Through the Years: WCW Slamboree 1993

Slamboree was intended to be a Hall of Fame show, something that would give WCW credibility with older fans, trying to reel them in to watch their newer guys. In reality, as with any WCW concept, it didn’t quite work out as well as they had planned. I don’t really know what to make of this show, it’s a hell of a lot more different than anything else I’ve checked out. I’m interested to see what’s on it anyway. Why they’d go back to the Omni for another PPV is a mystery of sorts.

– May 23rd, 1993, from the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia

It’s time for a LEGENDS REUNION, clearly. For this PPV, we have Tony Schiavone on commentary with Larry Zbyszko, because Jesse Ventura had blood clots in his legs.

There are lots of old wrestlers in the ring. I mean, wow. They decided to have Maxx Payne play the national anthem with his guitar. I cannot think of two things more contradictory. The old wrestlers should walk over to him and take him out. They had some jobbers carry the Fabulous Moolah to the ring…that was interesting. Eric Bischoff and Missy Hyatt talked about the card, and Sting’s going to face some guy called THE PRISONER. They also had the lights cut out on them while they were talking. This show just feels wrong.

Bobby Eaton and Chris Benoit vs. 2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Pre-Match Thoughts: I’m extremely confused by the pairing of Eaton and Benoit. Completely unable to figure it out. They entered to the Midnight Express music too. Can’t make any sense of that. Scorpio and Bagwell were pretty good as a team, so it would seem to me that they’ll pick up a victory here. Hilarious seeing Bagwell do Scorpio’s dances.

Match Review: Scorpio and Benoit start the wrestling action off, and Scorpio puts a headlock on him. Scorpio then dodges a monkey flip, Benoit dodges a spinning kick, and they do a great sequence where Scorpio dropkicks and arm drags Benoit. Eaton then attacks Scorpio from behind, but Scorpio dodges a charge to the corner and takes Benoit down with a cross body for 2. Eaton elbow drops his partner on accident, so Bagwell and Scorpio clear the ring with dropkicks. Scorpio hammerlocks Eaton when he gets back in there, and tags in his partner to do the same. Benoit hits Bagwell from behind, then they do a double team attempt and Benoit helps Bagwell backdrop Eaton over the top. Bagwell brings Benoit in the hard way and throws him into his partner, then dropkicks him to the outside again. Bagwell goes to work on Eaton’s arm, and Benoit’s able to knee Bagwell from behind as he runs the ropes. Eaton then throws Bagwell over the top, behind the referee’s back. Eaton slams Bagwell when he gets back in there, then heads up top and drops a knee on Bagwell’s head. Benoit tags in, and levels Bagwell with a clothesline. Benoit picks Bagwell up and slams him, then drops a leg from the second rope for 2. Eaton tags back in, and drops more knees on Bagwell for a 2 count. Benoit chokes Bagwell with his knee too, then makes another tag in and drops Bagwell with a back suplex for 2. Benoit puts a head-scissors on Bagwell, then breaks it for a neckbreaker that gets 2. Benoit slams Bagwell again, then heads up top for a BIG SPLASH that misses. Scorpio makes the big tag in, and cleans house on Eaton and Benoit, taking Benoit over with a backdrop. Scorpio follows that up with a splash for 2, then Bagwell gets double teamed for a bit. Eaton accidentally pops Benoit in the face, so Scorpio lands on Benoit with THE TUMBLEWEED legdrop that gets the pin at 9:25.

My Thoughts: There were glimpses of greatness in this match, but these four were given neither the time nor formula to put on a spectacular match. They did have some nice spots in this, and I was stunned by the finish in that Scorpio could have seriously injured Benoit. That was crazy. **3/4, good opener.

