Through the Years: WWF from King of the Ring to July 19th 1993

It feels like its been forever since I sat down to watch one of these Raw episodes, and that’s because it really has been. I think its been three weeks now in real time as opposed to how I publish these articles. That’s quite a while. The lineup ahead is excellent as well. There are some real big matches on these shows, lots of important things. I really can’t wait any longer to see some of them!

– Taped to air June 14th, 1993, on Monday Night Raw, from the Manhattan Center in New York City, New York

This was taped before King of the Ring. Don’t know what that will mean for the show if it means anything at all. Mr. Fuji said that Yokozuna will hold a celebration of his title victory…IN AMERICA. JULY 4TH.

A Mr. Perfect match is a good way to start the show. I wonder if the WWF actually kept track of which jobbers jobbed to their guys. Like, did Mr. Perfect squash LA Gore twice? Did they make sure he didn’t by keeping a list?

After that, Razor Ramon was here with a BAG OF CASH! Looks like $10,000. I mean, its written on the bag. Sounds like the 1-2-3 Kid will answer Razor’s challenge later in the show.

Doink the Clown vs. Marty Jannetty

Pre-Match Thoughts: This sounds like it could be a pretty good bout. Two good workers here, but there’s no storyline implications at all. I actually care about this match though. Doink was going to be in a nice spot for SummerSlam so it would appear there’s sufficient motivation. Doink chugged down a can of Pepsi before the match for some reason. I think the Doinks switched before the match, but WHO KNOWS.

Match Review: Marty grabs Doink by the leg and gets kicked in the head, interesting start to the match. Doink hits him with some forearms, but misses a charge to the corner and Marty comes off the top with a facebuster that gets 2. Marty goes to an arm drag, and holds onto an armbar until Doink forearms him. Doink then shoulders Marty across the ring, and rams him into the buckle too. Marty does the same, slides into the ring, and dodges a big boot attempt so he can cover for 2. Marty has an armbar on Doink again, and we head to a commercial.

Back from that, Marty dropkicks Doink and arm drags him again. Doink responds by dumping Marty to the outside, but Marty gets in there with a cross body from the top that gets 2. Doink comes back with a powerslam, and Marty has face paint all over himself now. Doink hammerlocks Marty for a bit, then goes to a back suplex. Doink locks Marty up with a half nelson, then picks him up and slams him. Doink goes up top and comes down with a BUTT SPLASH that gets 2, the crowd was somewhat surprised by that. Doink follows up with a neckbreaker submission, eventually snapping it off and covering for 2. He hits Marty with a double axehandle, then goes up top only for Marty to slam him down. Marty hits him with a flying back elbow, then dropkicks and suplexes him for 2. Marty levels Doink with a clothesline for 2, then another facebuster also gets 2. Doink picks Marty up and they tumble over the top rope, where Marty atomic drops Doink and hits him with a superkick. Sadly, we get a double countout as Marty takes Doink down with a FRANKENSTEINER. Marty follows up with a cross body from the apron, and they just keep fighting until some referees pull Doink away.

My Thoughts: This was a good 10 minute match, I dug the action there. Wasn’t quite expecting that finish, I was sure that another Doink would appear. When that didn’t happen, I felt a little bit empty. Guess there weren’t two Doinks at ringside this time. Oh well. Marty and Doink had good chemistry so it’s nice to know they have another match on Raw shortly after this. **3/4.

Surprisingly Owen Hart had a squash match here, but he’s still wearing New Foundation gear. That’s sad. That stuff was nearly two years old. During the match, the 1-2-3 Kid had a phone call interview and said that he’d be on Raw next week!

Next up we were shown the segment where Giant Gonzalez and Mr. Hughes took out the Undertaker. So goofy. Apparently Hughes was able to hit them so many times with the urn that Taker didn’t get up for…even longer than usual!

Closing out the show, we got a Jerry Lawler match. These fans didn’t even know what he did to Bret Hart at King of the Ring. The crowd still HATED him. Hard to believe that fans would get so attached to his commentary that they’d turn him babyface by themselves.

– Taped to air June 21st, 1993, on Monday Night Raw, from Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York

They were pushing this Razor vs. Kid match HARD. Of course, in an effort to get people to stick around to see the whole show, it was going on last.

First up, they had a match with our new TAG CHAMPIONS, THE STEINER BROTHERS. They had Money Inc. lose those titles off television. Very nice of them. Of course the Steiners went over strong.

