CXF Fantasy Football 2020 - League Champ is Krankor!



2020 League Champion: Krankor
2020 Consolation Winner: Hawk

TRADES 2021:
St Gabe receives Carson Wentz
Steak receives St Gabe's 2021 2nd round pick

2020 End of Regular Season Standings w/ Keepers
#1 Krankor "Mel Kiper Jr Jr's" 9-4 2215.82

QB Russell Wilson
WR DK Metcalf
WR Chris Godwin
WR Diontae Johnson
RB Dalvin Cook
-1 Open Spot-

#2 Will Scarlet "Harrington's Heroes" 9-4 1880.70
Jared Goff
Alvin Kamara
Kareem Hunt
David Johnson
-2 Open Spots-

#3 Steak "SteakGrowsOnTrubisky" 8-5 2153.14
RB Derrick Henry
WR Tyreek Hill
WR DeAndre Hopkins
QB Tom Brady
QB Jalen Hurts
QB Dak Prescott

#4 Kotz "All-Pro Pop Stars" 8-5 2065.76
QB Aaron Rodgers
QB Matthew Stafford
RB Chase Edmonds
WR Davante Adams
WR Cooper Kupp
TE George Kittle

#5 909 "Kings of Crunk" 8-5 1867.58
QB Derek Carr
WR Tyler Boyd
WR AJ Brown
WR Amari Cooper
RB Austin Ekeler
RB Darrell Henderson

#6 MFer "Black Lions Matter" 7-6 2099.70
QB Patrick Mahomes
QB Matt Ryan
RB Saquon Barkley
RB Ezekiel Elliott
RB Joe Mixon
WR CeeDee Lamb

#7 St Gabe "Practice Team 34.5" 7-6 1901.92
QB Caraon Wentz
QB Ben Roethlisberger
RB David Montgomery
RB Christian McCaffery
WR Justin Jefferson
WR Chase Claypool

#8 Brooklyn Zoo "Cheddar Goblins" 7-6 1841.58
QB Deshaun Watson
QB Lamar Jackson
WR Calvin Ridley
RB D'Andre Swift
RB JK Dobbins
RB Antonio Gibson

#9 Chewbie "Kniola City Chiefs" 6-7 1912.70
QB Kirk Cousins
QB Baker Mayfield
RB Nick Chubb
RB Jonathan Taylor
WR Allen Robinson
WR Tee Higgins

#10 Hawk "Hawk's Squadron" 6-7 1843.78
QB Joe Burrow
QB Andy Dalton
WR Stefon Diggs
DL Chase Young
DL Aaron Donald
LB Darius Leonard

#11 O.G. "The Champs Are Here' 5-8 1984.82
Ryan Tannehill, QB
Cam Newton, QB
Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB
Melvin Gordon, RB
Robert Woods, WR
DJ Moore, WR

#12 Flik "Flik's Flamingos" 5-8 1751.40
QB Josh Allen
QB Kyler Murray
WR DJ Chark
WR Mike Evans
WR Michael Thomas
RB Josh Jacobs

#13 Tman12 "First and Ten" 3-10 1555.90
QB Justin Herbert
QB Taysom Hill
QB Drew Lock
WR Keenan Allen
WR Mecole Hardman
WR Denzel Mims
WR Michael Pittman
WR Mike Williams
RB Matt Breida
RB AJ Dillon
RB Aaron Jones
RB Ronald Jones
RB Phillip Lindsay
RB Raheem Mostert
RB Lamical Perine
TE Travis Kelce
K Jason Myers
IDP Adrian Amos
IDP Devin Bush
IDP Carlos Dunlap
IDP Jordan Hicks
IDP Myles Jack
IDP Justin Simmons
IDP Quinnen Williams

#14 Harley "Gotham Harlequins" 3-10 1499.60
QB Tua Tagovailoa
QB Jimmy Garoppolo
-4 Open Spots-

Draft Date: August 3rd
12 Hour Time Limits

2019 Thread:

Yahoo League Link:

Roster Positions:

League Champions
2020: Krankor defeats Steak
2019: O.G. defeats Steak
2018: Steak defeated BlackFlagg
2017: Cartman defeated Flik
2016: Cartman defeated 909
2015: Cartman defeated 909
2014: Broward defeated Roy
2013: Linx defeated Cartman
2012: Cartman defeated Pinjockey
2011: Cartman defeated Steak
2010: Roy defeated Pinjockey

