Save Money: 5 Best Cost Saving Tips When Buying Books, CDs, and DVDs

Everybody wants to save money whether it be through popular sales days such as Black Friday or waiting a few days to fill up on gas and get a few cents off the cost. Here are five tips to save money fast.

Save Money Fast: Tip 1 – Judge Box Sets vs. Individual Items for Books and DVDs

A lot of popular shows released are usually done so through individual seasons but often times they are released in box sets as well. Depending on the item in question, it may be cheaper to get a box set than it is to get the individual seasons or vice versa. If you are a hobbyist or collector, it’s worth taking the time to investigate and find out where differences are. This is especially notable in books where box sets can often times be cheaper. With children’s books this is the most notable.

As an example, the Harry Potter Paperback Books were $49.96 in a box set at The individual books would cost $52.88 if they were purchased at their then sales prices. While not an extreme difference, those savings can add up over time.

On the flipside, The Hunger Games individual books on sale were actually cheaper at $22.01 on Amazon compared to the sales price of the hardcover box set of $22.27.

Save Money Fast: Tip 2 – Buy Books Used

The complete 9 volume set of Little House on the Prairie was on sale for $38.41 on Amazon as of this writing. Depending on your willingness to accept some minor wear and tear, you could spend as little as $28.48 (including shipping) for a used collection that will likely give you the same enjoyment while saving you nearly $10 off the on sale price and far more compared to the $62.99 listed retail price. That’s compared to even buying the individual books used at $4.00 per (usually $0.01 + $3.99 shipping) where you would end up paying $36.00 instead. You can do the same for DVDs and CDs but there is slightly more risk of damage occurring during the shipping phase or scratches rendering the items unplayable instead.

Another good avenue is seeing if your local libraries have events such as book sales usually during the Spring and Summer months. A lot of books get donated by townspeople that can be had for far cheaper and more immediately than shopping online. I ended up picking up Michael Lewis’ Moneyball in hardcover at a local library book sale for around $10.00 in new condition instead of paying $15.00 – $25.00 for it.

Save Money Fast: Tip 3 – Use Comparison Shopping

One of my favorite websites to use is DVD Price because it compares a lot of the big known sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart with lesser known sites which sometimes offer cheaper prices including DVD Empire and Deep As one example, DVD Empire had Bond 50 w/Skyfall on Blu-Ray for $184.99 compared to Amazon’s $299.99 price tag, saving over $100. It’s also cheaper than Amazon’s price of $210.95 for the 22 Disc Set without the Skyfall DVD.

For Books, Books is a similar site with a much more varied listing as seen with a search for Little House on the Prairie where you can sort by total price, condition, or actual book price instead. As a bonus, you can also search for DVDs and CDs on this site too.

Save Money Fast: Tip 4 – Use Coupons and Take Advantage of Sales

While it’s always slightly scary to hear of stories where people are clipping coupons out and saving so much that the store itself pays them at the end, couponing is a very smart avenue to take. A lot of sites will showcase coupons that vary from as little as 10% off one item or up to 30% off a single item. If a new release movie or CD is on sale and the coupon is applied, that can net additional savings although some coupons don’t work for items already on sale depending on the website.

Some stores such as Barnes & Noble have Buy One, Get One sales on DVDs such as Buy 1, Get the 2nd DVD at 50% off (or free in some cases) and often provide details on the sales they are having online at their websites, which you can check on your phone while browsing in-store as well.

Save Money Fast: Tip 5 – Join Their Membership Programs

A lot of people hem and haw at joining membership rewards programs of stores they usually shop at mostly due to cost. Amazon’s Prime is $99.00 a year and even Barnes and Noble’s Membership is $25.00 a year but what is often overlooked are the savings that could result and definitely add up as a result.

The savings from free shipping alone (including in-store at Barnes and Noble) depending on how often you shop can be an immediate $8.00 – $12.00 savings. The expedited shipping is a nice bonus for both and the coupons are frequent and often, again saving the average user a lot of money. If you are a parent shopping for children, it’s almost worth it just for the school year alone in saving 10% off each book.

Best Buy has a membership program that’s free to join and also offers exclusive sales and deals. There are a lot of reward/membership programs out there and depending on where you shop, finding the right ones can provide a greater bang for your buck.

Hope some of these tips help you in saving money when looking at Books, CDs, or DVDs!


Written by David Hunter

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