MYSTERY OPPONENT (w/Col. Robert Parker) vs. Van Hammer

Pre-Match Thoughts: The gimmick here is that Hammer had attacked Parker previously, hence Parker bringing somebody in to deal with this guy. I love the Robert Parker character. It was PERFECT. Hammer looked so roided up it was comical. Parker walked out there and reminded Hammer of what happened, and said it was the biggest mistake of his life. He brought a gurney out there next. I WONDER WHY. HE’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE…


Match Review: Hammer destroys the gurney, and gets back in the ring for some big right hands. Sid boots him in the gut and clotheslines him, then POWERBOMBS him for the pinfall after just 36 seconds.

My Thoughts: They sure made Sid look like a big deal. The crowd reaction was amazing, something that had been lacking from WCW shows for quite some time. This brought some life to the show, everyone wanted to see something like that. DUD match, great moment, even though it didn’t go the way it should have.

Before the next match, Red Bastien and Bugsy McGraw were interviewed by Eric Bischoff. The way Bischoff mispronounced Bastien’s name was sad.

Dick Murdoch, Don Muraco, and Jimmy Snuka vs. Jim Brunzell, Blackjack Mulligan, and Wahoo McDaniel

Pre-Match Thoughts: One of these guys was jobbing on WWF programming a month before this. I don’t think WCW was capable of comprehending how bad something like that came off. Snuka was also a jobber in the WWF just a little before this, but that one I can accept. Snuka and Muraco on the same team doesn’t make any sense. Calling Brunzell a legend is quite the stretch too.

Match Review: Snuka and Brunzell lock up, and they trade hammerlocks. Brunzell trips Snuka, and Mulligan tags in quickly and holds that wristlock. Murdoch grabs Mulligan and hits him with some elbows, then tags in there only for Mulligan to hip toss him. Murdoch comes back with some elbows, and takes Mulligan down for a big elbow drop that gets 2. Murdoch teases the idea that he’s going to leave, but Wahoo scares him back to the ring and makes a tag in as well. Muraco tags in too, and Wahoo chops him down and slams him a few times as well. Snuka and Murdoch choke Wahoo in the corner, then Murdoch makes a tag in there. Wahoo comes back with some chops, but gets trapped in the wrong corner. He gets out and Brunzell hits Murdoch with a dropkick, only for Murdoch to hip toss him. Murdoch takes him down with a FLYING HEAD-SCISSORS, but Brunzell comes back with an arm drag. Brunzell goes to a sleeper, but winds up in the wrong corner and gets beaten up. Muraco tags in and powerslams him, then drops some legs on him. Brunzell tags Wahoo, but it wasn’t spotted. So, Muraco charges at Brunzell and clotheslines Snuka on accident. Murdoch tags in, and drops Brunzell with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Murcoh shoots Brunzell into the corner, then drives a knee in his back and smashes his head into the canvas. Murdoch elbow drops Brunzell for 2, and tags in Muraco, only for Brunzell to take him down with a cross body for 2. Snuka tags in and slams Brunzell, but misses a diving headbutt. Brunzell’s small package gets 2, but Snuka tries to come back with a running chop and hits Muraco on accident. So, of course, Wahoo runs in and we get a stereo roll-up spot. Now they all brawl with each other, and the match gets thrown out at 9:06. Snuka took an AMAZING bump over the top during that.

My Thoughts: This was good for nostalgia and nothing else, which was the entire point of many of the matches on this show much less this one. I think it was a bit cheap to have a non-finish there. Murdoch worked pretty hard and was good for *1/2.

Missy Hyatt is with the Assassin and Mad Dog Vachon, but the most noticeable thing about this is all the empty seats in the background. The Assassin challenged Dusty Rhodes to a match for whatever reason.

Ivan Koloff and Baron von Raschke vs. Thunderbolt Patterson and Bob Armstrong

Pre-Match Thoughts: Other than Armstrong, I can’t see anything good coming of this one. Again, it’s for nostalgia, and that’s totally fine. Patterson got a very big pop. Patterson walked down to the ring alone, and Bullet Bob wasn’t ready to wrestle or something like that. The crowd is getting into this. Koloff cut a promo on both Armstrong and Patterson, and called the Armstrongs cowards. So, Brad Armstrong walked out there, and it sounds like he’s going to be in this match! He’s in his STREET CLOTHES.

