Julie Doe and other Morbid True Crime Stories

Tales of Cannibals, Kidnapping, and Murder

Julie Doe
A decomposed body was discovered in a rather remote wooded area of Lake County, Florida in late September of 1988. The body was too far deteriorated to determine much past the fact the corpse was that of a woman who had breast implants, and possibly showed signs of having had a child. The case went cold for almost two decades before the investigators produced her remains in 2015 for DNA testing. The results shocked the investigators as the DNA proved that the victim was in fact a male who apparently had undergone gender reassignment surgery shortly before her death. This new information did not open up any new leads for the police, and the body, now known as “Julie Doe”, remains that of an unknown person.

With advancements in technology, we are treated to news from around the world in a flash. One side effect of this is that the bizarre and macabre news seems to come at us at a much greater rate than at any time in our history. This has led to an overall feeling amongst many people that civilization is spiraling downward. When focusing on doing a weekly article such as this one, it can make finding material quite easy. Thus I’m going to highlight two disturbing cases that hit the headlines this past week:

Cannibal Rapists
In Siberia, Kirill Nemykin and Sergey Metlyayev were brought to trial for their actions during a 2014 incident where they took a woman, Nadezhda Avakumova, into a sauna and gang raped her. The woman was very drunk, and when she started to sober up she told the men that she would have them arrested. This led to the men locking her up in a cellar at one of their homes, where Avakumova was then severely beaten. Her screams for help forced the men to slice her throat.

They next took her body and used an axe to hack it into pieces. Soon thereafter, the bold criminals were having friends over for drinks, and Metlyayev produced the woman’s leg and showed it off to his guests while drunkenly laughing at his deed. Parts of her body were then fried up and Metlyayev began to eat the meat. He even offered it to his guests. The rest of the woman’s remains were placed in plastic bags and thrown in the trash by the men. They then returned to the party they were hosting.

Amazingly, it seems none of the guests reported the crime to the authorities, and they faced no prosecution for the incident until one of their girlfriends went to the police. It took two years for the case to make it to court, and there the men were each given a relatively soft twelve-year sentence.

Veronica Panarello
When Veronica Panarello of Sicily, Italy reported to authorities that her eight-year-old son, Loris Stival, had not arrived home from school, the police rushed into action in aide of the family. When a hunter in the nearby town of San Croce Camerina found his body in a canal, the police force turned to his mother for questioning and information.

The boy’s body showed signs of having been scratched and beaten, with his death probably coming from being strangled with a cord of some kind. The investigators finding this information caused Panarello’s story to change. Her son went from having gone “missing” to having died accidentally while playing with cables. The police pounced on this inconsistency and Panarello broke down and blamed her husband’s father, Andrea Stival, for having killed him. She then admitted she and the boy’s grandfather were in fact carrying on an affair and had been caught by the child. Loris was murdered for walking in on the pair amidst a sexual tryst.

The judge found no truth to her pleas that she had nothing to do with her son’s fate, and handed down a thirty-year sentence for premeditated murder and cruelty.

Teen Heroes 
I’m going to end this week’s piece with a happy ending for a change. Two Texas teens, Aaron Arias, 19, and Jamal Harris, 17, became heroes in 2013 after stumbling upon a kidnapping in progress. The pair were driving in the outskirts of Dallas when they noticed an attractive woman in the backseat of a car that pulled up next to them. The young men saw the lady appear to mouth the words “help me” towards them. Although shaken, Arias managed to call 911 and alerted the police of a potential kidnapping. They then followed the vehicle until the cops could catch up with them and save the 25-year-old woman inside. She told police that 37-year-old Charles Lewis had seen her leaving an office party in downtown Dallas, approached her with a gun, and forced her into her vehicle. Charles was charged with aggravated kidnapping and robbery.

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