Pastor Abuses Child of Deceased Father

Pastor Mack Charles Andrews
A young woman, who we only know as “Jane”, went to the police in 2013 and told an incredibly sick tale of how her then-pastor Mack Andrews abused her during the 1980’s. According to Jane, her family attended the United Pentecostal Church in her youth. Andrews led the church and the women were forced to adhere to a strict doctrine. This included wearing long dresses (pants were forbidden on women) and no make up. Andrews started targeting Jane when she was only seven. He sexually abused her by taking pens, drumsticks, religious statues, a flashlight and even a letter opener and jamming them into her vagina. This culminated when she turned nine-years-old and Andrews took Jane to her father’s grave, where he then raped her for the first time. He told the terrified child that she had to keep quiet or he would see to it that demons would rise up from Hell and find Jane as she slept. The sexual abuse was ongoing until Jane chose to leave the church at the age of 12.

Several women stepped forward with similar claims. Two different women told police about how Andrews abused them when they were both 13-years-old in 1990. One of the girls was raped and the other was nearly raped. Another victim came forward and told police of an assault done to her by Andrews in 1994. The culmination of all these stories led to Andrews being arrested in October of 2013 and charged with rape, attempted rape, sodomy, sexual torture and sexual abuse. He pled guilty in order to qualify for a plea deal, which placed him in prison for fifteen years. One can only hope he finds a violent “lover” in prison.

Fashion Police
I have dozens, if not hundreds, of true crime stories in my backlog, with plans to share them all eventually. That being said, sometimes stories show up in the modern era that are too good to not to include. Such is a recent case involving Emma Graves and her fiance Daniel Majure. In August of this year Graves came home to discover her home’s door frame had been compromised. She quickly called Majure and alerted him that she thought their house was being ransacked. Daniel was out of town on business, but rushed home when he heard the news. The couple also alerted the police.

The authorities joined the couple in watching a surveillance tape that was from a camera mounted on their house. What they saw was an African-American male break into their door, then leave a bit later with a small bag. The twosome could not figure out what he might have taken. They owned many expensive electronic items and video game systems, but everything was still in their dwelling.

All those viewing the tape were in for a shock. A while after the initial robbery, the thief returned to their abode – but this time he was wearing Graves’ dress! While dolled up, the robber snagged jewelry, some personal pictures and a few other items. He also took the time to cut a hole in the duo’s mattress. No one is quite sure why he did so, as there is no camera in their bedroom to show what he may have been doing.


The video allowed the case to be solved quickly. The couple’s 57-year old neighbor, Charles Kemp, was identified as the culprit. He was placed under arrest with charges of stalking, burglary, and criminal property damage. His bond was placed at over $57,000.

Graves and Majure are understandably freaked out by the whole situation, and have indicated that they may burn or give away all their clothes- in case their visitor did something unseemly to them. They plan to remain in the house and eventually live there as man and wife.

The Guests Check In…
Roger Atkinson and Rose Burket planned on having a weekend of romance and sexual congress in September of 1980. Little could they know they were about to become part of an unsolved mystery. The pair checked into the Holiday Inn that was located around Williamsburg, Iowa. Less than twenty-four hours later a maid entered their room to clean and saw the couple’s feet dangling out from the bed sheets. She walked in a bit further and was mortified to see blood staining the carpeting, the walls and the frame of the bed by the duo’s heads. Some sort of large and sharp object had caved in the lover’s skulls. Atkinson and Burket’s hands bore marks that told investigators they had tried to whether the attack and protect themselves. The assault caused massive blood loss and their brains were oozing from the back of their cracked skulls.

The evidence in the room baffled investigators. It appeared that whoever did the crime was an invited guest. There were chairs pulled up next to the bed and shoe smudges on the desk in the room. The word “This” was scrawled on the bathroom mirror in soap.

Everyone from employees of the hotel, to people who knew the couple, were interviewed by the police. Over 400 people ended up being questioned in all.

Two suspects were pinpointed. Burkert’s ex-boyfriend Danny Burton was considered a prime suspect as he had a restraining order placed on him by Burkert. She had warned others that if she were to die mysteriously that Burton was to be considered responsible. Burton took a lie detector test and passed. He also had an alibi.

Atkison’s uncle Charles Hatcher was considered to be another key person of interest. He had recently escaped from a mental health center in Nebraska and had a history of killing people. He was never formally questioned. Almost forty years later, the case remains unsolved. The local police still look into leads as they hold out hope of cracking the case.

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