Manager Quick Links

Brooklyn Zoo












Will Scarlet

League Rules said:
CXF Fantasy Football Keeper League Rules

A. Teams can select a maximum of SIX keepers of any position.

B. Teams can choose to keep less than SIX keepers.

C. If keeping less than the SIX keeper maximum, a manager will receive a compensatory pick for each spot left open.

D. All keepers must be turned in by the end of the NFL Draft's last pick. For 2020, that was April 26th, 2020.

E. If no keepers have been turned in by the keeper deadline, the commish will appoint keepers for that team. The team will be considered open/available for a different manager to take over at that point as well. If the manager returns, and the team is still open it's theirs. If the returning manager, that missed the keeper deadline, wants to alter keepers upon their return it will cost them, at least, a 2nd round pick.

F. After the keeper deadline, any unkept players on your roster are immediately considered free agents eligible for the upcoming draft. They are no longer considered on your roster.

G. There is not a duration limit that a player can be kept for. Players may be kept as many consecutive seasons as you would like.

H. Draft picks can be traded at any point during the season, off-season, and during the draft. The only exception is during the in-season trading deadline period. In this league, the amount of draft picks DO NOT have to balance on each side of the trade. If the trade occurrs DURING the fantasy regular season, at least 1 player must be included on each side of the draft to complete the transaction.

(Example: Team A trades Matt Stafford and a 13th and 14th Round Draft Pick to Team B for Matt Forte and a 1st Draft Pick. This is a legal trade.)

I. After the Fantasy Championship matchup has ended, the in-season trade deadline period will be lifted. Trading can again commence. Managers must post in the Fantasy Football thread any trade and both managers involved in the trade must confirm the trade is true before it is validated.

J. Draft Format. The draft will be 9 rounds, plus a compensatory round. Draft rounds are serpentine. The compensatory round will take place following Round 1. Compensatory picks are slotted based on the end of regular season standings per number of picks in the round. All first compensatory picks are slotted prior to the second compensatory picks, and so on. Any compensatory picks awarded because of an injury, retirement, or suspension exemption are slotted first come first serve at the end of all previously placed compensatory picks. The final round of the draft, Round 9, will be a lightning round this year. The lightning round will be a first come first serve round that lasts approximately 24 to 36 hours. If a pick has not been completed by the end of that round, the manager will have to complete it through the FAAB Benchwarmer Auction.

K. During the draft, a manager has 12 hours to complete a draft pick. The time starts immediately following the previous selection OR the previous manager hitting their time limit. This is subject to change if we are starting to run behind on time to complete the draft. The clock DOES start immediately following an invalid selection by a manager.

The Roy Ammendment:
In the event that a manager goes missing during the draft the following will happen. After they have had a pick skipped by 25 spots, they will be considered missing. They will then at that time have the best offensive players autodrafted for them for all of their pending picks regardless of any of their specific team needs. They are just getting the best available based on the yahoo rankings. They will be considered missing until they post in the thread that they are indeed back amongst the living. If any current picks for a missing manager do come up when they haven't returned, they will be auto skipped and given the best available offensive player by the commish. If you aren't going to be around, let the commish or someone know. We haven't encountered this issue since Roy is no longer in the league. In the event a situation does arise again, this is exactly how it will be handled.

L. If you draft a player without stats for the prior regular season during the draft that is a Rookie BEFORE the Yahoo! player pool is posted, and he is not in the player pool by the END of the draft, you lose that player as a draft pick and any rights to that player AND will be forced to select someone from the remaining undrafted players ONCE the draft is completed.

M. FAAB Benchwarmer Auction. After the draft is complete we'll fill out the remainder of your 20 man rosters through a Free Agent Acquisition Budget Waiver. We'll call this the Benchwarmer Auction. The Benchwarmer Auction will take place on yahoo, just the same as we do each week during the regular season for the FAAB waiver process of free agents. Each team will get $100, plus any potential bonuses, to spend on filling up the remainder of their roster. Any unused cash from the Benchwarmer Auction will not roll over to the regular season. So don't be cheap.

N. FAAB Bonuses. Below is a list of potential bonuses in FAAB cash that can be attained.

*Draft Pick Punctuality Bonus: If you have zero time limit delays during the draft you will receive a $20 regular season FAAB bonus. If you have one time limit delay during the draft you will receive a $10 regular season FAAB bonus. If you have two or more time limit delays you will not be eligible for this bonus.

