AEW Year 2, Thread One


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Given how little Shaq is promoting it, I get impression that he's not putting a ton of time into training and I wonder if they're putting it on early to kind of get it out of the way instead of making everyone sit through the whole show for a certified stinker.
It's so funny to me that there's not a single post on Shaq's twitter about AEW.

King Kamala

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One of my comedian/wrestling fan friends put it hilariously RE: Shaq's lack of promotion that it's like when a bar show gets a big name headliner to close. "Hey Shaq, if you don't mind, could you please tweet about our show?"

Hawk 34

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I know he gets a ton of hate, but I'm a Marko fan, and this picture makes me incredibly happy. Knowing how big of a fan of Big Show he is, this must have been a dream come true for him.
it was. and then they put on a jobber tag and announce stunt will be on and a totally nothing main event. i'm out.
One step forward, then 10 marko steps backwards.

and then a Jericho comedy skit. It’s like they decided to go out of their way to waste any new viewers they might have gotten tonight.