WWE Superstars – May 16, 2013

WWE Superstars – 5/16/2013

This week on WWE Superstars – Sin Cara vs. Michael McGillicutty and Cody Rhodes vs. Alex Riley!


Sin Cara’s entrance opens the show.  As Tony Dawson and Matt Striker introduce Sin Cara, a song sounding like it was plucked from the early 2000s brings out a brooding son of Mr. Perfect, Michael McGillicutty.

This song seriously sounds like something off the Tough Enough 2 soundtrack that I just got for $0.47.

Sin Cara vs. Michael McGillicutty

As the two lock up, we get to hear analysis on John Cena.  The Sin Cara mood-lighting is in effect.  McGillicutty initially has control but after a backfire on an Irish whip, Sin Cara is using some of his high-flying moves to take control.

Matt Striker rips the nickname off of Bryant Reeves, acting like the Genesis was the inaugural Vancouver Grizzly, calling him Big Country and comparing him to the many tough guys wrestlers to come from Minnesota, such as the Road Warriors.

McGillicutty yells at Sin Cara and plays around with the masked warrior.  As Michael lays a headlock on Sin Cara, Tony Dawson reminds us that Sin Cara is a second-generation star, like McGillicutty coming from the long line of Hennigs.

Sin Cara works his way free and hits a dive to take down McGillicutty.  We hear about the knee injury of Sin Cara and Striker questions how it will play into the match.  A frustrated McGillicutty tosses Sin Cara, who catches himself on the apron, delivers a swift kick to McGillicutty.  This allows him to climb to the top and deliver a nice swanton to score the victory.

Winner: Sin Cara

Sin Cara is hyped in poor Spanish by Tony Dawson, who was trying to mark “a triumphant return”. A recap has Striker telling us we are seeing all the same things that made the WWE Universe fall in love with Sin Cara.  A frustrated McGillicutty shouts back to the ring holding his ribs, as Sin Cara celebrates in the ring.

Insert of a commercial for  the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H matchup at the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

As Hulu gives me some local commercials, a DID YOU KNOW screen arrives telling me how many people watch WWE on YouTube.  I tried to do that before having to subscribe to HuluPlus…

As much as I love Superstars (I used to DVR it for Darren Young and Harry Smith matches in 2011!), we get one of the reasons it gets to be dull.  Our first RAW RECAP.  A replay airs of the Fandango-Jericho dance-off.  As much as I enjoy my chances to see Summer Rae, this was over six minutes of programming I already saw this week… accounting for around 1/6th of the show.  We are about to have another break but get advertisement when the break comes back, we get the recap of Cena/Hell No vs. The Shield.

Right away, Tony Dawson reminds me to Live It Up, the song by Airbourne and the official song of Extreme Rules 2013.

We join the RAW match as promised, in progress, as it is down when Bryan is slugging it out with Rollins, down to Cena/Bryan vs. The Shield.  This replay segment takes up another 10 or so minutes, followed by a commercial for the Wrestlemania XXIX home video release.


Alex Riley has the vest no more, but he just excitedly and the crowd gives him a surprising reception.  The announcers talk about how he is poised from greatness, of a rare breed.  It is sad to see Riley stuck here, especially if the rumors why are true.

An upset looking Cody Rhodes comes out, who according to the announcers, requested this match-up with Riley.  They start talking about both men being underrated, as if that is the reason Rhodes wanted the match, but this still doesn’t make much sense.

Alex Riley vs. Cody Rhodes

I am not enjoying this announce team.  Striker talks about how Rhodes gets plenty of chances and Riley is too much of a nice guy.  It seems like he is taking away from the guys in the ring.

I am pretty sure this is my first time hearing Tony Dawson, so I still don’t know.  I may be the only person missing Scott Stanford.

Apologies for the announcer review, Riley gives some chops to Cody and has some good control on the match as Striker begins running down a list of super-villains that Paul Heyman is like.  The bulk of the Sin Cara/McGillicutty match was spent talking about Cena, now it appears we get to hear about HHH/Lesnar for this match.  I miss my Saturday Morning Slam

Rhodes is in control and we hear about some successful Southern wrestlers like the Armstrong family.  A-Ry knocks Cody to the outside and re-establishes control.  He dives off the ring steps to keep knocking Cody down, before rolling Rhodes in the ring.

Riley tries to suplex Cody to the outside but the Dashing Mustachio knocks Riley down.  Cody stares out of the ring at a grounded Riley as Superstars takes another break.

We come back with Rhodes having his legs wrapped around Alex Riley’s head.  This is not followed by the roll-over the ref spot I was hoping for like all good Divas matches using that move.  As Rhodes starts working on Alex’s head, the announcers use the mention of head to discuss that Dolph Ziggler has a concussion.

Cody performs some nice offense, hitting Riley off of the ropes before taking him down with a half nelson.

Striker starts badmouthing the ego and paranoia of Rhodes.  I think he is supposed to be a face these days, which these comments match with but I am never quite sure.  Riley starts building momentum and breaks free.  Both men on the ground, Cody up first by A-Ry ducks, knocks Cody down and tosses him around a little bit more.  Cody reverses an Irish Whip but as he runs the ropes himself Riley hits a nice spinebuster.  We are told the fans of Axxess loved A-Ry, as we should too.  All should.

Riley hits his TKO type move and we are told an upset is happening but Rhodes kicks out.  Striker tells us this is the first time he has come out of his seat in a long-time and this is the excitement brought by Riley and the hatred brought by Rhodes.

Rhodes is able to rebound and moments later come up with a Disaster Kick.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

The replay airs showing Riley’s near win and the Disaster Kick that brought home the victory.

Cody celebrates in the ring.  Unfortunately, there is no Extreme Rules banner in the arena for him to point to. I mean, he is on the pre-show and that was quite a bit of the build to the last pay-per-view…

We are brought into a Cena-Ryback hype package/commercial.  Last Man Standing.  It hits me as I watch this, I don’t think/know of stipulations for about half the advertised matches for Extreme Rules, which used to be the selling point.  I may have to go back and watch the classic show from a few years ago, you know Extreme Rules 2010: Cryme Tyme Explodes!

I felt okay typing that blurb as now it is time to watch another seven minutes of RAW, as we are having HHH closed off in a cage asking why Brock won’t come stand face to face with him like a man.

Superstars goes off the air, with the moment that took RAW off the air on Monday.

Superstars is once again in pattern with when I stopped following as closely a while back.  Fun, VERY brief matches with seldom seen and/or under-used Superstars and at least half a show worth of full-replays from what we just saw the other night.


WWE Superstars Win/ Loss Totals (beginning May 16, 2013)

Cody Rhodes                                                     1-0

Sin Cara                                                                1-0

Michael McGillicutty                                       0-1

Alex Riley                                                            0-1


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