*Benchwarmer Bonus: If by, date designated by the commish, you have filled your roster with 20 or more players, then you will receive an extra $50 in your regular season FAAB bank account.

*Startling Lineup Bonus: If by, date designated by the commish, you have every position of your lineup filled with a player, you will receive a $25 bonus into your regular season FAAB bank account. If any spot is left empty, offense/kicker/defense, than you will not receive the bonus.

*Rivalry Week: One week during the season will be designated a rivalry week. If you defeat your opponent during rivalry week you will take $20 from their regular season FAAB account. If the loser doesn't have the cash, the loser will be docked the following season. The winner will get their reward now though.

O. New managers taking over an existing team will assume all commitments and prior obligations that the previous manager had.

P. Playoffs. Championship bracket will consist of regular season standings teams One thru Eight. The only exception is that division winners are guaranteed a championship playoff berth. Regardless of how terrible a division might end up being, its winner will represent it in the championship bracket. Consolation bracket will consist of teams Nine thru Sixteen, minus any potential division winners.

Q. The winner of the Consolation playoff bracket will be awarded the prize of #1 Overall Draft pick. This prize is an additional draft pick. You will have the first overall pick PLUS your regularly slotted draft pick based on end of regular season standings.

R. Divisions. There are four divisions and four teams per division. Divisions for the followimg year are determined based on a team's total points scored for the previous regular season. Top four point scoring teams are given a designation of #1 and placed at the top of each division. The next four are given the designation of #2 and placed in each of the four divisions, and so on.

S. Schedules. The schedules are custom made by the commish to optimize and emphasize our division format. Schedules follow a similar format each year. You will face everyone in your division twice, you will face everyone in a select division once, you will face the two teams with the same preseason divisional placement seeding number you haven't yet faced once, and finally you will face a rivalry week opponent. Rivalry week oppoment will be a team that is not in your division. Teams can make a request for a specific rivalry week opponent in the thread. This adds up to a 13 week regular season. This is the baseline for the schedule every season. The only variance is the weeks of occurance. Weeks with no bye week NFL teams are typically going to be reserved for divisional matchups.

T. These rules are subject to review and revision after the season is over and prior to the start of drafting at the discretion of the league and the commissioner.

2020 TRADES:
*Remainder trade from 2019 Trade #7*
MFer receives Flik's 2020 5th round pick

*Remainder trade from 2019 Trade #8*
Krankor receives Hawk's 2020 3rd round pick

*Remainder trade from 2019 Trade #9*
Harley receives Hawk's 2020 2nd Round Pick

2020 FAAB Debts:
*St Gabe will owe $20 due to Rivalry Week funds
*Krankor will owe $9 due to Rivalry Week funds



1st Round
1. St Gabe - Joe Burrow, QB
2. MFer - Zeke Elliott, RB
3. Linx - Keenan Allen, WR (autodrafted)
4. Will Scarlet - Gardner Minshew II, QB
5. Harley - Tua Tagovailoa, QB
6. 909 - Teddy Bridgewater, QB
7. O.G. - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB
8. Kotz - Kenyan Drake, RB
9. Hawk - Drew Brees, QB
10. Chewbie - Jonathan Taylor, RB
11. Steak - Todd Gurley, RB
12. Krankor - DK Metcalf, WR
13. Flik - Sony Michel, RB (autodrafted)
14. Brooklyn Zoo - Terry McLaurin, WR

Compensatory Round
St Gabe - Devin Singletary, RB
Hawk - Stefon Diggs, WR
St Gabe - Odell Beckham Jr, WR
St Gabe - David Montgomery, RB
Brooklyn Zoo - D'Andre Swift, RB

2nd Round
1. Brooklyn Zoo - JK Dobbins, RB
2. Flik - Marquise Brown, WR (autodrafted)
3. Krankor - Cam Akers, RB
4. Steak - Mark Ingram, RB
5. Chewbie - James Conner, RB
6. Harley (via Trade #3 w/ Hawk) - Julian Edelman, WR
7. Kotz - Tarik Cohen, RB
8. O.G. - Robert Woods, WR
9. 909 - Tyler Boyd, WR
10. Harley - Adrian Peterson, RB
11. Will Scarlet - Michael Gallup, WR
12. Linx - Mecole Hardman, WR (autodrafted)
13. MFer - CeeDee Lamb, WR
14. St Gabe - AJ Green, WR

