WWE NXT – 5/15/2013

WWE NXT – 5/15/2013

The show opens up with a recap video of Damien Sandow challenging the NXT Champion Big E Langston.

As the announcers welcome us over a crowd chanting NXT, we hear a siren and Natalya Neidhart makes her way into the ring.

NXT commentator Tom Phillips is ringside with Brad Maddox as Summer Rae makes her wonderful, wonderful entrance.

Rae has a little bit of Maryse’s dismissive nature going on, as she shoos Natalya before the bell rings.

Natalya vs. Summer Rae

Natalya gets a quick headlock on Summer, who shakes it off before the two circle up again.  Summer takes control and laughs at Natalya, until Nattie takes control shortly thereafter.  We are told that Summer Rae makes everyone address her as the First Lady of NXT.  Summer continues to then try to exchange holds with Natalya, until she just knocks her down.

Natalya starts taking over control again as the announcers point out her relationship with Khali and Hornswoggle.  Natalya tries for the Sharpshooter but Summer gets to the ropes, before taking down Natalya and sauntering over.  Natalya back up and after a few exchanges, takes down Summer with a spinning clothesline.

Summer reflects upon her past lingerie football days, as she slides over to the ropes and tries to call a time out.  Summer starts apologizing to Natalya and extends her hand, only to throw Natalya outside.

I’m in love.

Summer beings to work over the shoulder of Natalya, as we get our first commercial break.

After the forced Hulu commercials, there is a commercial for Lesnar/HHH Extreme Rules.

Natalya is kicking out of a pin, as a disappointed Summer then dives onto the hurt shoulder of Natalya.  Summer slams Natalya into the turnbuckle as we hear how Summer has called Natalya a freak, due to hanging out with WWE’s resident sideshow.

Summer maintains control and uses a nice back elbow to down Natalya, before she fixes her hair and goes for another failed pin.  Summer continues to work the shoulder of Natalya.

As Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter, NXT’s Paige comes down to ringside.  As she tries to get in the ring to go after Summer, Summer Rae kicks Natalya into Paige, and rolls her up for the victory.

Winner: Summer Rae

As Natalya looks on, Summer Rae makes her celebration short, trying to sneak by Paige, who chases her into the back.

We go backstage to Renee Young and are introduced to the former El Generico, with his second new WWE name, Sami Zayn.  Dressed like Sheamus complete with the cap, we are told Sami has quite the international reputation and will be making his in-ring debut next week against Curt Hawkins.  Zayn tells us how he has been doing this for a while and he is confident but excited for the start of a beautiful relationship between himself and the WWE Universe.

A match graphic is shown again for the Intellectual Savior vs. The Master of the 5-Count

A Bray Wyatt hype video is shown next.  The video is very interesting and probably a little to creepy for regular WWE TV, sadly…

A Best of In Your House commercial is airing, reminding me that it is sitting on my shelf, waiting to be watched.

Some creepy music plays and Bray Wyatt comes out with a microphone in hand, prophesying for the audience.  His followers in tow, Wyatt is wearing the protective mask needed after his face injury.  Wyatt attributes the mask to Chris Jericho awakening something in him.  Wyatt and his cronies are quite the sight to see.

The East London Brawler, Danny Burch, comes out next.

Bray Wyatt vs. Danny Burch

Debut for Danny Burch, who quickly gets pushed to the corner and slapped by Bray Wyatt.  Burch works in a few punches but Wyatt completely dominates as they talk about the lineage of successful British wrestlers in the WWE.

Wyatt makes Burch looks foolish, performs a crossbody and points to the heavens as Burch is writhing in pain on the mat.

We hear about the amazing agility and speed of a big man like Wyatt as he splashes Burch in the corner.  Bray toys with the newcomer and hits what we are told is his finisher, the Sister Abigail.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Wyatt makes the pin and lifts his mask as he remains on top of Burch while the ref and his followers come in the ring.  Wyatt almost hugs his opponent before standing tall in the middle of the ring with his followers, holding their tag team titles.

Adrian Neville is asked how Oliver (Grey) is and as he has difficulty answering, Bo Dallas comes in telling Adrian he has been looking everywhere for him.  He asks if Neville is still upset about the titles.  Dallas dismisses it and is showing hints of a heel turn.  He tries to boost the spirits of Adrian telling him to listen to the words of John Cena, who won the Royal Rumble this year.  Dallas makes sure to point out it was the same Royal Rumble match that he was in before Neville interrupts him.  Dallas assures Adrian to NEVER GIVE UP and tells him he just made it.  Neville asks Dallas what he is talking about and lets him know he has been trying to find him all day.  Dallas tells him that he was signing up for the NXT Battle Royal to win a title shot.  He lets Neville know that the slots are probably gone, but Adrian says he is already in and offers his hand saying “May the best man win”.  Dallas watches him leave with some disappointment.

One more hype screen for the NXT Title match before another commercial break.

The lights are out upon return and Conor O’Brien stands at the entrance, making his way out for a handicap match.

We hear about Sakamoto and Briley Pierce were opponents last week and after getting beaten up by O’Brien, became friends and today partners.

Conor O’Brien vs. Sakamoto and Briley Pierce

Sakamoto starts out unsuccessful against O’Brien before Pierce comes in, getting pummeled as well.  Knowing Sakamoto and Pierce were both released by WWE this week makes it no surprise that they are planned to be pummeled by the one man Ascension.