Doink the Clown vs. Marty Jannetty in a 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: That’s one way to deal with the last week’s match having a total non-finish. Good two week angle I suppose. The time allotted for this match looks super long. Not surprising given the stipulation. Doink rode to the ring on a unicycle. That was interesting. I never get tired of hearing the Rockers theme, though.

Fall #1: Doink wants Marty to get close to him for some reason, but Marty will not. These two finally lock up, and break clean. Doink then pops Marty in the mouth shortly afterward, and goes to a headlock. They do a criss-cross, and Marty winds up monkey flipping Doink. Doink then pulls Marty’s hair, and tells Marty he should punch him in the mouth. He doesn’t, and they do another criss-cross with Doink running the ropes by himself for a little while. Marty then gives Doink a facebuster, and puts an armbar on him. Doink goes for his own monkey flip and gets punched in the face, after which Marty covers him for 2. Marty goes back to the armbar, but Doink makes the ropes. Marty monkey flips Doink again for 2, so Doink pokes him in the eye. Marty comes back with a backslide for 2, then misses a charge to the corner and crotches himself. Doink goes up top, comes down with a BUTT SPLASH, and covers Marty for the fall at 7:16.

Fall #2: Doink goes right after Marty to start the second fall, throwing him hard into the corner and knocking him down. Doink pushes Marty out of the ring and follows him with a double axehandle from the top, after which Savage accuses him of move stealing. I like that. Doink throws Marty back in the ring and covers for 2, then Doink dodges a kick to the chest and covers for another 2 count. Doink puts a chinlock on Marty, but Marty gets out and rolls him up for 2. Marty then goes for a suplex, and follows up with a superkick that sends Doink into the ropes. Marty drops Doink with another facebuster, then goes up top and hits him with a fist drop for the fall after 11:54.

Fall #3: Doink is begging for mercy, but tries to hit Marty with a sucker shot only for Marty to atomic drop and clothesline him for 2. Doink then comes back with a leg trip and wraps Marty’s leg around the post, following that up with a FIGURE-FOUR. Marty takes a while to reverse it, but Doink makes the ropes. Doink then kicks at Marty’s leg for a while, but Marty backdrops him with his knee giving out at the end of it. Doink trips him and goes to an STF, then stands on Marty’s leg and drives it into the canvas. Doink goes up top once more, but Marty grabs him and slams him down. Marty follows up with a flying back elbow, then beats Doink up in the corner for a bit. HERE COMES ANOTHER DOINK! Marty hip tosses Doink, as the other one went to hide under the ring. Marty seems to realize the second Doink is there, but Doink kicks him in the head before he can find him. Doink then posts Marty, and back into the ring they go. Marty hits Doink with a dropkick to knock him out of the ring, and Doink decides that it’s time to bring the other Doink into play! Or not. He tries to sneak in to attack Marty, but they collide with each other instead. Now Doink makes the switch and the other one rolls in the ring, then covers for 2. Doink tries to slam Marty, but Marty cradles him up for 2. I’m not even sure how to describe this match now. The new Doink picks Marty up and piledrives him, which gets the 3 count at 20:38.

Randy Savage is ANGRY over that. So, he attacks the second Doink from behind, goes outside the ring, and pulls the original Doink out from under the ring! Heenan then tries to convince the referee that he didn’t see that, but the decision has been reversed and Marty Jannetty is the winner!

My Thoughts: This was a hell of a match, seriously. It started off well and got even better the longer it went. The way they teased the second Doink before going to it was perfect, the commentary team did a hell of a job with this match. Really fun stuff. Hard to believe that such a good segment could be put on with two clowns. The Doink character really should have been higher up the card. ***3/4. The reversed decision was awesome too. Randy Savage playing WWF sheriff was a good fit.

Don’t know how a Mr. Hughes squash match could possibly follow that. He had the Undertaker’s urn, by the way.

Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid in a $10,000 CHALLENGE

Pre-Match Thoughts: They built this up very well and made it seem like Raw was event viewing this particular week. As a kid I found this match incredibly entertaining but I think its been 15-16 years since I’ve seen it. This whole program was excellent.