3rd Round
1. St Gabe - Phillip Rivers, QB
2. MFer - Jerry Jeudy, WR
3. Linx - Ronald Jones, RB (autodrafted)
4. Will Scarlet - Brandon Aiyuk, WR
5. Harley - Matt Breida, RB
6. 909 - Darrell Henderson, RB
7. O.G. - Bobby Wagner, LB
8. Kotz - Jordan Howard, RB
9. Krankor (via Trade #2 w/ Hawk) - Diontae Johnson, WR
10. Chewbie - Darius Slayton, WR
11. Steak - Henry Ruggs, WR
12. Krankor - Jamison Crowder, WR
13. Flik - Allen Lazard, WR (autodrafted)
14. Brooklyn Zoo - Jalen Reagor, WR

4th Round
1. Brooklyn Zoo - Antonio Gibson, RB
2. Flik - Zack Moss, RB (autodrafted)
3. Krankor - N'Keal Harry, WR
4. Steak - TY Hilton, WR
5. Chewbie - Will Fuller, WR
6. Hawk - Tee Higgins, WR
7. Kotz - Christian Kirk, WR
8. O.G. - Jaylon Smith, LB
9. 909 - James White, RB
10. Harley - Rob Gronkowski, TE
11. Will Scarlet - John Brown, WR
12. Linx - Justin Herbert, QB (autodrafted)
13. MFer - Tyler Higbee, TE
14. St Gabe - Justin Jefferson, WR

5th Round
1. St Gabe - Danielle Hunter, DL
2. MFer - Marvin Jones, WR
3. Linx - Mike Williams, WR (autodrafted)
4. Will Scarlet - Dante Fowler, DL
5. Harley - Carlos Hyde, RB
6. 909 - TJ Watt, LB
7. O.G. - Joey Bosa, DL
8. Kotz - Latavius Murray, RB
9. Hawk - Chase Young, DL
10. Chewbie - Anthony Miller, WR
11. Steak - Alexander Mattison, RB
12. Krankor - Chase Edmonds, RB
13. MFer (via Trade #1 w/ Flik) - Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
14. Brooklyn Zoo - Tevin Coleman, RB

6th Round
1. Brooklyn Zoo - Bryan Edwards, WR
2. Flik - Cory Littleton, LB
3. Krankor - Evan Engram, TE
4. Steak - Ke'Shawn Vaughn, RB
5. Chewbie - Anthony McFarland, RB
6. Hawk - Jamal Adams, DB
7. Kotz - Lavonte David, LB
8. O.G. - Budda Baker, DB
9. 909 - Myles Garrett, DL
10. Harley - Fred Warner, LB
11. Will Scarlet - Blake Martinez, LB
12. Linx - AJ Dillon, RB (autodrafted)
13. MFer - Tony Pollard, RB
14. St Gabe - Deion Jones, LB

7th Round
1. St Gabe - Adam Trautman, TE
2. MFer - Aaron Donald, DL
3. Linx - Michael Pittman, WR (autodrafted)
4. Will Scarlet - Golden Tate, WR
5. Harley - Leighton Vander Esch, LB
6. 909 - Larry Fitzgerald, WR
7. O.G. - Sterling Shepard, WR
8. Kotz - Cameron Jordan, DL
9. Hawk - Austin Hooper, TE
10. Chewbie - Preston Williams, WR
11. Steak - Tyrod Taylor, QB
12. Krankor - Joe Schobert, LB
13. Flik - Eric Kendricks, LB (autodrafted)
14. Brooklyn Zoo - Derwin James, DB

8th Round
1. Brooklyn Zoo - Isaiah Simmons, LB
2. Flik - Cameron Heyward, DL (autodrafted)
3. Krankor - Devin White, LB
4. Steak - TJ Hockenson, TE
5. Chewbie - Roquan Smith, LB
6. Hawk - Lynn Bowden Jr, RB
7. Kotz - Nick Bosa, DL
8. O.G. - JJ Watt, DL
9. 909 - Breshad Perriman, WR
10. Harley - Jordan Poyer, DB
11. Will Scarlet (6 hr limit) - Demario Davis, LB
12. Linx - Jordan Hicks, LB
13. MFer - Landon Collins, DB
14. St Gabe - Duke Johnson, RB

