Through the Years: WCW Beach Blast 1992


It’s time for Beach Blast, another one of those shows I’ve never seen anything from. We’re hitting an era in terms of both the WWF and WCW where I haven’t seen anything they aired. It’s crazy, right? This show had some major stuff advertised, and it sounds incredibly appealing. Of interest to horndogs, Missy Hyatt and Madusa were going to have a bikini contest. Cactus Jack was challenging Sting for the WCW Championship. Rick Rude and Ricky Steamboat were going to have an iron man match. Terry Gordy and Steve Williams were going to face the Steiners. For some extremely dumbass reason, they taped the Clash of the Champions show before running this one. I don’t even know what to say about that.


– June 20th, 1992, from the Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama


This opening was nothing special, but in looking at the chapter markers, I see there aren’t that many matches packed into the PPV. That’s really good. Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff look like dorks in their, um…BEACH WEAR. People wear polo shirts to the beach? Bill Watts shows up and runs down the card, which seems totally unnecessary. Maybe it wasn’t, because he just said Madusa and Paul E. Dangerously were banned from ringside.

Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura will be the commentators, and Jesse gets a special entrance with girls in bikinis leading him to the ring. Haha.


Scotty Flamingo vs. Brian Pillman for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship

Pre-Match Thoughts: Don’t forget that top rope moves are banned. This is one of those matches where that’s a real hindrance. Maybe I should have followed the TV leading up to this particular match. These two guys definitely dress like people who go to the beach too much. Seeing Raven have a gimmick like this is absolutely crazy.

Match Review: These kids lock up, and Flamingo winds up tripping Pillman. They do some chain wrestling for a bit, and it ends with Pillman having a hammerlock on Flamingo. Flamingo elbows his way out, but Pillman takes him down with a drop toe-hold. Flamingo gets up, and Pillman takes him down with a sunset flip for 2. Flamingo uses elbows again, then Pillman dodges a charge and hip tosses him. Pillman puts a short-arm scissors on him, but Flamingo grabs the tights and rolls him up for 2. Pillman uses another hip toss, and keeps an armbar on. Lots of early mat wrestling which is more entertaining than I’m making it sound. Pillman takes Flamingo down with a flying head-scissors, then a dropkick sends Flamingo out onto the concrete floor. Pillman winds up on the apron, and he follows with a double axehandle. Pillman heads up top, but he’s not allowed to do that. Flamingo slams him down for 2, then throws Pillman out of the ring for a running plancha to the outside! Flamingo brings him in and goes to the eyes, then he heads up to the second turnbuckle for a fist drop that gets 2. Pillman comes back with a slingshot cross body from the apron for 2, but Flamingo replies with a clothesline for 2. Flamingo goes to a chinlock, which Pillman fights out of only to take a low knee. Flamingo misses a charge to the corner, but is able to go back to the chinlock. Pillman gets out and tries a sleeper, but Flamingo picks him up on his back and rams him into the buckle. Both guys hit each other with right hands, then Flamingo goes up to the second buckle only for Pillman to dropkick him. Pillman follows with a spinning wheel kick, then takes Flamingo to the corner for some punches. Flamingo misses a charge to the other side, but he powerslams Pillman for 2. Flamingo slaps Pillman, then he goes up top to celebrate. Now they’re on the second buckle, and Pillman takes Flamingo down with a back suplex for 2. Pillman smashes Flamingo’s face into the mat, then clotheslines him from behind. Pillman clotheslines Flamingo onto the ramp, then he charges at him only to miss and eat the ramp with his face. Flamingo goes up to the second rope, comes down with a knee drop to the ribs, and we have a new champion after 17:28!

My Thoughts: This match was just fine, but I have more critiques than praises. The middle of the match was straight out boring. Good start, good end, boring middle. They also couldn’t wrestle in their usual style because of the new rules. There were some nice bumps, including the back suplex and Pillman’s face plant onto the ramp. They built to the finish well, but the actual finish (knee drop) was not as good as I thought it would be. **3/4, largely for the very good bumps.


Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura are talking about the bikini contest between Madusa and Missy Hyatt now, and Jesse is IRATE that Johnny B. Badd is the MC. Apparently this will go out throughout the whole show. Johnny B. Badd looks absolutely fucking ridiculous. Jesse was quick to point out that Johnny B. Badd may not even like girls. THAT’S OFFENSIVE. This is the evening gown portion and I don’t know what to make of it. This is ridiculous. For some reason Madusa had a veil over her face. I don’t get it. Badd was hilarious during this.


Terry Taylor vs. Ron Simmons

Pre-Match Thoughts: This match is a bit strange, although the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. If Bill Watts was intent on pushing Simmons, could he find any heel Simmons hadn’t worked with who could make him look better than Taylor? No. Terry Taylor’s career was basically over at this point even though he was a great wrestler.

Match Review: These men lock up, and Taylor gets shoved hard to the canvas. Taylor gets up and tries a hip toss, but instead Simmons gives him one. Taylor comes back with some punches, but Simmons clips his knees out from under him, forcing Taylor to have to dump Simmons to the outside. Simmons gives Taylor an atomic drop out there, then press slams him back into the ring. Simmons clotheslines Taylor over the top after that, then he brings him back in. Simmons slams Taylor, then whips him from corner to corner until he puts a bear hug on him. Taylor goes for a hip toss again only for Simmons to give him another, then Simmons charges and flies to the outside after it’s dodged. Taylor sends him back in for a jawbreaker, and follows up with a neck snap that gets 2. Taylor goes to a chinlock, then drops Simmons with a backbreaker for 2. Simmons comes back with a hard spinebuster, then picks Simmons up with a choke lift and throws him down. Simmons backdrops Taylor, then powerslams him for the victory at 7:10.

My Thoughts: The finish came out of nowhere, but I liked the powerslam Simmons used. Some good snap on that. Bit sad to see Taylor used in such a jobber role given how good of a wrestler he was, but he never got over and couldn’t get heat. I don’t think this was anything special, they weren’t given time and didn’t go full bore into it. *3/4.


After the match, Ron Simmons got some promo time. Lots of Republican rhetoric about working hard and NOT BEING LAZY in that promo.


Greg Valentine vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Pre-Match Thoughts: I don’t know the result, but I think there’s absolutely no chance that Valentine would job to a kid like Bagwell here. Haven’t been able to watch many matches of the Hammer’s. Nor do I really care given how far out of his prime he was. Bagwell didn’t bring a lot to the table other than his looks.

Match Review: The two lock up, and bread more cleanly than I’d have guessed. Bagwell hip tosses Valentine, then arm drags and bodyslams him. Looks like Valentine could still go. Valentine nails Bagwell with some elbows, then picks him up for a piledriver only for Bagwell to counter with a backdrop. Bagwell follows that with an atomic drop, then dropkicks him to the outside. Valentine gets in, counters a hip toss with a clothesline, and works Bagwell over with chops. Valentine gives Bagwell a backbreaker, then heads up to the second rope only to miss an elbow drop. Bagwell slams Valentine, then misses a knee drop. Now Valentine works on the knee. Valentine snaps the leg around and works the hamstring, then signals for the FIGURE-FOUR. Bagwell kicks free, then cradles Valentine up for 2. Valentine goes back to work on the legs, but misses a seated splash onto the knee. Valentine goes for a slam, but Bagwell goes behind and rolls him up for 2. A backslide gets 2 for Bagwell, then Bagwell dishes out a suplex for 2. Bagwell backdrops Valentine for 2, then tries a leapfrog and hurts his knee. Valentine uses a shin-breaker, then locks on the FIGURE-FOUR for the submission at 6:16.

My Thoughts: This was better than the last match, I think. Good finish with Valentine making Bagwell quit, which was something that didn’t exactly happen often in the big two promotions. Gotta have submissions, though. I think this was better in large part because they never stopped going, with no need to work a hold. Bagwell also tried hard. **.