Match Review: The Kid makes it down to the ring, but looks a bit scared to get in there. Kid rams Razor into the buckle to start the match, then a top rope sunset flip gets 2. Kid hits Razor with a spinning wheel kick for 2, but Razor picks him up for a big fallaway slam. Razor hits Kid with some big chops, tosses him across the whole ring, and hits him with a huge clothesline. Razor then takes Kid down with a huge CHOKESLAM, and picks him up for an abdominal stretch. Razor then takes him down and paintbrush slaps him around, and when he picks him up he drops Kid with a running powerslam. Razor puts Kid in position for that BACK SUPERPLEX, and pretty much destroys him with it. Razor signals for the finish, but he throws Kid out of the ring for it. A RAZOR’S EDGE ON THE CONCRETE. WHAT AN IDEA! Kid backdrops Razor, then heads up top for a potentially sick dive, but botches it and TASTES CONCRETE WITH HIS FACE. Great job covering for that mistake by the commentary team. Razor throws Kid in the ring, but Kid dodges a charge to the corner and takes him down with a MOONSAULT PRESS just like last time, which only gets 2. After that one, Kid takes the money, and it’s time to leave! Razor gives chase, but Kid sprints away and out of the arena! There’s a waiting car, and THE KID IS GONE! WHAT A THIEF. Match took 5:14. Closing out the show, Razor cut a promo and said that NOBODY RIPS OFF THE BAD GUY.

My Thoughts: The match perfectly fit with the feud, I can’t think of many better cases of great WWF booking than this one. Kid realizing that he wasn’t going to beat Razor and grabbing the money bag was great storytelling. I mean, Kid had hit Razor with everything he had. Highly enjoyable 5 minute match. **1/4, hell of a program. Definitely one of my favorites.

– Taped to air June 28th, 1993, on Monday Night Raw, from Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York

This episode started with a Shawn Michaels vs. Kamala match, which isn’t very likely to be a good one. Kamala was nearly out of there by this point. This was an extremely long stint in a company for Kamala and I’m fairly certain it’s only because he know he couldn’t get money like this from anyone else. Kamala had Michaels finished, except he didn’t have him on his back and tried to cover him when he was on his stomach. After that, Kamala was distracted by Diesel until Michaels hit Kamala with a SUPERKICK for the victory. *1/2. When Kamala attacked Michaels after the match, Diesel ran in there to beat him up and take him out. EXCELLENT.

Yokozuna walked out there for an interview after that, and Mr. Fuji talked about the challenge on July 4th. Everyone wanted to see IF YOKOZUNA COULD BE SLAMMED. It was insinuated that Yokozuna would retire as champion. The promos done by non-wrestlers on Yokozuna were absolutely terrible. Tatanka’s wasn’t a lot better though.

The Smoking Gunns had a squash match after that. Can’t complain too much I suppose. THERE’S BARRY HOROWITZ! The Gunns had a finisher that looked better than it actually was.

For some reason they brought Money Inc. out for an interview. They look weird without their titles. They said they have a return match in their contracts so they’ll get one. IRS then got a shot in on Razor Ramon by calling him…RAZOR JABRONE. WHAT A NAME. The Razor chants here made his face turn so obvious. Vince knew it too. He nearly cracked up at one of DiBiase’s jokes.

Next up Adam Bomb was there to squash PJ Walker. They wanted this guy to be a heel but I don’t really know why. Don’t see any reason to cheer against him or for him. Johnny Polo rules, though.

Bastion Booger faced Crush in the main event, which means I won’t be reviewing a single match from this show. Booger looked so fat and had an outfit that used to give me nightmares. This match was absolutely terrible. Crush pinned Booger after three bodyslams. DUD. They pushed Crush as the guy who would slam Yokozuna, but I’m glad they didn’t go with that.

– Taped to air July 5th, 1993, on Monday Night Raw from the Manhattan Center in New York City, New York

Opening the show, of course they aired parts from the STARS AND STRIPES CHALLENGE. In doing so, they showed various people trying to bodyslam Yokozuna. Wrestling wise, Rick Steiner was the guy they showed first. After the opening clips, they aired a whole lot more. Scott Steiner tried to slam Yokozuna as well, but it wasn’t happening. They also had a funny bit where Yoko stopped to eat rice. Tatanka walked out there and tried to chop Yokozuna down first, but in the end he got kicked in the face. Bill Fralic actually got very close to slamming Yokozuna, close enough that Earl Hebner got in the way. Crush took his turn and certainly looked big enough to do it, but he could not. Randy Savage took a turn as the LAST MAN AVAILABLE, BUT HE COULDN’T.