O’Brien takes over Pierce, doing multiples takeovers and basically making Pierce a rag-doll as he stares down Sakamoto.  O’Brien drills Briley to the mat and as Pierce tries to get to his partner, O’Brien pulls in Sakamoto and bullies him.

Pierce manages to hit O’Brien’s knee and both try to work on Conor, who shrugs them off and takes both men down.  O’Brien throws Sakamoto, followed by Pierce into the same turnbuckle.  He revs up in the opposite corner and splashes both men.

O’Brien takes both men up at once and pins each with one hand to score a dominate victory in this handicap match.

Winner: Conor O’Brien

O’Brien throws away the referee’s hand from raising his arm in victory and climbs the turnbuckle to stare into the crowd.

An unidentifiable man is on stage staring at O’Brien as the announcers question who it could be.  He has white guy dreads and goggles, so he has to be good.

Another bumper for the hyped main event and another commercial on deck.

The latest release from WWE Studios, No One Lives, is aired.  Quite a bit more of Brodus Clay in this trailer than the wrestlers in the last few movies.

We get a close-up of the knuckles of Corey Graves as Tony Dawson tells us we have had ups and downs the past few months.  I’ve heard of Graves and he physically appears to be like a cross of CM Punk and Alex Shelley.  Graves tells us how he is going to win the NXT Battle Royal until Bray Wyatt interrupts, asking Graves how he can play Mr. Cool Guy when the greatest war is going on right outside his doorstep.  Wyatt reminds Graves to see what happened to Kassius Ohno via the Wyatt Family.  Graves informs Wyatt that his family of “swamp people” are creepy and lets him know he is not intimidated, as Wyatt laughs and backs away.

We are informed the championship match is up next and Damien Sandow is out first.

As Sandow stands in the ring, I Need Five hits and Big E is coming out, to the pleasure of the crowd.  Big E is seemingly still a big-time face on this show, which we see as they talk about Langston teaming with Dolph Ziggler at Wrestlemania.

We hear about how big things are in store for Langston, the second NXT champion, by looking at what has been done by the first champion, Seth Rollins, since joining The Shield.

Sandow gets the first in-ring introduction, followed by Big E to an excited crowd.  Big E raises his title and the match gets underway.

NXT Championship

Damien Sandow vs. Big E Langston (NXT Champion)

We hear how the Biggest E Langston that Brad Maddox has ever seen is in the ring, as the two men lock up.

Headlock on Sandow as we hear about the strength of Big E.  Sandow starts punching his way free, only to be on the receiving end of a shoulder block.  Sandow starts trying to use kicks, but is once again quickly countered.

Sandow scuffles back to the corner as Langston gets the crowd chanting “FIVE” at the Intellectual Savior of the WWE.  Maddox tries to get the audience to believe that Big E is getting his IQ chanted, as Big E continues to dominate and slam Damien.

Maddox recounts his recent NXT Championship match with Langston, comparing him to a refrigerator or a months-frozen bison.  As Maddox continues to make excuses, Langston flattens Damien and tosses him to the other side.

Sandow breaks free for a moment but Big E lifts him up.  Before he can get to the Big Ending, Sandow gets to the ropes and out of the ring, as we hit our next commercial break.

The Ryback-Cena Extreme Rules commercial airs before we rejoin our main event, already in progress.

Although Langston is in control when we return, Sandow quickly takes control of the match for the first time.  As he locks up Langston, Maddox points out the importance of the NXT Championship, that we have RAW and Smackdown Superstars competing it, citing the men in the ring, Rollins and himself.  Langston breaks free but Damien is able to ground Big E once more.

Sandow locks his legs around the 22-inch neck of Langston, but Langston gets a boost of energy and shoves Sandow halfway across the ring and to the outside.  Sandow quickly ascends the turnbuckle and using an axe-handle to try and regain some control.

Sandow continues to work the neck of Big E as the crowd roots on the champion to come to.  As he starts feeling the crowd, Sandow knocks him down once more.  Knees to the side of Langston and Damien locks him up once more.

Langston works his way out of Sandow’s hold and tosses Sandow, leaving both men on the mat.

The referee is up to a seven count before both men get up. Langston starts his five clotheslines, his five knees to the gut.  He knocks down the scholar and the straps come down.  Sandow slips free and counters the champion’s finisher but is unable to make a successful pin.

A few strategically placed hits, a side-Russian leg sweep but Sandow misses his trademark Elbow of Disdain.  While Langston tries to grab Sandow, Damien squeezes in a neckbreaker before connecting with the elbow.

Big E kicks out, Damien off the ropes, and the champ hits the Big Ending.

Winner: Big E Langston

The crowd loves Big E (they must read his awesome Twitter feed).  As he looks around, he grabs Sandow, hits another Big Ending and does his own 5-count to the pleasure of the NXT Universe.

The referee checks on Damien Sandow as Big E Langston stands victorious with his title in the center of the ring.

We are told next week we will have Bray Wyatt vs. Corey Graves in the main event, as the WWE logo closes the show.


NXT Win/Loss Totals (as of 5/15/2013)

Big E Langston                                   1-0

Conor O’Brien                                   1-0

Summer Rae                                      1-0

Bray Wyatt                                          1-0

Danny Burch                                      0-1

Natalya                                                 0-1

Briley Pierce                                       0-1

Sakamoto                                            0-1

Damien Sandow                               0-1


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    • It was pretty fun. I really enjoyed Big E as a main event babyface. It will be interesting to see what they continue to do with him on the main shows.

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