Cactus Jack vs. Sting (WCW Champion) in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: Foley said in his book that this was the best match of his career for quite a long time. We’ll see about that. Given his place on the roster and a new boss, he’s probably going to take all kinds of absurd bumps for people’s pleasure. Knowing what Foley’s life is like now, I shouldn’t be okay with this. Yet, I am okay with this. I like the airing of the Cactus/Van Hammer finish to show what kind of match this could be. Cactus has no intention of getting in the ring. Oh boy. I have absolutely no idea why this would be a non-title match.

Match Review: Sting and Cactus are ready, and it’s time for some brawling on the ramp! Sting puts Cactus in a backslide for 1, then he backdrops him on the ramp! Sting follows that with a facebuster, which gets 2. Sting charges at Cactus and tumbles into the ring when it misses, then falls back on the floor. Cactus decides to fly off the apron with his big ELBOW, and the announcers talk about the lack of padding as Cactus hurts his knee during the leap. Cactus covers for 2 anyway, then drops Sting with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Some of these bumps are really unsettling. Cactus goes to the apron again, and this time he jumps down with a sunset flip for 2. I did something like that when I was in high school to a friend, on a floor without padding. IT HURT. Sting smashes Cactus’ face into the rail, which would usually be a disqualification with these new rules, but it isn’t now that there are none in this match. Cactus throws Sting into the rail, but Sting backdrops Cactus over it and onto a chair. Now they’re in the crowd, and Cactus tastes the steel rail again. Sting picks Cactus up and suplexes him on the floor, then whips him over the rail back into the ringside area. This is ridiculous. Finally into the ring, and Cactus nails Sting with a clothesline. Cactus splashes Sting in the corner, then takes him down for a body-scissors. THEY’RE WRESTLING. Sting fights out with some elbows, but gets taken out by the Cactus clothesline. Sting gets thrown into the rail again, but he blocks Cactus from charging into it and hits him with a clothesline. Cactus has a chair, which he uses to hit Sting on the back with a few times. Sting comes back with a BACK SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR, which only gets 2. They each land punches and Cactus falls on top for 2, then Sting goes for a STINGER SPLASH only to be dropped with a HOTSHOT ON THE RAIL. Cactus decides to piledrive Sting on the floor, but the announcers sell it as a non-move. Cactus heads back up to the apron, and now the second rope! DOWN HE COMES WITH A FLYING ELBOW, BUT STING MOVES. Sting takes Cactus over to the ramp again, then drops Cactus with a bodyslam. Sting has the chair now, and BOUNCES IT off Cactus’ back and legs. After a shot to the injured knee, Cactus is forced to block the SCORPION DEATHLOCK. Cactus picks Sting up and drops him with the DOUBLE-ARM DDT, but Sting kicks out at 2! Sting hits Cactus with a running clothesline, then he goes to the top rope for a flying clothesline that gets the win at 11:23!

My Thoughts: This is one of the most ridiculous matches I’ve seen. It does hold up to me, plus I loved that both guys actually tried to get falls throughout the match. Sting totally went along with the gimmick, and he certainly took his share of bumps. However, this was certainly the Cactus show, and it’s a wonder he didn’t die from some of the bumps he took in his career. The obvious problem with the bout is that a lot of it was spent on the floor, and with an elevated ring and before the era of having a big screen in the arena, people couldn’t see what was going on. Regardless of that, this was a great match. The announcers played this up as Cactus softening Sting up for Vader, and I can certainly see that. ****1/2, and recommended if you haven’t seen it. It may be the best falls count anywhere match ever.


Rick Rude (WCW United States Champion) vs. Ricky Steamboat in a 30 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: This was the first of its kind to be on PPV. Paul E. Dangerously and Madusa were also banned from ringside. I much prefer 30 minute versions of this match to 60 minute versions. There’s almost no need for a 60 minute version, other than to get over the endurance of the whole thing. I’m really hyped to finally see this, but it’s incredibly stupid that Steamboat wasn’t challenging for the title here. He deserved that chance.