Ivan Koloff and Baron von Raschke vs. Thunderbolt Patterson and Brad Armstrong

Match Review: So, all four of them start brawling, and the crowd is into this. Armstrong and Koloff pair off, and so do Patterson and von Raschke. Armstrong backdrops Koloff, and dropkicks him too. He knocks Koloff out of the ring, as Patterson beats von Raschke up pretty badly. Eventually, the ring is cleared. Patterson and von Raschke resume the match, if you can call it that. Patterson slips out of a headlock a few times, so Koloff tags in. Armstrong tags in too, and comes off the top with a blow to the arm. Now Koloff takes Armstrong down and leg drops him, then von Raschke tags in for a double elbow. Von Raschke rams Armstrong’s head into the buckle, then puts THE CLAW on Armstrong. Patterson breaks it up, and makes the tag in to deal with Koloff. He slaps Koloff around, and von Raschke gets some too. Koloff and von Raschke get thrown into each other, then Patterson chops von Rasckhe in the throat for the victory at 4:39.

My Thoughts: That was a good comedy match, but it’s too bad Armstrong couldn’t work in it. His son did an admirable job filling in but it wasn’t quite the same. Regardless, I enjoyed this even though it was *1/4. Doesn’t really feel right rating these matches, though. Nothing on this show has been worth skipping yet.

Now it’s time for A FLAIR FOR THE GOLD! This was advertised as the original Four Horsemen being reunited. Infamous skit, this one. Flair’s hosting his deal, and he says AS PROMISED it’s time for the reunion. First, Ric Flair brings out Arn Anderson. Arn said that Barry Windham was snubbing this reunion, but when he gets his title shot tonight, he’s going to make good on it. Really looking forward to that match. Now Flair gets into salesman mode, pointing out that Tully Blanchard isn’t going to show up. THEY LIED. Flair brings out Ole Anderson next. Fans don’t entirely care for him. Now there’s a special addition to the Four Horsemen. THAT MAN IS…

PAUL ROMA. How the fuck was Flair able to sell this? That went over like a fart. I mean, Roma could have been successful in WCW, but it wasn’t just that he wasn’t a Horseman that was a problem. Look how young he was compared to how old those guys were. WCW’s ability to sabotage was unparalleled. Not only that, they only had THREE HORSEMEN to use on TV after this. Total disaster. Not bringing in Tully over pay was a joke. They offered him less than Jim Neidhart!

Nick Bockwinkel (w/Verne Gagne) vs. Dory Funk Jr. (w/Gene Kiniski)

Pre-Match Thoughts: This might actually be a good match, you know. They’ll probably be given time to do something decent, that’s why they were paired in a singles match rather than any of the tag matches. On commentary for this match, we have Johnny Valentine. Weird seeing him do commentary given all the stuff I’ve read about him. Bock and Dory were both quite old at this point, that may be an underexaggeration. They billed this as AWA vs. NWA.

Match Review: Bock was in great shape, I’m actually quite surprised. They lock up, and break those tie-ups a few times. Dory tries to trip Bock, who dodges him. Eventually, Dory gets in a European uppercut, and they exchange hammerlocks, with Bock putting Dory on the canvas. Dory comes back with more of those uppercuts, then takes Bock down with a cravate. Now that’s WRESTLING. Dory takes Bock down with a snap mare, but Bock counters with a head-scissors. Dory flips his way out of that, and the guys lock up again, leading to a Bockwinkel armbar. Dory counters with a bodyslam, and Bock comes back with his own to force Dory to the outside. Dory comes back in and lands a hard elbow, then European uppercuts put Bock down for 2. Dory goes to a chinlock, which Bock breaks with some elbows and forearms. Eventually those forearms knock Dory down, and Kiniski decides to trip Bockwinkel. That’s cheating. Dory takes Bock down with a front face-lock, but Bock comes back with a trip and goes for a Boston crab that Dory kicks away from. Dory drops Bock with a back suplex, and covers for 2. Now he puts an armbar on Bock, which leads to it being a double wristlock. Bockwinkel tries to power out, and finally he does, countering with his own double wristlock. The crowd is getting restless. Dory drops down to break that hold, and we have four minutes left in the time limit. They trade shots in the corner, until Bock takes Dory down for a 2 count. Bock goes to a chinlock of his own, and when Dory gets out, he knocks Bock out to the ramp. Dory suplexes Bock back into the ring for 2, and we have two minutes left. Dory PILEDRIVES Bock for 2, then a butterfly suplex gets blocked and turned into a backslide which gets 2 for Bock. Dory pops Bock with a back elbow, then trips him and goes for the SPINNING TOE-HOLD. Bock cradles him up for 2, then applies a FIGURE-FOUR. Kiniski runs in to stomp on Bock, but the hold continues. Dory and Bock trade shots for a little bit, but Bock slams him for 2. Now the countdown starts, and Dory cradles him up for 2 as the 15:00 time limit expires.

