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Lars Mittank

In July of 2014, Geman Lars Mittank managed to have his final moments caught on video tape, and yet he left behind many questions as to what led to his demise. Mittank had been on vacation with some friends at Bulgaria’s Golden Sands, which is a favored destination for many youths in England and Germany. While on the beach, Mittank got into a heated argument with other tourists over their preferred football teams. Things turned ugly and a brawl broke out, resulting in Mittank suffering a ruptured eardrum. A local doctor treated him, gave him an antibody called Cerfuroxime 500 and referred him to another hospital.

When he and his friends were scheduled to head back home, Mittank instead decided to stay in Bulgaria to be treated for his injury upon being given the advice not to fly. That night he checked into a low end hotel- it was here where he appeared to develop a neurosis. He texted his mother about not feeling safe, asked her to cancel his credit card and claimed to be hiding from four men who were following him. The following day he went back to the doctor’s office as scheduled but quickly ran out of the building. CCTV caught all this behavior on tape. Soon after he was seen scaling a barbed-wire protected fence and he then disappeared into a forest.

Other than some unconfirmed stories of a hitchhiker who resembled Mittank, his fate remains unknown. It is not known whether the prescribed drugs or the blows that were inflicted on his head had anything to do with his erratic behavior.

Jack Davis Jr. 
On October 16th of 1987 Indiana University of Pennsylvania sophomore Jack Davis Jr was partying with his frat brothers. He did not return to his room that night and would not be officially seen again until his body was found at the bottom of a stairwell five days later. The local coroner ruled that Davis had become heavily intoxicated on the night he went missing, he then suffered an accident by falling down the stairs while trying to urinate and ultimately choked to death on his own vomit.

The Davis family did not buy into this theory and they hired a forensic pathologist name Dr. Cyril Wecht to conduct his own investigation three years after Davis’ death. Since the stairwell was visible from classrooms above it, it seemed unlikely that Davis managed to lay there undetected for multiple days. It was also noted that Davis’ clothes were dry despite a heavy rain falling during the time he was missing. A blood test showed no signs of alcohol ingestion. Davis had stubble growing on his face in spite of last being seen clean shaven. Wecht also found some skull fractures and ultimately determined that Davis did not choke to death on vomit because no food particles were in his lungs. This evidence compelled the local police to reopen the case but no conclusion was ever reached as to what really became of Davis.

The most widely held theory was that Davis was accidentally injured while fighting with members of another fraternity. Davis was then kept for several days as they tried to nurse him back to health but he ultimately died and was placed in the stairwell. This theory was hampered in 2005 when a retired police officer admitted to an author investigating this case that Davis had come to him two weeks before he died and asked for protection from several people who wished to do him harm. Why the officer remained quiet during the initial investigation is unknown.

Anna Waters 
On January 16th, 1973, Michele Benedict was was talking with some friends in her home when she realized she had not heard her four-year-old daughter Anna Waters make any noise from the backyard for quite a while. When she checked, Anna was gone. Michelle and her friends spent thirty minutes searching around their home in San Mateo County home before calling the police. The officers who responded initially feared Anna had fallen into a creek that ran near the house, but no evidence of her could be seen in or near the water.

As tends to be the case with these situations, suspicion began to fall onto Anna’s biological father, George Waters, as having taken her. George was a well-respected doctor, but one who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. This ailment led to him bonding with a less than reputable psychic named George Brody and it ultimately wrecked his marriage to Michelle. Brody was obsessive over Anna, believing her to be a reincarnation of a woman from his past. He convinced Waters to change his daughter’s middle name so that it would equal Brody’s numerically. After divorcing his wife Waters actually moved to San Francisco to become roommates with Brody. There a private investigator tapped into their conversations and when prompted about Anna, George stated “I’m glad the tot is dead”. Both men were mentally far gone by this point and this comment came amidst other garbled ramblings. The pair of Georges took their strange bond to extreme lengths as Brody’s death via cancer in 1981 led to Waters killing himself only a few weeks later. A search of Waters belongings after his death provided no evidence that he was involved in the kidnapping.

One final possible lead in the case came from Anna’s half brother, Nonda, who recalled that in the weeks prior to her disappearance a unknown couple pulled up next to he and his sister and tried to get Anna to come to them in their vehicle. He directed his sister to safety and then never bothered to tell his parents about the incident. It is unknown if the couple have a connection to Anna’s disappearance. Her DNA is still being checked for matches with Jane Does and unidentified remains found in that area of California, but her fate remains unknown.

Helen Smith 

British born Helen Smith was 23-years-old and working in a hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when on May 20th of 1979 she attended a party hosted by Doctor Richard Arnot. By the end of the evening Smith and 35-year-old Dutch ship captain Johannes Otten were found dead on the street outside the party. Both had apparently fallen seventy feet from a balcony above where the Arnot’s lived. Smith was lying dead in the street, while Otten had been impaled by a spiked railing. The investigators determined that the pair had been drinking and fell to their death while trying to have sex on the balcony.

Saudi Arabia forbids alcohol and freely having sex, so the Arnots and many of their guests were forced to spend several months in jail. Dr. Arnot’s wife was charged with adultery and was sentenced to endure a public lashing.

Smith’s father was a police officer and he took it upon himself to investigate his daughter’s death. He believed she had been raped and murdered. The medical evidence seemed to indicate that Smith’s injuries were not consistent with a fall from a high place. A head wound suggested that she had been intentionally battered and then placed on the street while she was already dead. Signs of a sexual assault were also evident. Her arms were stuck in rigor mortis in a position above her head, nearly impossible for someone who supposedly died from a fall. Hoping for a proper investigation, Smith’s body was kept in a Leeds mortuary for thirty years at the behest of her father but no one was ever charged in her death. He ultimately finally had her cremated when his ex-wife begged him to put her to rest while both of the parents are still alive.

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” – Sherlock Holmes

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