Charles Freeman Was Ordered By God To Sacrifice His Daughter

Charles Freeman 

Charles Freeman had recently converted to a Christian sect called the Second Advent Congregation in early 1879 when he felt a deep fervor come over him. Freeman believed God himself was directing him to murder his own five-year-old daughter Edith as a sacrifice, with the promise to raise her from the dead after three days. With this plan in place, Freeman used his kitchen table as a makeshift alter and proceeded to stab Edith to death. He then cried wildly as he scooped her body up, brought it to his bedroom and laid in bed with it. His horrified wife watched as he switched between bouts of heavy prayer and weeping.

The next day Freeman brought his  fellow congregation members to his home and showed them his daughter’s body as he explained what he had done. He then sent them away and locked himself in his home, awaiting the miracle. The authorities were summoned and Freeman was arrested. As he was held in jail, he sang church hymns and spoke of himself as being a second “Abraham”. He would ultimately be sent to a lunatic asylum to spend out his days. Some congregation members blamed God for backing out on the deal.

Robert Owen 

A man with a large build using the name “Robert T. Owen” checked into a Kansas City hotel room on January 2nd of 1935. He had a scar on his face and the hotel staff felt he was acting as if he was nervous. The following morning a maid found him sitting awake in his room that he shrouded with darkness. As the day unfolded other hotel guests and various hotel staff members heard the sounds of screaming and swearing coming from the room.

The next day the room’s phone was taken off the hook several times, prompting a bellboy to have to run to the room and ask Owen to hang it up each time. One time Owen was found lying on his bed naked and in a drunken state. The last time a bellboy was sent to Owen’s room, they found him in the bathroom -still naked- but now bleeding from numerous slashes and stab wounds.

Owen was rushed to a hospital, where he died that evening. A detective tried to get info from him as to who caused his injuries, but Owen denied that anyone was with him and refused to elaborate further. His final story before he died was that he fell and hurt himself on the bathtub.

A search of his room showed that all of Owen’s clothes were missing and his personal effects were also gone, all the way down to his hotel key. Owen had listed Los Angeles as his home at the hotel, but no L.A. records showed he existed. In a bid to find out who the mystery man was, the police ran his photo in the local papers, but no one came forward with an I.D.

With no known family, Owen was destined to be buried in a pauper’s grave. This set the stage for one final clue to be revealed. The funeral home who was preparing Owen for burial was called and an anonymous person insisted on paying for Owen to be buried in Memorial Park in Kansas City. The caller claimed that Owen had come to town to meet his fiance. A bit later that same day a local florist was called and an order was put in for roses for Owen’s funeral. When the money was sent to the florist for his service, a card inside the envelope read “Love forever – Louise”. Owen and the caller have never been identified.

“Princess Blue” 

In early September of 1990, a motorist in Texas drove down a quiet road adjourning a highway to use a trash dumping spot as a makeshift bathroom. After finishing his business, the man was mortified to discover a skull laying in an old tire. The police were notified and they went to work trying to forensically configure who this person was and how they met their end. A pile of bones were located on another trash heap. The bones were that of a female, aged 15-25. The ribs were fractured and a defect behind one of her knees was noted, possibly a sign of a tumor that had been present. It was believed the victim had died sometime in the past five years. She was at first believed to be Hispanic in origin, but further tests showed she was more than likely white with mixed ethnicity grandparents.

The bones still bore six rings on their fingers as well as a bracelet on their wrist. This included a 1975 class ring from Robert E. Lee High School out of Houston. The blue gem it held led to the Jane Doe to be known as “Princess Blue”. The class ring just added to the mystery as the deceased was too young to have graduated in 1975. The police did reach out to that class for leads, but nothing they were told led to an identification. The investigators have dozens of missing women from the time period who could potentially be a match but no one has yet to be officially confirmed via DNA, dental records or other methods.

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