My Thoughts: The crowd appreciated their effort, and that closing segment was really good. It’s rare to see two guys that old give such a good effort. You know what I’m thinking about right now though? I wonder if Kiniski went into business for himself. When everyone was shaking hands at the end, Bockwinkel wouldn’t shake hands with Kiniski. In all likelihood I’m just missing something. This was a good match wrestled at a pace I’m totally unaccustomed to. **1/2. Note when posting this: I don’t even remember watching this match.

The great Lou Thesz was also at this show, with Bob Geigel. I don’t think they let Thesz talk enough and feel like that wasn’t right.

Rick Rude (WCW US Champion) and Paul Orndorff (WCW TV Champion) vs. Dustin Rhodes and Kensuke Sasaki

Pre-Match Thoughts: It’s interesting to see them condense two possible title matches into this one. I guess the United States Championship wasn’t quite held up yet. It’s funny that Rude and Orndorff were wearing matching robes. Can we call them Wonderfully Ravishing? Or is that too lame? With all the legends on this show, it doesn’t feel right for Dusty to not be in his son’s corner. Big mistake, I think. It looks like Orndorff has a messed up right leg.

Match Review: Sasaki and Rude start the match, and Rude talks down to the kid. He shoves Sasaki, then shows him his biceps. Sasaki does the same to Rude, except he doesn’t stop shoving him until Rude hits the corner. Crowd liked that a lot. Rude goes to work on Sasaki in response, but Sasaki comes back with a series of arm wringers to put Rude on the canvas. Orndorff makes a tag in, and the same thing happens to him until Dustin makes a tag in for the first time. He puts Orndorff on the canvas with a hammerlock, and tags out of there. Sasaki applies the hammerlock as well, and the switch is made again. Orndorff also makes a tag out, and this time the big match people actually wanted to see will take place. Rude and Rhodes trade bombs, with Dustin getting the better of them and backdropping Rude. Dustin eats a knee on a charge to the corner, but Rude does the same. Dustin goes for a clothesline, but Rude moves and Dustin flies over the top. Really flies. Orndorff rams Dustin into the railing, then throws him back into the ring. That got some loud “Paula” chants. Rude drops Dustin with a swinging neckbreaker for 2, then swivels his hips at him. Rude stomps on Dustin’s hand too, then tags in Orndorff to deliver more punishment with a chinlock. Orndorff hits Dustin with a back elbow too, then tags in Rude for some shoulders to the gut. Rude goes for a PILEDRIVER, but Dustin blocks it. So instead, he goes for a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. Dustin counters with his own, and it gets a 2 count. Orndorff tags in to save his partner, and collides with Dustin in the corner. Dustin makes the big tag out, and Sasaki flies in with a clothesline on Rude. Sasaki follows with an inverted atomic drop, then swivels his own hips. Some clotheslines follow that, then Rude blocks a backdrop. Sasaki comes back with a press slam, but Orndorff ducks when Sasaki tries to throw Rude on him. We have a noggin-knocker after that, and Sasaki heads up top. Orndorff pushes him down, Rude hits the guy with the RUDE AWAKENING, and that gets the pinfall at 9:25.

