WWE NXT – September 25th, 2013

WWE NXT  – 09/25/13

Brad Maddox is in the back, making himself look pretty next to a HHH: THY KINGDOM COME poster when Tyler Breeze enters with “an idea”.  He wants to be in tag team turmoil when CJ Parker comes in talking like a weirdo trying to get in the match as well.

Maddox reminds them they both do not have tag partners before teaming them together for the match. Breeze is mad his suggestion of cloning himself was not accepted.

Looks like a different entrance video again, as not only are Bray Wyatt and Big E Langston back in the video but Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow have been added as well.

The ring announcer mentions the following Tag Team Turmoil will find the next #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy come out on the mic talking a big game to the applause of the crowd.  They do their spiel before the music of Tyler Breeze hits.

Tom Phillips and William Regal welcome us to the show as CJ Parker comes flailing out.

Number One Contender Tag Team Turmoil

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. Tyler Breeze & CJ Parker

Regal discusses the finer points of not having to like your partner before telling us he can’t share the story Amore & Cassidy shared with them about being banned from all Disney Theme Parks.

I miss all the best stuff…

Enzo and CJ start the match off and Amore works over Parker for a little bit before they get to their feet and Parker performs an airplane spin while the crowd focus on chanting for Breeze.

Parker goes from a negative to a non-reaction and while distracted by Breeze, gets slammed by Cassidy for the loss.

Parker &Breeze eliminated

Sylvester Lefort interrupts the celebration and leads his team to the ring.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev

The big man Cassidy starts wailing away on Cassidy to start the match.  He gets a one count before Dawson throws some elbows and is able to bring in the 300-pound Rusev.

Cassidy hits a big boot for a one count and both men to their feet.  Cassidy tags in Amore who immediately gets a huge Samoan drop from Rusev.  Alexander tags in Dawson while Regal once again praises the technical ability of Scott.

We are reminded that Amore had gotten the most punishment from Parker in the last match as Dawson takes control before hitting a beautiful spinebuster.  As Regal starts to make the Arn Anderson comparisons again, Amore performs a roll-up for the upset!

Dawson & Rusev eliminated

Rusev enters the ring and dismantles Amore.  As they start to leave and we see Amore flattened on the mat, the lights go out and The Ascension are in the building.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. The Ascension

Rick and Conor do their pose and we hear more about tag team turmoil, while the program takes a commercial break before starting the third match.

Back from commercial, The Ascension in punishing the team that has already taken out the first two teams.  The Ascension works quick tags and beats down Cassidy, as Amore, who has received the most punishment, struggles on the apron.

Cassidy tries to rally back against Victor but Victor kicks him and brings back in O’Brian.  O’Brian hits some swift shoulderblocks to knock down Cassidy several times before Colin pops up with a successful big boot.  He only gets a two count before tagging in Enzo.

Amore charges and O’Brian tosses him a mile in the air.  Victor tagged back in and The Ascension double team Amore.  The flatten him and eliminate the Jersey duo.

Amore & Cassidy eliminated

The ring announcers announces that was the final team in the match.  Disappointing.

Winners: The Ascension

The Ascension once again claim the Number One Contendership to face Graves/Neville.

We are told it is time to BOW DOWN TO THE KING, as HHH will be making an announcement tonight.

Bayley excitedly makes her way out and the crowd is happy to see her.  Phillips and Regal introduce Renee Young at the announce table, as Renee is going to try her hand at commentary.

Sasha Banks makes her way out next, accompanied by her new BFF, Summer Rae.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha tie up and Bayley gets Sasha in the corner.  Sasha loses it again, much like she did after her loss to Paige and pummels Bayley.

Bayley pops up and takes down Banks before rolling her up with a unique pin.

The two tie up as Summer looks frustrated on the outside.  Banks whips Bayley to the corner.  As Bayley tries to avoid her, Sasha smashes Bayley face first into the mat.

A failed pin attempt leads to Banks focusing on the nose and bashing her face into the turnbuckle before applying a chinlock variation.

