Unsolved Mysteries and Scary Stuff: The Kendrick Theory

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 Opening thoughts: I am a conspiracy nut – ever since I first heard the chilling theme to “Unsolved Mysteries” as a 7 year old I’ve loved true crime, the paranormal and (of course) conspiracies.  So join me as we touch upon a whole lot of conspiratorial talk, along with our guide Brian Kendrick. 

The Illuminati:

“For something to exist, something must exist for it to exist in”.  These are the people who secretly control the world and keep us in line by distracting us with new video games, inane TV shows and so on.

13 families keep interbreeding and they are the ones in charge.  The original goal was for people to be enslaved, but now that so many people are on this world the plan has changed to mass depopulation through vaccinations and such.

Classical music is being repressed for modern pop music because classical music is proven to aid in brainpower.

“The Bull” is a sign of the Illuminati so one must consider The Rock’s Brahma bull tattoo a sign that he is connected to the group.

Skull and Bones:

Founded in the early 1830’s in Ivy League colleges, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were both confirmed members.

As part of their rituals fathers would watch their sons masturbate in coffins.

This is basically a training ground for the Illuminati.

The forces like Skull and Bones and the Illuminati withhold technology to keep their own interests and businesses flourishing.

Some like Mark Cuban are simply smart enough to over come being held back and make their fortunes even without “permission” from the powers that be.

Today they want us to be subservient so we hear media buzz about just being thankful to have a job and mass poverty, so we are more accepting of our plight in life.


The official story of fire causing the steel to bend and eventually collapse the towers (a method of destruction that was never accomplished before in any other burning structure of this ilk) doesn’t fly with Brian and he believes that an outside force – be it the Illuminati or whatever caused the incident.

The theory offered in the book “Where did the Towers go?” is what Brian subscribes to – basically that an technology was used to obliterate the towers – be it a microwave ray or whatever.

Chem-trails were created by airplanes that triggered a HAARP like weather change to summon a controlled mini hurricane and that was aimed at the towers.  That is why papers flew out of the building unburned – the wind then basically ground the buildings into dust. (Jesus!  There are so many holes in that logic that even a conspiracy nut like myself can’t even fathom it for a second!)

A hurricane weather pattern was reported near New York that morning, but with all the other happenings it was basically ignored in the news cycle.

Some cars around the building were melted while other parts of the vehicle showed no signs of burning.

Political parties are not a true entity and bankers actually control the world – regardless of whom we elect.

Papa Bush gave his speech about a “New World Order” on 9/11/91 and then his son was in charge when 9/11 went down.

Advancing technologies will only led to humans being devalued and robots becoming more and more of the workforce.

The Oklahoma City bombing was a government organized false flag operation.

Sandy Hook:

This was an attempt to further a plan to cause an eventual civil war in America.

Robbie Parker was “caught” laughing before being told he was “on” at which point he began to act sad:

His daughter was named as a victim and was then photographed 2 days later with Obama:

Sandy Hook is suppose to help lead to our guns being removed and eventually those who continue to push back against the government will be sent to FEMA camps.

War on Terror:

Just a continuation of America’s constant need for an enemy to spark fear in the populace.

Youtube is helping to spread the “truth” on the happenings of the world versus what they want us to think.

Kendrick sees conspiracies in everything now and even his wife will ignore his rants at times.


The Alaskan weather controlling device that using microwaves and other such waves to alter weather patterns and perhaps mentally affect people.

Aluminum dioxide is released in chem– trails which is then used as a homing device for the waves.

This may have been used to create the recent Japanese nuclear disaster.

The government holds back info and tech to keep Americans paying for oil so the oil barons will keep making money and they will keep bribing the politicians to hold back the tech.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) is a homemade remedy that has shown the ability to help fight cancer and AIDS but it is also held down from wide spread use so the billion dollar medical and insurance agencies can continue to rake in cash.   It is apparently a solution close to laundry bleach and food grade acid.

JP Morgan funded Nicola Tesla’s free energy experiments –  after it was determined that Tesla’s method couldn’t be tracked on a meter and thus having people be charged, then it was scrapped.

The Moon and Nazis:

The moon may be a hollow space station for aliens.

Hitler sent 10,000 troops to Antarctica to find the “inner-earth” where superior beings lived.

The Holocaust is overblown and the Red Cross stated it was only 250,000 Jews who were killed and the number was blown up to justify the creation of Israel.

The gas chambers were for delousing and some evidence suggests that the Allies mocked up death camps to expand the lie.

The Russians killed ten million Catholics during the same period and they didn’t receive a country for their loss.

CIA and Sex Slaves:

The CIA killed Hugo Chavez for not going along with American ideals.

The US will go to countries and try and bribe them to follow their political leanings and if they don’t their leaders are often mysteriously killed.

Young US politicians are brought to parties and slipped drugs – then they are posed with child prostitutes and the CIA uses these pictures to blackmail the politicians.


JFK had his caskets switched, and his wounds were altered.

The interviewer suggests that the wounds being altered were from the doctors trying to save him.

Kendrick feels someone in JFK’s car shot him.

JFK spoke out about secret societies shortly before his death.

John Hinckley (who tried to kill Reagan) was a Bush supporter.

Jimi Hendrix was murdered as well as Tupac – Tupac openly spoke against the Illuminati.

Michael Jackson faked his death – he even went on Larry King portraying a fan/friend of himself named Dave Dave – a childhood burn victim.

Elvis had his middle named misspelled on his grave and that is part of the evidence that “The King” may have faked his death.

The Supernatural:

Bigfoot should have left behind some bones to be found by this point, so Brian is leery to believe in the ‘squatch.

Earth has had several forms of humanoids that has lived here over the centuries and we can look to the Easter Island stones as evidence of what people might have once ruled the Earth.


Humans and Reptilians lived side by side on Earth. After the final battle some Reptilians escaped into a mountain and Brian went to the mountain range to search for the entrance to their lair.

Aliens and Area 51:

Aliens live…somewhere but not necessarily on this Earth.  Technological breakthroughs may be a sign of Aliens offering us intel.

Area 51’s Alien evidence may have been shipped to Ohio by now.

Denver Airport:

The airport is on a massive piece of land and some roads lead to underground restricted areas.

Bizarre paintings hang in the halls of the airport.

Brian assumes that due to earthquakes and flooding being a minimal concern, that Denver may be the choice for a new capital of the United States.

Zombies are being used more and more in mass media to prepare us for a possible “zombie virus” that might be developed.


If you are open to the idea of ghosts then the odds of seeing a ghost will increase.

Vampires are probably not real, but there is reports of “energy vampires” who suck your lifeforce.

Frankenstein is probably not possible to create since a soul is needed to run the system.

The Moon Landing:

The space radiation is too great for humans to have survived a trip into space.  It was disinformation to win the space race with Russia.

Stanley Kubrick is suspected to have been in charge of faking the moon landing, and then he later dropped a lot of hints about it in “The Shining”.

Big Brother:

Our phones are tagged with a tracker and new video game systems are now coming with monitors that will do virtual head counts and relay information back to the government.

He closes by telling us that we should look into “Free man’s society” and stop paying our taxes.


Final Thoughts:

This will certainly not be a DVD for everyone, however I personally enjoy wacky theories and Kendrick delivered in spades.  I had to pause the DVD constantly to hit up Google and Youtube for more information on what he was proposing and that just led me down further wormholes and many extra hours spent viewing materials.  An enjoyable time – if you’re open minded and maybe just a wee bit crazy…


Written by Andrew Lutzke

The grumpy old man of culturecrossfire.com, lover of wrasslin' and true crimes.

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