My Thoughts: This wasn’t particularly good nor was it a particularly bad match. It existed. That’s about what I can say about this. Not much effort given, nor did they really have time to do so anyway. Rude and Dustin worked in their tombstone reversal spot, otherwise they didn’t have the opportunity to go through any of their usual routine. **. At least the right guy went over.

Before the next match, WCW was going to have Gordon Solie elect people into their Hall of Fame.
The crowd is restless because they’ve seen enough of this stuff. Solie listed off some names of legends who had died, and he wanted a moment of silence that he wasn’t going to get. Lou Thesz was the first inductee. Second up was Verne Gagne. Third was Mr. Wrestling II. Mr. Wrestling II was supposed to be at Jimmy Carter’s inauguration, but didn’t want to take his mask off. The fourth WCW Hall of Famer was Eddie Graham, who wasn’t there. Mike Graham took the award for him.

Missy Hyatt was with John Tolos and Lord James Blears as well. This stuff is falling so flat, I feel kind of bad about it.

The Prisoner vs. Sting

Pre-Match Thoughts: Scott Norton was supposed to be in the Prisoner’s spot, but he realized there was no reason for him to do a job in this match and walked out. The Prisoner is Nailz, in case you didn’t know. For whatever reason this was dubbed as a bounty match, but I don’t really get that one. This was a good case of WCW just taking anybody they could from the WWF to fill in, but I bet Nailz was popular with the locker room. Nailz brought a billy club with him.

Match Review: They lock up, and the Prisoner chokes Sting in the corner for a while. He chokes Sting with his boot next, and with his hands some more. He hits Sting with a back elbow, and it’s back to the choking. The Prisoner throws Sting from corner to corner, then he picks him up for a backbreaker that gets 2. He misses a charge to the corner, and Sting comes back with some punches for the first time. Prisoner rakes the eyes, then tosses Sting to the outside. He chokes Sting with a cord, trying to hang him with it for a while, before letting go. He rams Sting into the apron a few times, then they get back in the ring. Sting clotheslines him for 2, then backdrops him. Sting follows that up with the STINGER SPLASH, then trips him for 2. Sting slams the guy, but misses an elbow drop. Prisoner grabs the referee, and that gives Sting a chance to go up top for a flying clothesline that gets the win at 5:16.

My Thoughts: This was by far the worst opponent Sting could have gotten to work with, and I think he had a problem with the match as well. This sucked quite a bit, not like anyone could have had a good match with Nailz anyway. DUD.

Eric Bischoff was with the Crusher and Ox Baker, and the Crusher cut a promo which was pretty good.

Los Dos Hombres vs. The Hollywood Blonds in a STEEL CAGE MATCH for the WCW/NWA Tag Team Championships

Pre-Match Thoughts: I’m extremely interested in this. Shane Douglas had left WCW over money, and he wanted to leave the wrestling business entirely. So, Tom Zenk took his place. The Hombres scenario was perfect in that it shielded WCW from the reprecussions of Douglas leaving. Not that they did that on purpose. Douglas and Steamboat got these title shots by pinning the Blonds in a non-title match after the Blonds had said Steamboat and Douglas wouldn’t be getting a rematch. The Hombres gimmick was only used in this match to cover up Tom Zenk’s face, otherwise it would have simply been Steamboat and Douglas.