Sasha gets a little cocky, allowing Bayley space to fight back.  She hits a splash in the corner and then knocks Banks down a few times before Sasha grabs Bayley and leaps to the top, performing a high risk maneuver.

Both on their feet and Bayley pops up with a belly to belly, which Bayley calls the HUGPLEX.  Two count.

The two go back and forth but Sasha hits a neckbreaker to pick ip the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

As Sasha celebrates in the ring, Summer Rae comes in with Bayley’s headband and breaks it over her.  Summer grabs the mic and while the upset crowd yells at her, Summer announces her one and only, Fandango, will be at NXT with her next week.  Summer talks about how she and Banks will take out the women of NXT and they will run the WWE.

Emma’s music hits and as she charges the ring, Summer and Sasha hightail out of town.

Graphic that Sami Zayn will be in action tonight.

Aiden English is announced to the crowd.

He comes out singing a new song, just as fabulous.  He has a new hat, sunglasses and scarf.  That’s some Malibu Stacy styling and profiling.

The crowd starts a “BRAVO” chant as we hear about his triumphant second act.

Aiden English vs. Bull Dempsey

English quickly ties up Dempsey, who was seen in some of the recent leaked promo footage.

English quickly locks up Dempsey, who powers out.  Dempsey knocks down English, who looks bothered before laying him out with a kick to the gut, a kick to the head and once he has Dempsey down, we get to hear his stellar acting resume.

Aiden finishes Act II with the same finisher after yelling “TAKE A BOW!”

Winner: Aiden English

The crowd chants “ENCORE” again as we hear a replay.  English lets us know he has decided to give us an encore and the crowd loses it.

He sings, he bows, life is good.

Backstage, Summer Rae is walking when Renee Young rushes her with a question.  Summer lets everyone know Emma shouldn’t think she can attack her like that. She lets Emma know to pick any partner willing to team up with her next week when Fandango is there with her.  Summer lets everyone know she and Fandango will dance the night away and leave the crowd happy, before abruptly dismissing Renee.

El Local is making his entrance, which makes me curious to see if this is the next evolution of Ricardo partnering with RVD.

Sami Zayn’s music hits to the crowd’s delight.

El Local vs. Sami Zayn

The “OLE” chants begin and Local and Zayn lockup.  The two exchange holds before Local knocks down Zayn.  A few more runs of the ropes and Zayn does a couple hip tosses to Local.

We hear about Zayn making his WWE Live Event debut on the house show circuit while Zayn covers Local for a two count.

Local throws an elbow to the head of Sami and takes him down with a clothesline.  Local does a quick mocking “Ole”, where you can clearly hear the Ricardo in his voice.

Local locks up Zayn but Sami powers out.  Local hits a nasty sounding elbow to Zayn’s head but Sami gets more aggressive and tosses Local while speeding up the slow pace Local had.

Zayn delivers a huge boot to the jaw of Local in the corner and that’s the match.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Regal talks about the aggression from Zayn in this match while the replays air.

Bo Dallas comes out and tells Zayn he is so happy that Sami is learning from his mentor – Bo Dallas.  Bo decides to announce he is finally healed from the careless injury of Sami Zayn but the crowd starts doing “OLE” over Bo.

Dallas lets us know that because he is ready to defend his title, all Superstars will be welcomed next week to the Bo Dallas Invitational.  He says that if you can pin Bo, you can have a shot at his title.  He starts shouting “Don’t Stop Bo-Lieving” a few times.

Sami interrupts Bo and tells him he will be the first to sign up and they can do this right now.  Dallas lets Sami know that he understands Zayn is new, so he will need to learn that this business is about respect and you don’t interrupt the champion.  He tells Zayn someday he may gain a following but he just isn’t there yet and he has to announce that all Superstars will be welcome at next week’s Invitational except Sami Zayn.