When it appeared nobody else could do it, there was a HELICOPTER BOARDING THE INTREPID. IT’S LEX LUGER. This is so funny. Luger made his way to the ring and pushed Heenan out of the way, then he talked some shit about Mr. Fuji. He throws Fuji out of the ring, takes his shirt off, and LEX LUGER SLAMS YOKOZUNA. This was perfectly done. Just because it didn’t lead to a new boom period like the WWF wanted does not change that.

Blake Beverly vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

Pre-Match Thoughts: Nice to see Kid against a different opponent in front of this crowd. I bet he’s going to get a huge reaction. Stands to reason that he’ll go over again, but who really knows? Kid had new ring gear! This could, possibly even should be a very good match.

Match Review: Kid wanted to shake hands, but Beverly did not. Beverly slaps him instead, but Kid dropkicks him out of the ring. Kid follows that up with a baseball slide, then Beverly gets back in there only for Kid to hit him with an even better dropkick for 2. Kid hits him with an enzuigiri next, which also gets 2. Beverly comes back with a powerslam, then a neckbreaker follows that. Beverly continues the punishment by suplexing Kid into the buckles, which causes him to leave the ring. He smacks Kid around for a bit, then brings him back into the ring for a diving headbutt. Beverly picks Kid up and throws him over the top, some of these bumps Kid is taking are out of control. Back into the ring now, and Beverly drops him with a backbreaker and a powerslam. Beverly picks Kid up on the cover, then Kid goes for a springboard cross body and misses. Beverly levels Kid with a clothesline, then shoulders him to the outside. Beverly misses a double axehandle from the top, so Kid goes up top himself and flies onto him with a sick TOPE CON HILO. Kid checks on Beverly thinking he’s hurt, which fits his character. Now Kid gets crushed with a back suplex, and Beverly goes up to the second rope for a diving headbutt that misses. Kid goes up top, comes down with a BIG LEG DROP, AND THAT GETS THE VICTORY FOR THE KID at 8:00!

My Thoughts: This gimmick was perfectly done. Shocked that the WWF would book something so well, especially given their business problems. One has to wonder why good things like this didn’t equate to better business. Kid was clearly a great talent, a great bumper, and a hell of a seller. Have to applaud his willingness to do anything. **3/4 for this one. They started the show pretty well.

After that match, they aired a skit about these guys who were MEN ON A MISSION. This looks…SO unlike the WWF.

After that, Luna Vachon did a plug for Bam Bam Bigelow, who had a match to follow. They were going to drop Sensational Sherri, which is part of why Vachon walked out to the ring with Bam Bam. They thought it was a natural fit, and it really was. Bigelow squashed this Joey Maggs in less than a minute. The original intention for Bigelow at SummerSlam was for him to tag with Luna against Sherri and Tatanka.

This is a bit of an odd match. They had Samu and the Undertaker face off. This is also the first time I can remember the arena going dark for the Undertaker. However thought of that one…was quite smart. Heenan went to hide under the table. Paul Bearer and the turn were both not there. I’ve only just realized that Vince McMahon slowly slipped into that all too familiar commentary he did in 1995 that everyone makes fun of. By the time I noticed, which is just now, he’d been doing it for a while. This wasn’t bad at all and doesn’t disprove my theory that the Undertaker was always a great worker. It was awesome for Taker to sit up to dodge a flying headbutt. Of course, he pinned Samu after the tombstone. **1/4.

Yokozuna was out there for an interview, presumably to respond to what happed on the USS Intrepid. Fuji said that Luger used the steel plate on him and therefore he cheated. Fuji also didn’t want Luger to get a title shot. After Fuji says Yokozuna will face anyone, out comes Crush. He wants a title match with Yokozuna, and Yoko ACCEPTS. HE ISN’T SCARED.

Finishing up the show, Mr. Perfect destroyed a jobber I’ve never seen before. Guy looked too sleazy for television. Good Raw, this one.

– Taped to air July 12th, 1993, on Monday Night Raw, from the Manhattan Center in New York City, New York

Crush vs. Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji) for the WWF Championship

Pre-Match Thoughts: We didn’t exactly take a lot of time to get to this match. Opened the show first thing. Yokozuna was so angry that he threw the flowers he was given. I actually took a long time between reviews to get to this match, not that anyone cares. When I was a kid and saw this match on video I was fairly certain Crush would win.