Match Review: Austin and Pillman want the masks off. I can’t tell who’s who. Austin and I ASSUME Steamboat start this match, and Austin rams him into the buckle. Austin goes for the mask immediately, but Steamboat chops away at him and forces him to tag out. Pillman gets in there and Steamboat takes him down with a drop toe-hold, then holds onto an armbar. He chops at Pillman too, and blocks an attempted cage shot from Pillman. Pillman also blocks one, and scrambles back to his corner. Steamboat arm drags Pillman, and Austin tags in, also getting arm dragged. Zenk tags in and wrings Austin’s arm, going to a hammerlock. Zenk is a very good facsimile of Douglas, I’d say. He keeps an armbar on Austin, until Austin boots him to break it. Zenk and Austin fight over cage shots, but that’s not happening yet. Instead, Austin winds up on the apron and Zenk rams his back into the fence. Steamboat tags in and flies off the top with a double axehandle, then he backdrops Austin into the fence, nearly breaking his neck. That was sick. Steamboat follows with an atomic drop that sends Austin into the fence, then he throws him hard into it again. Zenk tags back in, and also lands a double axehandle from the top rope. Austin stops the Hombres momentum by going to the eyes, then rams Zenk into Pillman’s boot and tags out. Pillman chops away at Zenk, then they have a bit of a botched sequence that ends with Pillman poking him in the eye. Pillman misses an elbow drop, so Zenk arm drags him and tags in Steamboat. The masks are killing this match, sadly. Steamboat picks Pillman up and press slams him into the cage, but Austin hits Steamboat with a clothesline. Steamboat hits him with a clothesline in response, and goes for a suplex, hanging Austin on the cage. That’s different. Steamboat hits him with a body press, crushing him against the cage. Zenk tags in there and gets thrown into him too, but Austin had finally fallen down from his perch. Pillman tags back in for a jawbreaker, then goes to rip off the mask. He can’t quite do that yet. Austin tags in, and starts ROLLING THE CAMERAS. Austin chops away at Zenk, then hits him with a nice back elbow. Austin goes to the second rope, and comes off it with a nice elbow smash for 2. The Blonds trade tags for a little bit, getting in and out of there quickly as Pillman starts choking Zenk with their trusty towel. Austin covers for 2, and tags back out of there. Pillman goes to the second rope himself, and flies off it with nothing, getting booted in the face. Austin tags in and cuts Zenk off from the tag, then Zenk hits him with a big dropkick. Zenk follows up with some punches, then goes for a tag only for Austin to drop him with a SPINEBUSTER. Austin slams Zenk, then Pillman tags in and goes up top for a ROCKET LAUNCHER that misses.

Steamboat finally makes the big tag in, and throws Austin face-first into the cage. He chops away at Pillman and throws him into the cage too, then Austin tries to climb out and Steamboat drops him off his shoulders. He crotches Pillman on the top rope next, then gives them a noggin-knocker. The Hombres beat Austin and Pillman up in separate corners, then throw the Blonds into each other. Many of them go into the cage, at which point Steamboat decides to take off his stupid mask. He climbs up top, meaning to the TOP OF THE CAGE! He comes down with a cross body on both Austin and Pillman, but they kick out at 2! The bell rang, but it isn’t over. Steamboat DDT’s Austin, and covers him for 2 again. Pillman gets DDT’d and covered for 2, then the Hombres hit the Blonds with stereo dropkicks for 2. Austin drops Zenk with a STUN GUN out of nowhere, and simultaneously Pillman DDT’s a shocked Steamboat, which leads to Austin covering Zenk for the victory at 16:08.

My Thoughts: This was a good match which is typically renowned for Steamboat’s dive off the cage, but there was obviously a very big problem in that the fans didn’t care about the match until Steamboat unmasked. It was like they weren’t sure who was under the masks, which made it more difficult for them to care. Shocking to see how little heat this match had. Besides that, it was pretty good. They had some great bumps, the awesome cage dive, and a finish that got them completely out of Steamboat needing to get revenge. Austin did the best work of them all, I thought. ***1/4 and can’t go higher because the match completely lacked heat.

Dusty Rhodes, Stu Hart, and Mr. Wrestling II were out there with Eric Bischoff this time. These interviews are detracting from the show. Dusty called out the Assassin. HIS BIG ASSSTH IS STANDING RIGHT HERE.

Arn Anderson vs. Barry Windham for the NWA Championship

Pre-Match Thoughts: Glad Arn got a title shot, but lets not pretend this and the WCW title were treated as if they were equal to each other. This should be a good match, as would any with two wrestlers of this quality, you’d think. Given that Windham just won this title and was clearly building to a feud with Flair, it’s hard to believe anyone thought Arn would win.