Brad Maddox is on the phone in his office saying HHH will be there at any time when someone walks up to his desk.  He gets up to see Kassius Ohno.  Ohno wants to know why he has been gone so long.  Maddox assures him it was due to the beating he took from the Wyatt Family.  Ohno lets him know he has been medically cleared for a while.  Brad tells Kassius that he is simply a D+ player.  Brad blames “they” (oh no, not Immortal!) for finding it funny to keep Ohno out of the ring.  As Kassius starts to threaten Brad, Brad lets him know that he can have one member of the Wyatt Family in the ring next week.

Graphic airs for HHH’s announcement regarding the future of NXT.

The crowd warmly welcomes HHH as the announcers cover his recent dastardly deeds.  The crowd chants his name and he welcomes the crowd to NXT.

HHH tells the crowd every time he comes, he is amazed by the crowd and amazed by the talent.  He points out Sami Zayn, Leo Kruger, Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville and Corey Graves.  He states that if something were to happen to the main roster, he could replace them with anyone here and they wouldn’t miss a beat.  The crowd tries to start an “NXT” chant and HHH encourages it.

HHH says he wants to address recent events, especially regarding the Rhodes Family, as Dusty is currently the GM of NXT.

HHH tells us how Dusty is a legend and Hall of Famer and because of the high tension, emotional situation, in doing what is best for business, he has given Dusty some time off from running NXT.

The crowd chants “NO!” but tells the crowd it is Yes, because he makes the decisions.  He wants to introduce the crowd to the interim GM.  He states he wanted to have someone he knew could do the job and introduces JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!

The crowd seems happy to seem JBL, who is two-stepping his way to the ring.

JBL starts cutting a promo about the crowd chanting his name and as he gets in his intro, he puts a yapping fan in their place to the delight of the crowd.

JBL tells the crowd that replacing some big fat guy that can barely speak the English language with a painted son and a son who lost his mustache is good for business.

Welcome to the NXT era of THE WRESTLING GOD!


NXT Win/Loss Totals (as of 5/15/2013)

Paige                                                    5-0

Charlotte                                             3-0

AJ Lee                                                       1-0

Roman Reigns                                   1-0

Seth Rollins                                          1-0

Sheamus                                             1-0

Jack Swagger                                     1-0

Dolph Ziggler                                      1-0

Bo Dallas                                              5-1

Erick Rowan                                        5-1

Emma                                                   4-1

Big E Langston                                   4-1

Xavier Woods                                    4-1

Bray Wyatt                                          4-1

Luke Harper                                       5-2

Conor O’Brian                                    5-2

Mason Ryan                                       5-2

Garrett Dylan                                     2-1

Adrian Neville                                 5-3

Colin Cassidy                                      4-3

Antonio Cesaro                                 4-3

Leo Kruger                                          4-3

Tyler Breeze                                       3-2

Rick Victor                                          3-2

Corey Graves                                     5-5

Enzo Amore                                       4-4

CJ Parker                                             2-2

Dean Ambrose                                  1-1

Summer Rae                                      2-3

Sami Zayn                                            5-6

Scott Dawson                                    3-7

Alicia Fox                                             1-2

Kassius Ohno                                     1-2

Sasha Banks                                    1-3

Aiden English                                     1-3

Alexander Rusev                              1-3

Bayley                                                  1-4

Curtis Axel                                          0-1

Audrey Marie                                    0-1

Andy Baker                                         0-1

Derrick Bateman                              0-1

Michael Cuellari                               0-1

Dante Dash                                         0-1

Sawyer Fulton                                   0-1

Ron Hicks                                             0-1

El Local                                                  0-1

Natalya                                                 0-1

Briley Pierce                                       0-1

William Regal                                     0-1

Sakamoto                                            0-1

Damien Sandow                               0-1

Tamina Snuka                                    0-1

Yoshi Tatsu                                         0-1

Brandon Travern                              0-1

Michael Zaki                                       0-1

Aksana                                                 0-2

Danny Burch                                      0-2

Jake Carter                                         0-2

Baron Corbin                                      0-2

Angelo Dawkins                             0-2

Curt Hawkins                                     0-2

Travis Tyler                                         0-2

Mickey Keegan                                 0-3



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