Match Review: Steamboat goes on the attack, which starts this off well. Steamboat uses a gutbuster, then goes to work on the stomach in the corner. Steamboat goes for a hip toss, but it gets blocked and Steamboat has to keep working on the ribs. Steamboat goes to a bear hug, and after driving his shoulder into Rude for a while, Rude gets his knee up to stop it. Steamboat picks Rude up on his shoulders and drops him, then stretches him out in a really interesting hold. Rude rakes the eyes to stop it, then kicks Steamboat into the ropes only for Steamboat to come back and apply a Boston crab. Rude can’t take the hold for long given his ribs, but he’s able to make the ropes. Steamboat goes back to work with a splash on Rude’s back, then he drops a few knees. Steamboat decides to drop Rude with a front suplex instead of the usual, and covers for 2. Rude blocks a charge to the corner with his knee, grabs the tights, and covers Steamboat up for the first decision at 7:42.

Rude takes no time going after Steamboat with some elbow smashes, then he fires off some knees and drops Steamboat with the RUDE AWAKENING for the second decision at 8:39! He leads 2-0!

Rude picks Steamboat up and drops him with a backbreaker, then he decides to head up top. The referee asks him what he’s doing, and he comes down with a knee drop that gets him disqualified at 9:40. I don’t understand nor do I like that. 2-1 Rude.

Rude picks Steamboat up and cradles him quickly, which brings it to 3-1 Rude at 10:11. Still a lot of time left.

Steamboat comes back with some chops and punches, but Rude jacks him up with a facebuster. Rude goes to a chinlock and sits on Steamboat’s back, then jumps and sits back on him. Rude tries to gyrate some, but he can’t complete it. I think that spot is so damn funny. Rude drops some knees on the back, then sits back down with the chinlock again. Steamboat picks Rude up on his shoulders this time, then falls back and drops him to the canvas. Steamboat goes for a splash, but wipes out on Rude’s knees. Rude dishes out a swinging neckbreaker for 2, then goes to the chinlock again. We’re over halfway into this now. Steamboat gets out and Rude knees him in the gut, then follows by going to the eyes again. Rude drops Steamboat with a PILEDRIVER, but Steamboat kicks out at 2. Rude goes for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER, but Steamboat reverses it and plants Rude with it for the fall at 17:38! It’s now 3 to 2 in favor of Rude.

Rude grabs Steamboat by the tights and rams his face into the buckle, starting the next fall. Rude goes out to the apron and climbs up top again, showing the stupidity of this rule. Steamboat hits him, then takes him down from the top with a SUPERPLEX! Steamboat covers, but Rude powers out at 2. Rude dodges a clothesline, but they wind up clotheslining each other. Rude does cover for 2, but Steamboat grabs him and bridges out to a backslide that gets 3 at 20:21! We’re even!

Steamboat goes for a cradle of his own that gets 2, then goes into a sequence of rapid near falls that only get 2. Rude drops Steamboat with a jawbreaker, and follows that up with another series of facebusters. “YOU AIN’T NO IRON MAN.” Rude covers for 2, then bodyslams Steamboat and drops a fist for 2 again. Steamboat gets in some chops, but Rude keeps raking the eyes and levels Steamboat with a clothesline. Rude chokes Steamboat with the ropes, then hits the Dragon with some forearms. He goes for the RUDE AWAKENING again, but Steamboat blocks it and gives Rude his own version! Rude gets his foot on the ropes during the cover, so Steamboat drops knees on his chest and throat. Steamboat picks Rude up and suplexes him again for 2, and that’s followed with a back suplex for another 2 count. Rude goes to a SLEEPER, but Steamboat ducks down and drives Rude’s head into some turnbuckles. Still, the sleeper is on! There’s only 3:30 left and this match is tied up. After two minutes in the sleeper, Steamboat finally powers up to his feet, takes Rude down with the Bret/Piper finish, and takes the 4-3 lead with just 36 seconds to go!

Rude has to hurry, so he shoulderblocks and clotheslines Steamboat for 2. Another one gets 2, then Rude goes for a small package that also gets 2. Rude slams Steamboat for 2, and the time limit is UP! STEAMBOAT WINS!