Match Review: Arn and Windham lock up, and quickly go into a sequence where Arn shoulders Windham down for 2. They lock up again, and Arn takes Windham down with a belly to belly suplex for 2. Arn was upset he didn’t get the win right there. When they lock up again, Arn backdrops Windham for 2. Windham finally smacks Arn across the face, but Arn comes back with a DDT and covers for 2. Windham bails out to the ramp for a bit, pulls Arn out there, and knees him in the face. That looked stiff. Arn comes back with a turnbuckle shot, then goes back into the ring only to get clotheslined on the way there. Windham DDT’s Arn now, and drops an elbow on him for 2. Windham tosses Arn to the outside, and elbows him in the face to follow up on that. Arn brings Windham to the outside as well, and lands some big left hands, as well as ramming Windham into the rail. Windham is busted wide open, and Arn rakes that cut against the ropes. Now the crowd cares. Arn cradles Windham up for 2, then busts that cut up with some left hands and an elbow that gets another 2 count. Arn goes to a chinlock, then drops a knee on Windham’s face and signals that he’s going to finish Windham off. Arn goes up top, and Windham dropkicks him all the way down to the floor! Arn’s holding his knee now, as Windham bleeds all over the place. Windham suplexes Arn on the floor, then brings him into the ring and flies off the top with a clothesline. Windham drops a knee on Arn, then covers him for 2. Arn hits Windham in the throat to stop his momentum, then goes for a suplex only for Windham to suplex him for 2 instead. Arn comes back with the SPINEBUSTER, but he can’t cover Windham, who rolls out of the ring. Windham has his title belt, and makes out like he’s going to leave. Arn pushes the referee out of the way to give chase, and throws Windham back in the ring. Now Arn works Windham over in the corner, and pushes the referee again. Eventually he shoves him to the canvas, and Windham gets his belt again. Windham clocks Arn in the head with it, covers, and picks up the pin at 10:55. Windham wiping his blood on the belt was…interesting.

My Thoughts: This match really flew by, and it was probably too short. That being said, I thought it was pretty good. Windham bleeding in the match was a smart moment and really helped get Arn over as somebody to be taken seriously both in this match and in future matches. The ref bump was a little unnecessary, but it made sense that they wanted to give Arn an out and get Windham over as a cheater. Good work in this one, I liked it. ***, the only thing I would have liked more would have been for Arn to win.

The British Bulldog vs. Big Van Vader (w/Harley Race) for the WCW Championship

Pre-Match Thoughts: WCW was more interested in calling him Davey Boy Smith than the British Bulldog. I don’t think I’m going to go with that, though. He was still using the Bulldog name. They transitioned straight into this match from the last one, no real break at all. They didn’t really build this match up a whole lot, so you know, that’s kind of fitting. IT’S VADER TIME. This was Bulldog’s first real shot at a world title, all things considered.