Match Review: We get some loud USA chants to start this off, then the two behemoths look up and nothing really comes of it. Crush lands some big punches to follow, but Yoko picks him up and slams him. Yoko misses an elbow drop, then Crush boots him in the face to knock him out of the ring. Yoko climbs back in, and Crush can’t run him over. So, Yoko clotheslines Crush, but Crush comes back with a splash in the corner. Crush then misses a second splash, which allows Yoko to chop him in the throat to knock him down. Yoko picks Crush up and drops him throat-first on the top rope, then knocks him to the outside. He pulls Crush back into the ring for more punishment, culminating in a nerve hold as we go to commercial.

Back from that commercial, Yokozuna had just kicked Crush in the face. Back to the nerve hold again, until Yoko goes for a splash in the corner and misses it. Crush goes for a dropkick, and a clothesline knocks Yokozuna down. Crush heads up top, and flies down with a shoulderblock that gets 2. Crush goes up top again, so Mr. Fuji takes his flag and whacks Crush across the back with it. Yoko rolls to the outside to slam Crush on the floor, then he puts Crush back in the ring. Yoko drops Crush with a huge belly to belly suplex, then drops a leg on him. Yoko goes to put Crush away, finishes him with the BANZAI DROP, and that’s one way to spend 11 minutes.

After the match, Yoko decides to hit another BANZAI DROP on Crush. And ANOTHER. Tatanka runs down to the ring to save Crush, but Yokozuna chops him in the face to stop that. Yokozuna hits a fourth BANZAI DROP, then some jobbers run out there only to be unable to save him. Randy Savage isn’t supposed to get involved, but when Yoko goes for another BANZAI DROP, Savage gets in the ring and pulls Crush out of the way. After the commercial Crush did a stretcher job.

My Thoughts: The excitement was completely sucked out of the crowd when Yokozuna got the pin there. This was a good way to get people interested in Luger vs. Yokozuna. They needed to sacrifice somebody to the champion and Crush was the most obvious choice. This was a good performance on Yokozuna’s part. It’s not like Crush did a whole lot in there. **.

Following that up with a Headshrinkers squash seems fitting. Looks like one of these jobbers is PJ Walker. This was a good one.

After that, the Brooklyn Brawler squared off with Tatanka. For some reason this was not a squash. Still, no better than *1/4. Very unnecessary match that ended with Tatanka giving Brawler a Samoan drop for the pin.

The Lex Luger push is big here, they aired some interviews where kids would talk about Lex Luger deserving a title shot. Oh boy.

Mr. Hughes got a squash match as well and he still had the Undertaker’s urn. Hughes and Taker was the house show program, I assume. Not like Giant Gonzalez could work every single house show.

These Men on a Mission videos are strange. Very unlike the WWF at that time to air any vignette that showed like…anything outdoors.

Adam Bomb was there to close out the show. Don’t understand the fascination Vince had with this character.

– July 19th, 1993, on Monday Night Raw, from the Manhattan Center in New York City, New York

This episode starts by talking about the LEX EXPRESS. YES! I’m down with this. I wonder how much it cost for the WWF to put together this publicity tour.

Marty Jannetty vs. Shawn Michaels (w/Diesel) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Pre-Match Thoughts: This is as good a time as any for Marty to be given his rematch. I’m confused as to the justification given for Diesel being allowed to be at ringside. Did he have a manager’s license? Hopefully somebody will mention that. This was before the era when anyone could go do whatever they want without being questioned, so I need that explanation. Marty updated his ring gear to some degree but it actually looked even worse.

Match Review: Michaels attacks, and we’re underway. He hits Marty with some elbows, and goes for a backdrop that Marty flips through. Marty counters a backslide with a backflip, and clotheslines Michaels for 2. A cradle gets 2 as well, then Marty runs Michaels to the outside while blocking a cradle. Michaels gets back in and slaps a headlock on Marty, then goes for a hip toss that Marty blocks. They do some great counters to follow that, which ends in Michaels whiffing on a superkick. Michaels actually looks a little doughy and out of shape in this match. It’s strange. Michaels misses a splash to the corner, so Marty hip tosses him and slams him for 2. Marty goes to an armbar, until Michaels breaks it by popping him with an elbow. Michaels misses another charge to the corner, so Marty comes off the second rope with a flying clothesline. Marty then goes up top, and Michaels moves out of the way only for Marty to DDT him and cover for the 3 COUNT! Michaels did have his foot on the ropes, though. The crowd goes crazy, but Diesel gets in the ring and points that out to the official. Time for a commercial.