My Thoughts: This match doesn’t do it for me as an absolute classic, but it’s a fantastic match. Contrary to the opinion of most people, I don’t like the spot where Rude gets disqualified and gains the fall back. Getting disqualified and resetting the match right back to where it was…no, I don’t like that. The work in the match was spectacular regardless of that. The sleeper left the inevitability of Steamboat going to sleep and Rude winning the match, but he got the fall the only way anyone could do so. That was great. The tombstone piledriver reversal was also excellent, as was the use of certain falls like the backslide and blocked charge to the corner. Rude also did a great job selling his ribs, particularly in terms of his left side which he had held limp for the close of the match. I’ll give this ****1/4. The work is great, and the flaws aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. It is a slow match and I must point that out, so if you generally don’t like those, it may not be for you. Great workers, though.


It’s time for Round 2 of the bikini contest. I had forgotten all about it. Badd is still hilarious, I mean…the lines this guy was given. Why is Madusa wearing a jacket. Oh, there it goes. THIS COMMENTARY. Missy’s bikini was like…barely there.


Steve Austin (WCW TV Champion), Bobby Eaton, and Arn Anderson (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham, and Nikita Koloff with Ole Anderson as referee

Pre-Match Thoughts: Can’t complain about the way they chose to get these talents on PPV. Excellent match to bridge between the last match and the main event, which shouldn’t really be a main event especially given the ending of it. I think these guys could tear the house down given ten minutes, and I bet they’ll get even more to work with. Of course Ole would show up for this match, the only one that sounds too good to be ruined.

Match Review: Windham and Austin resume their feud at the start of the match, and Windham goes straight to an arm drag and hammerlock. A fireman’s carry follows that, then Austin gets in some punches. He goes up to the second rope, and Windham takes him down from there with an arm drag. Dustin tags in, and he hits Austin with some dropkicks. Dustin takes Austin down for an armbar, but Austin tags in Bobby Eaton. Dustin eats a knee from Eaton, and Eaton then rolls him up for 2. Arn tags in, and he walks over to slap Nikita, who wants to tag in. Arn wants him in the heel corner, but Nikita’s a bit smarter than that. Arn climbs up top, then realizes he’s not allowed to do that. That’s DUMB. Nikita has a cradle attempt blocked, then Nikita hits Arn with a clothesline to send him over the top. That should have been a disqualification. Eaton tags in there, pops Nikita with an elbow, and gets put in a bear hug until Arn runs in to break it. Arn and Eaton put their heads down, but Nikita picks Eaton up and atomic drops him into Arn. Austin runs in and gets bodyslammed, so the babyfaces have cleared the ring. Arn will square off with Nikita when things restart, or rather Barry Windham will tag in. Windham picks Arn up and slams him, then follows that up with an atomic drop, only for Arn to hit the corner, bounce back, and collide with Windham. Arn heads up top during a distraction, and Windham goes to slam him down only for Arn to thumb him in the eye. Arn splashes Windham in the corner, then has another charge blocked. Windham puts Arn in a sleeper, but Arn back suplexes his way out. Dustin makes a big tag in, then nails Arn with a clothesline and Eaton with some BIONIC ELBOWS. Dustin gets rammed head-first into Eaton’s, and that takes them both out. Dirty move by the Enforcer. Austin tags in and stomps a mudhole in Dustin, then tags Arn back in for more stomps. Dustin goes for a backslide and gets 2, with Ole not seeing Arn’s blind tag. Eaton trips Dustin, then wraps his leg around the post. A clothesline follows that, and Eaton gets 2. Eaton puts an armbar on Dustin, then Austin tags in and levels Dustin with another clothesline for 2. Dustin fights back with some elbows on Arn, but Arn trips him and tags out of there. Eaton uses a single-arm DDT, don’t see that one much. He holds on with a hammerlock, and when Dustin gets out, the kid misses a cross body. Austin tries a suplex, but Dustin rolls him up for a 2 count. Arn tags in and uses an armbar, but when Dustin gets up, he throws Arn into Eaton and causes them to headbutt each other this time. Austin cuts Dustin off from the tag, and drops him with the STUN GUN only for Dustin to be tall enough to tag out.

