Review: Flying Saucers are Real! Stanton Friedman reveals a “Cosmic Watergate”

The crash at Roswell, classic sightings, alien life, astronaut’s reports and other evidence!

Hosted by Stanton Friedman 

Friedman is a retired nuclear physicist and has been a self-employed UFO investigator since 1970.

Taped live from NASA headquarters. Friedman introduces us to a series of clips and images of UFOs stemming from the past 60-plus years. This includes infamous cases such as Roswell and Gulf Breeze. Friedman is then shown on ABC’s “Nightline” program, explaining what he feels is the most compelling evidence of UFO’s and alien life. This includes the fact that there has been at least 2,400 cases where physical evidence of a landing was left in the wake of a sighting over sixty-four different countries. 3,200 UFO cases were investigated by the U.S. government’s “Project Blue Book”, where at least 20% of the cases could not be explained away. Pilots have reported 3500 incidents of unidentified objects flying near them in the skies. Over 300 Americans have claimed to have been abducted.

Back at NASA, Friedman admits there is a lot of information out there on UFOs, and some of it is pure bunk. He feels however that there is too much proof to deny that at least a small portion of the sighted flying crafts are of alien origin. He then introduces us to his favorite buzzwords on the issue: “Cosmic Watergate”. The governments of many nations are actively withholding proof that aliens are visiting us. He promises by the end of this program that he will prove that we have collected bodies and crafts of downed UFOs.

Since computers have made faking pictures far too easy and frequent, Friedman wants to focus on some older images to try and sidestep the issue of hoaxing.   We view vintage home video of a pair of lights buzzing around a desert area in the “four corners” area of the U.S. Coincidentally that area is home to a (in)famous UFO crash and cover up.

Next we see a number of UFO images from across the globe, each with a similar look to the other. If these photos were faked, then the hoaxers went to the trouble of copying a sighting from thousands of miles away and even across language barriers in some cases.

This image from Salt Lake City shows what Friedman believes is some sort of plasma power source propelling the craft:

Polls in the late 70’s showed 57% of Americans believed UFOs and aliens. Those who went to college were two to one in believing in alien life compared to those without college education. Friedman brings this up to try and debunk the notion that only rural hillbillies would believe in UFOs. Ronald Reagan alluded to UFOs and their possible global threats at least six times as president. This included a speech to the United Nations. Astronaut Gordon Cooper reported a UFO sighting. Astronaut James McDivitt saw a UFO while flying a spacecraft over Hawaii in 1965:

Jimmy Carter stated he had seen a UFO prior to becoming president. He promised while on the campaign trail to reveal all UFO documents if he were to become president. Once in the White House the media asking about UFOs were told Carter was “too busy” for their inquires.

Friedman states that saying UFOs can’t be real because of technological reasons is easily debunkable.  Just because we currently don’t understand something does not mean it can’t be occurring. Scientists did not understand the way the Sun functioned until the late 1930’s – does that mean the Sun wasn’t functioning beforehand?

In the late 1890’s human flight was believed to be improbable if not impossible. Within 70 years or so, men were on the moon thanks to technology. Friedman then breaks down some of the beliefs people had in the early days of the space program and how experimentation and testing over the years simplified and nullified the concerns expressed. Friedman himself worked on nuclear rockets, so he fires off a lot of technical stuff that might leave laymen’s head spinning. He compares the Sun’s fusion to our rocket’s fusion power. The bottom line is that deep space travel is possible, it’s just a matter of physics and needing a lot of money for crafts and technology.

The human body can absorb 14 g’s for over 2 minutes, as has been tested and applied in NASA experiments. A sharp and fast turn, like those seen in the occasional blip and their gone UFO sightings, would create upwards of 30 g’s, but that has been proven to be survivable by humans, as long as the force is only briefly felt on a body. This gives credence to the possibility that living beings could be in craft executing in the style seen in some UFO cases.


The story of Roswell begins two weeks before the supposed crash in New Mexico. Kenneth Arnold, a pilot, spotted nine flying objects in the sky while he too was in the air. When he reported they looked like “saucers” the media bit on the case and “Flying Saucers” became a buzzword across the nation. The next several years saw a marked increase in spacecraft interest in Hollywood and literature, however it was not until the early 50’s that the term “UFO” was coined. We see vintage clips of a newsreel promoting the Air Force adding cameras to their planes to capture images of these flying menaces.

(Actual eyewitness interviews are spliced into the video as Friedman takes us through the story.) On July 2nd or 3rd of 1947,on a small farm about 75 miles from Roswell, a rancher named Mac Brazel heard a horrific explosion during a lightning storm. The following morning, while checking out a water pump, he found a large wreckage site full of tin foil-like material. The metal was flexible, yet it could not be torn or wrecked when he tried to hammer on it. It could be crumbled up and yet returned to it’s original form. He also found some small metallic bars that were also seemingly indestructible. The bars were light and contained some symbols that could best be described as hieroglyphic in appearance. Brazel did not have a phone or electricity on the ranch, so he was ignorant to the “flying saucer” craze unfolding around the U.S.