Back from that commercial, it’s explained that the match has restarted. The two guys brawl on the floor for a bit, then get in there and Marty suplexes the champion for 2. Marty gives Michaels a backbreaker for 2, then puts a sleeper on him. Michaels gets out with a back suplex, then hits Marty with another elbow and knees him to the outside. Marty gets back in there and the two guys collide with each other, after which Michaels tumbles out of the ring. Sadly, we have another commercial.

After that second commercial, Michaels is on the top rope and hits Marty with a double axehandle for 2. Michaels goes to a chinlock, but Marty gets out of that only to get cut off with a knee to the gut. Michaels goes to a front face-lock and puts his feet on the ropes, but Marty powers out by crotching Michaels on the top rope. Marty follows with a flying back elbow, and it gets 2. Michaels then picks Marty up for a powerbomb, but Marty counters with a HURRICANRANA for 2. Marty misses a charge to the corner, so Michaels comes off the top with a cross body that gets reversed for 2. Marty puts Michaels down with the ROCKER DROPPER, then Michaels winds up tied in the ropes. Marty goes for a cross body and misses it, taking a huge bump out to the floor. So, while the referee is watching Michaels, Diesel throws Marty into the ring and Michaels pins him for the victory! That was about 23 minutes if you take commercials into account.

My Thoughts: This was a really good match, but I think calling it the Match of the Year as some publications did is going a little bit overboard. Certainly this was inventive for the time, with some interesting spots and a really high tempo. Glad they put this on air. Thought they built to the finish very well, with Diesel’s part in the match being an interesting one. He could have, perhaps should have hit Marty before throwing him in there. But I guess that’s not quite what they wanted to do. **** is what I’ll go with. I think just about everyone would like this match.

They picked a really good segment to follow that one. Money Inc. were scheduled for an interview. Apparently there would be one on next week’s Superstars. After that, it was time for them to start trash talking Razor Ramon again. While they’re in the middle of it, out comes Razor Ramon. He wasn’t doing anything for Money Inc., and looked quite angry at them. They said everyone has a price, then Razor pushed DiBiase down. He then threw IRS out of the ring…IS HE A BABYFACE NOW??? DiBiase then got on the microphone and challenged the 1-2-3 Kid in order to show how much better he was than Razor.

Men on a Mission was there to make their Raw debut, and were being called “THE TEAM OF THE FUTURE.” Mabel looked huge, but he definitely got bigger than this. This match wasn’t very long at all.

We got to see another Lex Express video here. I have a feeling I’ll find these nauseating by the time I’m done with them. Seeing somebody who supposedly hated people act like this is very strange.

Bastion Booger matches are my least favorite thing in the world. I skipped this. Apparently next week Bam Bam Bigelow and Bret Hart were having a rematch!

Time for another King’s Court with Jerry Lawler! This time, he brought out Tiny Tim. Dude, I can’t think of a more strange instance where they used somebody in the WWF as a guest appearance so far apart from his first appearance. He was at Uncle Elmer’s wedding WAY back when. Lawler spent the whole time bashing on this guy. BAH GAWD TINY TIM CALLED HIM A DAIRY QUEEN. YES. So, Lawler broke Tim’s ukelele in response. Uh………..the reaction there might be the best thing I’ve seen.

Finishing out the show, and thusly my article, we had a 1-2-3 Kid squash match. Something about that does not seem right. Once the bout started, out came Money Inc. to watch. In response, Razor Rramon walks through the crowd to watch the match from the other side of the ring. Interesting. Kid was an extremely smart worker even at this young age, he understood how his matches had to go. Even ones like these. Kid was sure to leave the ringside area through the crowd and not interact with any of these guys. Razor then took that opportunity to claim Kid would pin DiBiase. So, some officials had to stop them from fighting.

That was a lot of wrestling for one article, but that’s the standard that I’m going to be following from now on. Hard to pick which one of these was the best Raw, but I’d go with the 6/21 episode that featured two extremely interesting matches. I can’t wait to get into the stuff that leads to SummerSlam as a lot of things change in that time period. Next up for me is Beach Blast 1993.

Best: The Kid stealing Razor’s bag of cash and running out of the building. Very rewatchable.

Worst: Bastion Booger. Nothing else to say.


Written by Sage Cortez

Sage is a boisterous Los Angeles sports fan. Unsurprisingly, like many other loudmouth LA fans, he also likes the Raiders and a range of combat sports.