Windham hip tosses everyone, then gives Austin a backdrop. Arn jumps off the top and gets hit on the way down, then Windham picks Austin up for a SUPERPLEX. Arn leaps off the top to break the cover, and Ole catches him doing it, getting his team disqualified at 15:31. The guys keep brawling even though the match is over, with Austin putting a beating on Windham for quite a long time.

My Thoughts: That’s a terrible, heatless, stupid finish. Not only that, the match never really got going. I do get having Ole disqualify Arn as a thing that was supposed to be a big deal, but I detest the rule and it does actively harm the match quality. There were great workers here too, so it’s a bummer that things didn’t get going in comparison to the other matches done with similar pairings on television. It happens, though. **1/2.


Ricky Steamboat is with Eric Bischoff for an interview, and they’re talking about Steamboat being the WCW IRON MAN. It did sound like he was going to keep going for Rude’s title, only for…Paul E. to walk out there! Paul said he wasn’t getting another chance to win that title. Then…CACTUS JACK RUNS OUT THERE! He grabs Steamboat and bites him, and they start trading bombs with each other. What great booking.

It’s time for the bikini contest to finish up, with Jesse Ventura having hijacked the competition. Badd walks out there to co-host, and they start talking to each other for a while, only for Badd to dodge Jesse’s question about liking girls. Oh boy. Jesse sounds like such a damn perv, it’s hilarious. They completely dodged the question of who the winner was supposed to be. I bet a lot of people talked about how this was SMUT. Ultimately, this was a, um…way to kill time.


Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs. The Steiner Brothers for the WCW Tag Team Championships

Pre-Match Thoughts: This match being the main event is a sign of how far Bill Watts was behind the times. Regardless, this could have been a good match. There was a thirty minute time limit, and a hell of a lot of time remaining in the PPV, so they basically gave away the finish for no reason. Not only that, but the matchup isn’t extremely appealing. This match wasn’t talked about throughout the show either unless I’m really missing something.

