Comic to Movie Recall – Superman Returns Prequel Issue #2

Welcome back to part two of Comic to Movie recall.

In preparation for the upcoming release of Man of Steel, I am looking back at the 4-issue prequel miniseries to Superman Returns.

If you missed article one, you can take a few minutes to read it.

Time for the long awaited book two.  The same subtitle everyone wants in their swimsuit magazine, it’s the Ma Kent Issue!

SRP2 insert

I forget that this was a weekly release leading up to the movie coming out, so we get all the same ads from last issue when I see Skater Wonka in front.  Guess I can’t be distracted by the ads.  All the same in all the same places as I flip through.  Don’t want to go too far.  What if I wander too far and find out Ma Kent is really Bizarro or some twist that could genuinely spark an interest?

The excitement starts right away as the opening shot is of the Kent mailbox.  Way more exciting than Issue #1 already (at least until naked toddler Superman goes charging with his future ghost above).

Ma Kent is moping around the house because most comic fans love their comics to be filled with sad and frumpy older women.  The reason I read.

Jonathan’s dead. She talks about not having her child because the Daily Planet has a headline of “TRAIN DERAILS!”

She continues to walk through a dark and empty house.  You know, I am not a psychologist, but she probably isn’t helping herself leaving that farm house in the most depressing state as possible.  You’re all alone and your electricity bill can’t be that high to make your house look abandoned.  No wonder you are depressed.

Oh wait, the dark is so when she enters the next room, the sunlight gives her visions of “her boys” building rocket ships.  I hope we get a massive twist and her cozy sweater is really a straight jacket and the real Clark Kent is telling orderlies his mother needs care because she tells everyone he is off in the big city fighting crime.

We get that big “Clark had to go away for five years” story they had in Superman Returns and I still cannot figure out if they ever gave us a reason, other than to have the whole “Superman has a kid but his woman is now with Cyclops” story.

They are trying to build sympathy for this woman but she is choosing to stay on an abandoned farm.  Come on, lady!  Someone will come pick up that broken down pickup truck or care for your crops.  You are choosing to have these “ghosts” come.

We get a flashback of the Kents, after they find Kal-El, conveniently needing to change their tire.  Jonathan struggles to pull the tire off, only to have the naked child lift the car.

Now here is the interesting thing.  Remember the Krueger Kent picture from last issue. Here:

Pa Krueger

That was when they found Kal-El.  In this issue, they happen to be decades younger…


Now these are supposed to be same day events.  QUITE DIFFERENT.  I’d let you guess which Ma Kent I think is cuter…

Is this a lack of communication between the artists or more of Ma Kent’s dementia?  Like the number of licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world will never know.  That includes you, snooty graduate owl.

We get this:

Sad Ma Kent


The next page looks like Ma Kent is in the Sahara, still depressed.  Book one is nothing but rambling alien father.  This book is nothing but depressed Earth mother.  I think this all should’ve been a red flag for that movie.

We follow this up with her having conversation with chickens.  Best.  Comic.  Ever.

She notices a hole in the roof of the chicken coup, which has her reminiscing about having an “adoption” talk with Clark.  The best part is Pa Kent telling him he knows Clark feels abandoned and hateful toward the Kryptonian parents but does a “maybe this will change your mind” moment showing Clark they found him wrapped in a Superman costume.


Real life orphans – if you haven’t stopped reading comics due to being offended by the “Loki is adopted” joke in The Avengers movie, was this tactic used on you?  I know you hate your parents, but look at what they abandoned you wearing.  Love them now?

It also begs the question, what if everyone on Krypton dressed their babies in a similar fashion to what Earth associates with birthday clowns.  Would it be Kal-El’s destiny to entertain children with rapidly made balloon animals and insanely dangerous looking pratfalls?  I need to know.

We seem to be having too much fun with the hypotheticals here, so the story goes back to status quo by having Ma Kent GO TO THE POST OFFICE TO BUY STAMPS.  We get an entire page about her taking up stamp collecting and really wanting Peruvian stamps.

As I am about to bang my head on the wall, it is implied Clark has enlisted his mother to forge postcards from around the world to send to Lois.  Maybe Cyclops would be a better father to that weirdo kid…

So I can no longer believe the Truth part of Truth, Justice, and the American way but we cut to Ma Kent ordering pie in a diner.  So we have gone through most of the book with a lonely woman doing the most mindless tasks and are building to the conclusion watching her make pie decisions in a diner.  I don’t know how this movie didn’t break opening day records with the insane hype going into it from this book.

This gives us our next flashback of her and Clark IN THAT VERY DINER.  GHOSTS.

In the diner, Clark makes googly eyes at his mom saying her pie is better.  Oedipus a lot there.

She starts complaining that it is too busy in the diner, doesn’t anyone eat at home anymore, despite the fact she clearly doesn’t.  This all builds up to her saying her drink doesn’t have enough ice.

Clark gets cute and makes ice for her.  I really wish the health inspector was around while people are sitting at the counter at Daisy’s making spit ice.  Then they wouldn’t be so busy anymore…

Ma is alarmed, Clark laughs.  Seeing he gave her no reason to complain further about her drink temperature, she starts complaining about him showing off.  I guess now we know why she is living alone in an empty house all these years later.

It just cuts back to the people at the restaurant, giving her a pie they call second to hers to take.  She must be verbally abusive to them too!

Based on the events of this comic, where do you think this story moves next?

We get some dishwashing!


Hells to the yeah.

This dishwashing reminds me of her husband’s death, which really makes me wonder what she was eating on those plates.

This ties into Clark leaving because of some planet being discovered in space.

We go back to more depressing images of her sitting near a blank TV with a half-played Scrabble board but there is a disturbance in Earth’s atmosphere.  What does it look like?  It looks like Superman Returns… you know, the name of the movie!

We get our first non-repeat ad, a full page advertising an issue of Batman by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert coming July 2006.

I thought I was out of the woods with Ma Kent but there she is, driving the beat up pickup truck towards rubble and fire.  And she smiles.


We get another letter from Dan DiDio, telling us we had met the new Spectre and the new Blue Beetle but get ready to meet the All-New Atom and the all new Captain Marvel (which he acts like he wasn’t supposed to reveal).  I think that New Atom has already been long dead on top of it.  Awesome.

Previews for future books include Book Three of this epic, this time focusing on Lex Luthor.  We also see upcoming will be All-Star Superman #4, Checkmate #3 and Green Lantern Corps #1.

Same ads close this week.

Overall, This one was slightly better, in so much that it had much more stuff to mock than the super boring last one.  Crazy Spacey Luthor may be okay and may be my best chance for Komic Kumar.

Take care, as we will see you with Issue 3 soon enough in our march toward the release of Man of Steel.


Written by B. Patrick

Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, B. Patrick's interests include comedy, basketball, wrestling, comic books and can change as quickly as a butterfly flaps its wings.

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