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Don’t worry, I haven’t renounced technology and this isn’t my last post. Saturdays can be very busy, especially for families. My wife and I decided to enroll my four-year-old son in bowling this autumn instead of soccer like last year because we want to expose him to many activities and let him decide which he wants to pursue. This is the best approach in my opinion. As a child myself, I was given the opportunity to play little league baseball, but was allowed and encouraged to bail out before the first real game thanks to the coaches being mean. I ended up running laps the majority of practices due in part to my lack of hand-eye coordination. Shortly thereafter I had the pleasure of breaking my shoulder twice within a year’s time. Upon further research, it turned out that I had a cyst in my shoulder and all physical activities were unadvised until further notice. This permeated into apathy towards most extracurricular activities. My wife was pretty much the opposite and played softball in childhood and high school. That’s why we’re taking this approach. If I wasn’t allowed to quit, or was encouraged to find something else, maybe things would have been different.

Registration was last Saturday at our local bowling alley. My lovely wife was at work, so it was just the kids and I. They were a little antsy but we were able to get registered. We got two free games for paying the dues at sign up. You might already know this but it bears repeating, doing anything physical is hard to do with one parent and two children, especially under the age of five. Thankfully I was able to juggle between helping my son and keeping my daughter out of trouble, especially when someone brought me a high chair later in the game.

My son had a great time simply picking up a ball and attempting to roll a ball down an alley towards ten pins. Sometimes it would get stuck halfway down, when the boy wouldn’t let me help, and sometimes we did pretty well. We managed to hit a strike the very first throw, albeit with bumpers. The reason I titled this The Simple Life is because he had a great time without TV screens or beeps and boops. It was just throwing a ball towards some pins. I don’t know if it’s my son’s personality or just a sweet spot in his growing, but he was legitimately just as satisfied and excited when he hit no pins as when he got them all at once. I think we can learn something from this. Our world is so full of distractions, lights and buzzers, and the newest or most reverent pop culture all at the same time. When was the last time you scooted back from your desk, walked away from the Wii U, and enjoyed something simple? It doesn’t have to be something physical, but it might help. Take a walk, have a picnic, have a conversation about something real, not artificial. If there’s no one to talk to, grab paper and pen and write in a journal. We’re all caught in a Culture Crossfire, but it’s more than okay, and helpful, to walk off the battlefield sometimes. Try taking an hour and not consume anything. Try a taste of the Simple Life.

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Written by Trevor Dailey

is a father of two, husband of one, enemy of none and is currently known as The Dailey Planet on forums.

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