Brian                                    4-1

Bray Wyatt                                          4-1

Luke Harper                                       5-2

Garrett Dylan                                     2-1

Xavier Woods                                    2-1

Antonio Cesaro                                 4-3

Adrian Neville                                 4-3

Dean Ambrose                                  1-1

Alicia Fox                                             1-1

CJ Parker                                             1-1

Summer Rae                                      2-3

Scott Dawson                                    3-5

Corey Graves                                     3-5

Sami Zayn                                            3-5

Colin Cassidy                                      1-2

Kassius Ohno                                     1-2

Enzo Amore                                       1-3

Aksana                                                 0-1

Curtis Axel                                          0-1

Audrey Marie                                    0-1

Andy Baker                                         0-1

Derrick Bateman                              0-1

Dante Dash                                         0-1

Sawyer Fulton                                   0-1

Curt Hawkins                                     0-1

Ron Hicks                                             0-1

Natalya                                                 0-1

Briley Pierce                                       0-1

William Regal                                     0-1

Alexander Rusev                              0-1

Sakamoto                                            0-1

Damien Sandow                               0-1

Tamina Snuka                                    0-1

Yoshi Tatsu                                         0-1

Brandon Travern                              0-1

Michael Zaki                                       0-1

Sasha Banks                                    0-2

Danny Burch                                      0-2

Jake Carter                                         0-2

Baron Corbin                                      0-2

Angelo Dawkins                             0-2

Travis Tyler                                         0-2

Bayley                                                   0-3

Aiden English                                     0-3

Mickey Keegan                                 0-3



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