Brazel gathered some of the pieces up and showed his neighbors. He then brought some of the pieces to the local sheriff and had him contact the Air Force base that was nearby. Jesse Marcel was the man the army sent to investigate. Marcel ended up camping out by Brazell’s remote ranch. Once he was shown the wreckage the following day, they determined that it did not appear to be a rocket or any other obvious answer. There was no crater, so Marcel and his military partner came to the conclusion that whatever this was, it must have exploded in the air. They gathered as much of the metallic objects as possible into an army truck and a Buick and headed back to the base.

Marcel brought the material to his house and showed his wife and son. Marcel was then ordered to another Air Force base in Texas. Meanwhile, the infamous press release declaring the military had obtained a flying saucer was issued at noon. Headlines quickly went out across the nation as newspapers picked up the Associated Press’ story.  The news exploding alerted the military higher ups and they quickly ordered a retraction, even going as far as taking weather balloon wreckage and trying to pass it off as the actual debris in press photos. Friedman covers how the headlines across the nation went from sensational headlines to the “official” story over a matter of only a couple of hours. The story was successfully squelched until 1978 when Friedman was put in contact with Jesse Marcel on a fluke and he began to put the Roswell story together.

Incredibly, another couple then came forward with information that another crash took place at the same time in Roswell. This report had several alien bodies being recovered. Over the course of the next 7 years, Friedman interviewed 90 people in relation to the Roswell incident. Friedman was contacted by NBC’s “Unsolved Mysteries” and he helped them put together a piece on the Roswell crash. This opened up another key breakthrough in the case as mortician Glenn Dennis was uncovered. Dennis claimed he was contacted by the military in 1947 and they requested small body bags as well as information on how to treat corpses which had been found after several days of being exposed to the desert sun.

Dennis ended up going to the base. He claims he saw military police guarding what appeared to be wreckage in a truck bed. They tried to scare him off. Inside the base hospital, he ran into a nurse he knew and she was visibly shaken. An army official screamed at him. Threats of harm were made to him if he spread any word about a crash occurring.

The following day he contacted the nurse and she told him she saw three mutilated bodies being autopsied by army doctors. She was ordered to aid the doctors after walking in on the procedure. She described what we think of today as your standard alien. The nurse was then shipped off abruptly. Dennis heard rumors that she died in a plane wreck shortly thereafter.

Friedman believes the story could be true because Dennis mentioned that a black sergeant and a red haired official had verbally accosted him at the base. Years later, another person who claimed to be in the Roswell area described the same pair of men as having had threatened him. Furthermore, Dennis says the black officer told him “We use guys like you for dog food!” This could be more than just a turn of phrase as African-Americans were still segregated in the military at that point, and one of the jobs a black man would be allowed to hold is as the K-9 officer for the army.   Friedman eventually learned that many of the townspeople, including the sheriff, were threatened with death if they spoke out on what they had seen.

Author’s note – Glenn Dennis’ story has come under scrutiny as not only did he later give a fake name for the nurse, but at least one nurse on staff at the time has come forward and said the woman never existed. Friedman has claimed dissenters to the story are “disinformation agents.”

UFO Landings

Over 4,000 reports have been made of a burn mark or other trace evidence being found after a UFO sighting. Friedman covers one case where a boy witnessed a UFO land. He was frozen in place briefly before the craft took off. The boy ran to his parents. They went to the site and saw a glowing ring of soil, wood and other natural debris on the ground. His mother touched the soil and her hand went numb. It took her several days for her to recover. A UFO investigator came to the site a month later. Despite the fact that it had rained and snowed, the ring was still dry. Even when he attempted to pour water onto it, it dissipated. The ring was dry for a full 14 inches downward into the ground. Soil samples were taken and lab tested. The soil from the ring was unable to absorb water or grow life. Soil from nearby had no such issues.

Cover up

The government has a “black budget” that (as of the mid-90s) was about 35 billion dollars per year. This is to cover new technology and other things that we citizens are not to know exist. Friedman has spent years battling in court over classified files he’d like to see. The judge in one case was not allowed to even read about the top secret information, and was told that national security was at stake. One of the few files that Friedman was able to obtain ended up being 75% blacked out. Another document he obtained on UFOs only had 8 words not blacked out.

Friedman closes with a plea for the government to be more open on the UFO subject. He feels that governments across the globe who have UFO evidence and/or craft do not want to reveal such things in order to keep the technology for themselves. Keeping things secret also keeps people from panicking. A reveal of aliens could potentially send global financial markets into a freefall.

Final thoughts: I first saw this documentary 20-some odd years ago, but it remains an interesting and chilling view to this day. The producers chose some absolutely haunting music to use and it really helps set the mood of the piece throughout.







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