Match Review: Gordy will start with Scott Steiner, and takes Scott down with a waistlock. Scott reverses and returns the favor, until Gordy makes the ropes. Scott trips Gordy, then puts a half nelson on him for a while. Gordy makes the ropes again, then they trade slaps for a while until Scott trips Gordy and hits him with some ground and pound. Dr. Death tags in after a heated breakup spot, and takes Scott down with a drop toe-hold. Lots of amateur wrestling here, very dated style. Doc hits Scott with some knees, but misses a charge to the corner and Scott goes for a German suplex only to eat an elbow. Doc misses another charge, and a sunset flip by Scott gets 2. Scott takes him down with a headlock, and brings in his brother Rick. Ross was quick to point out that Doc and Rick Steiner were tag partners previously. Doc blocks a hip toss attempt, so Rick takes him down with a belly to belly throw. Doc comes back with forearms and a bodyslam, then clips out Rick’s knee a few times. Rick fires off a STEINERLINE in response, which gets 2. Gordy tags in and misses a rush to the corner, so Rick tries to German suplex him. Instead, Gordy folds him up with a sick back suplex for 2. Rick comes back with his own back suplex, but Doc tags in and tosses him out to the ramp. Rick regroups and makes it to the apron, but Doc flies through the ropes with a shoulderblock to take him out. Rick boots him in the gut and tries to sunset flip in, which gets 2. Gordy tags in and puts a half crab on Rick, until Rick trips him. Now the right leg is grapevined. Rick reverses that in a way that puts Gordy’s shoulders on the canvas for 2, and for the first time I’m noticing a distinct lack of crowd reaction. TO ANYTHING. Gordy gets up and applies a spinning toe-hold, but Rick breaks it and takes him down with another belly to belly. Scott and Gordy trade kicks after the tag, and Scott suplexes Gordy for 2. Scott ties up the legs in a bow and arrow lock of sorts, so Gordy gets out of there. Doc rams Scott’s head into the buckles, but Scott grabs him and goes for a suplex that Doc must block. Doc takes him down and goes to a chinlock, but tags out of there quickly. Scott takes Gordy down with a cross body for 2, but Gordy grabs him and sets him up for some double team chops. Gordy puts an STF on Scott, or rather not, seeing as he didn’t apply the crossface portion. Don’t know what the hell you call it then. Gordy lets go and destroys Scott with a clothesline, then brings in Doc for a toe-hold. Scott breaks it with a kick to the face, but Doc kicks him in the ribs. Doc misses a charge to the corner, so Scott fires off some kicks until Doc takes his knee out again. Doc hits Scott with a forearm that gets 2 on a Gordy cover, then Gordy takes Scott down with a snap suplex for 2 again. Gordy turns Scott over with a SURFBOARD, then tags out so Doc can keep kicking the knee. Doc applies another half crab, then tags out for Gordy to do the same. Finally the crowd is getting into this, even though there’s been a big lack of bumps. Doc tags in there again, and goes to a Boston crab this time. Rick does make the tag, and comes into the ring with STEINERLINES FOR ALL. He powerslams Doc for 2, then heads up to the second rope for his big BULLDOG! Rick knocks Gordy to the outside, but Gordy gets up and clotheslines Scott off the second rope. Doc levels Rick with a clothesline, then picks Rick up for a Gordy powerslam from the second rope! No tag was made, so nothing will be counted. Gordy drills Rick with a dropkick for 2, then they trade shots until Doc tags in for a double shoulderblock that gets 2. Doc picks Rick up for a double backbreaker which gets 2, then brings in Gordy for a sick looking forearm. Gordy drops Rick with another back suplex for 2, then tags in Doc for a chinlock. Doc follows that up with a GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB for 2, then goes to a front face-lock. Doc picks Rick up for the OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE, but Rick pushes out of that and hits him with a STEINERLINE. Gordy tags in and hits Rick with a clothesline, but Rick fires back with a STEINERLINE. Scott makes the big tag in, and he takes both guys down with high backdrops. Bodyslams follow that, then some Steinerlines. Scott takes Gordy down with a TIGER BOMB, then signals for the FRANKENSTEINER and takes him down with it right as the bell rings at 28:22 for the 30 minute time limit. That’s also the end of the show!

My Thoughts: I’ve heard some bad things about this match, but I actually liked it and thought they told a good story. I don’t think the booking made sense, seeing as this was too long and shouldn’t have been the main event. This being the finish of a main event was bad. I think the crowd was tired, and that’s too bad. Still, this was a hard hitting match that was well paced. They built really well to the finish, and had some good heat segments. They were functionally good as opposed to getting heat, which wasn’t the fault of either team. ***, some was taken off for the finish.


This was a great show in spite of some major flaws in both the booking and placement of matches. That is very strange, but it’s true. The finish of the main event made sense in one way, but not in terms of it being the main event. They were trying to put some hype on the Clash, and it sort of worked. To have two thirty minute matches on the show, good as they were, was a mistake. To have Cactus and Sting put on that kind of match before the big ones also didn’t make sense. To have non-title matches was another error. They killed the crowd with the pacing of the show. The bad rules, the Ole Anderson stuff, I don’t like it. Despite all of those things, this was still a strong outing from WCW. I’ve actually forgotten Great American Bash 1992, which I’ve seen before. Before that, I’m going to check out Clash 19 and a few other things.

Wrestling Time: 1:56:10. Two thirty minute matches creates a lot of wrestling.

Best: Cactus Jack vs. Sting. That’s what I’m going with, the bumps were just a level too far. Also, I rate matches in the context of the time.

Worst: The Dangerous Alliance concept wrapping up, as well as the pacing of the booking.

Card Rating: 8/10. There were great matches here and I’d never deny that. However, the pacing and booking was all wrong. The show never should have been this good, and pretty soon, they weren’t.


Written by Sage Cortez

Sage is a boisterous Los Angeles sports fan. Unsurprisingly, like many other loudmouth LA fans, he also likes the Raiders and a range of combat sports.

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