Match Review: Vader and Bulldog stare each other down, then it’s time to get to it. Vader’s shoves don’t move Bulldog much, which is unusual. Neither do his clotheslines. Vader goes for a standing splash, but Bulldog bounces back off the ropes and is still standing. Vader beats Bulldog up in the corner with those clubbing shots, and that hurts Bulldog. Of course it does. Vader chokes Bulldog until he falls out of the ring, then Race gets in a cheap shot of his own. Vader goes for a splash against the barricade, and Bulldog moves, so Vader flies over the rail and hits an old lady. Dangerous spot, that one. Bulldog picks Vader up and carries him for a bit, then drops him with a big bodyslam. Vader crawls back into the ring, and Bulldog picks him up for an insane delayed vertical suplex. WOW. Bulldog takes a big charge at Vader in the corner, but Vader gets his boot up. Vader goes to the second rope, and Bulldog POWERSLAMS him on his way down. Bulldog follows that by clotheslining Vader over the top, taking him out. Great start to the match. Bulldog goes for a crucifix when Vader gets in there, but Vader takes him down with a SAMOAN DROP. Vader drops an elbow down low on the guy, that was dirty. Vader does another one, then heads up to the second rope for the VADER BOMB. It got a 2 count. Vader nails Bulldog in the face, then follows that up with some kicks to the gut. Vader picks Bulldog up and slams him, then goes to the second rope again for that standing splash. It’s like a wall running at the guy when he does that. Bulldog is bleeding now, and Vader punches him around even more. Vader decides to put Bulldog on the top rope, but Bulldog blocks the superplex. Instead, Bulldog picks Vader up and drops him on the canvas. Bulldog follows with a FLYING HEADBUTT from the top, which I’ve never seen him do. Bulldog follows that by picking Vader up and dropping him on his butt, which gets 2. Vader comes back with a clothesline, then Bulldog goes for a sunset flip that Vader blocks with a BUTT SPLASH attempt, even though it misses. Bulldog rolls Vader up for 2, then eats a right hand from the champion. Vader takes him down and goes up top, coming down with a BIG SPLASH. Vader was whining when he hit the canvas, like he had a heart attack or something. Bulldog winds up on the outside, so Race drops a knee on him. Race puts Bulldog back in the ring, and Vader pounds on him. Vader slams Bulldog, then sits on him. The match has fallen apart a little bit. Vader goes to a chinlock while sitting on Bulldog, who stands up with Vader ON HIS SHOULDERS and drops him to the canvas. That’s crazy. Bulldog hits Vader with a clothesline, then makes his big comeback with his own punches and covers for 2. Vader goes for a splash in the corner, but Bulldog catches him and POWERSLAMS him. Race breaks the cover up and pulls Bulldog to the outside, completely unspotted. Bulldog grabs Race by the throat and slams him, but Vader has a chair now. He hits Bulldog with it, and we get a terrible DQ ending after 16:16.

Vader puts Bulldog back in the ring, and Marcus Bagwell runs out from the back like an idiot. Vader deals with him, then he deals with Scorpio, BUT HERE COMES STING. Sting flies off the top with a clothesline on Vader, then knocks Vader out of the ring to get him out of there.

My Thoughts: I know what they built to, but at this particular moment that was totally unclear. This was a good match until Vader was in control, at which point it fell apart somewhat. I do think it was a good match, but nowhere near as good as it could have been. They had some nice power spots, but after the opening segment, it was like they forgot to put together the rest of the match. To be honest, I’m kind of over this show anyway. Davey just wasn’t over enough to get this spot, and the finish was terrible. **3/4.

They closed out the show with Verne Gagne and Magnum TA, but I’m past the point of caring.

This show was a disaster in a whole lot of ways. There was so much false advertising, and they didn’t even put their best guys in the matches they should have been in. To have someone like Sting basically doing nothing, and for Flair to not even show up when his buddy gets screwed over, was really short-sighted. The crowd was absolutely dead after all the legends segments, they’d gone quite a bit past the point of overdoing it. The crowd started off hot, too. I can see why WCW didn’t run another PPV in Atlanta. The false advertising probably annoyed me the most. To pull out false advertising for a legends match was something. For the Four Horsemen reunion it was even worse. I couldn’t believe what I’d seen. This was a terrible show, and outside of Sid’s return, they couldn’t get one of those huge pops from the crowd all night. Next up, it’s WWF matches leading into King of the Ring!

Wrestling Time: 1:36:46. Shocking there was that much given all the other segments on this show.

Best: Los Dos Hombres vs. Hollywood Blonds. I guess?

Worst: Four Horsemen false advertisement. Can’t handle that one.

Card Rating: 3.5/10. I am going to that super low end, because I thought this was a joke. They couldn’t even have a clean finish in their main event after screwing people out of seeing things they paid for.


Written by Sage Cortez

Sage is a boisterous Los Angeles sports fan. Unsurprisingly, like many other loudmouth LA fans, he also likes the Raiders and a range of combat sports.