9th Round
1. St Gabe - Harrison Smith, DB
2. MFer - Zach Cunningham, LB
3. Linx - Devin Bush, LB
4. Will Scarlet (6 hr limit) - Harrison Butker, K
5. Harley - Justin Houston, DL
6. 909 - Chandler Jones, DL
7. O.G. - Chase Claypool, WR
8. Kotz - KJ Wright, LB
9. Hawk - Tyrann Mathieu, DB
10. Chewbie - Tremaine Edmunds, LB
11. Steak - DeForest Buckner, DL
12. Krankor - Sam Hubbard, DL
13. Flik - Damien Harris, RB (autodraft)
14. Brooklyn Zoo - Danny Trevathan, LB

10th Round
1. Brooklyn Zoo ‐ Yannick Ngakoue, DL
2. Flik - Parris Campbell, WR (autodraft)
3. Krankor - Maxx Crosby, DL
4. Steak - Josh Allen JAX, DL
5. Chewbie - Montez Sweat, DL
6. Hawk - Justin Tucker, K
7. Kotz - Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB
8. O.G. - Kevin Byard, DB
9. 909 - Jonathan Abram, DB
10. Harley - Tracy Walker, DB
11. Will Scarlet (6 hr limit) - Noah Fant, TE
12. Linx (autodraft) - Carlos Dunlap, DL
13. MFer - John Johnson III, DB
14. St Gabe - Sammy Watkins, WR

11th Round - Lightning Round - 36 hrs max
Brooklyn Zoo - Marcus Maye, DB
Flik - Jessie Bates, DB
Krankor - Jeremy Chinn, DB
Steak - Wil Lutz, K
Chewbie - Frank Clark, DL
Hawk - Calias Campbell, DL
Kotz - Blake Jarwin, TE
O.G. - Hayden Hurst, TE
909 - Shaquil Barrett, LB
Harley - Arik Armstead, DL
Will Scarlet - Boston Scott, RB
Linx - Justin Simmons, DB
MFer - Patrick Queen, LB
St Gabe - Kwon Alexander, LB


-info coming-
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Sex Machine Gun

Looks like I checked this just in time. I knew the draft had to be coming up, didn't know if you were giving up on the season or what because I know I'm not optimistic for a normal year.


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Oh man, draft starts tomorrow!

It looks like the league hasn't been re-activated on Yahoo yet?


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I think part of it is the shortened schedules and the general uncertainty of whether the NFL will even play and if so, will it be a full season or end up being shortened in some manner, etc.

Sex Machine Gun

I haven't done ANY research this year on players, rookies, nothing. Not even a mock draft. I still kind of listen to my regular podcasts as background noise but that's it. I told the people in my home league that I run that I don't expect there to be football. Trying to prepare feels pointless, but I'm finally starting to look up rankings tonight.


I completely forgot about this. My bad. Trying to get my move finalized and a home for my family has been weighing me down.


Small housekeeping post.

#1. I'm probably going to increase the IL spots for this season to 5 to help with potential covid related issues. We'll drop back down to 3 next season. I'm not sure how yahoo will deal with it. So far I've seen Hockenson with a positive test and yahoo simply listed him as NA. NA players can't be added to an injured list. Hopefully they employ the COVID tag that they are using in baseball which allows the player to be placed on an injured list.

#2. The yahoo player pool is going to get updated sometime Satuday to reflect available draftable players.

#3. Draft starts Monday. 12 hour time limits. 3 time limit delays and you're bumped to 6 hour limits for the remainder of the draft. We still have one open team. If it isn't filled by the start of the draft, it will just be auto-drafted best available players. If you're not going to be around for an extended period of time, let me know and I can post your picks for you or just auto-draft.

#4. The chance of this season actually being completed seems low. In the event a full season doesn't happen, we'll do what we are doing for the baseball league. We'll keep a vast majority of your roster, instead of the usual 6 keepers, have a small 2021 draft to replace your bench players. Draft order will simply be the finishing order of the regular season standings. Basically, if the season gets cancelled, just look as 2020 as a setup for 2021. Hopefully we get a complete season and this scenario isn't needed.


Draft kicksoff Monday when Cartman makes the first pick. After he picks, 12 hour time limits go into effect.

Sex Machine Gun



The idea a draft is happening is the most normal I've felt in months.


Whelp, once it hits Midnight Eastern, Cartman will be over the customary 24 hrs the first pick gets and St Gabe will be on the clock for 12 hours.


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... I literally send Krankor a PM saying to just skip me as I'm working Monday night and not even 1 god damn pick is made when I get home at 11:30 PM?!?


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More red flags than a communist parade, but I'm going for the high-ceiling approach here.


Odell Beckham Jr., WR