CXF NFL Dynasty Year 9 - League is up & running!


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It just came to my attention that I have way too many running backs. Putting Lindsay, Jones, and Mostert on the block. Need a good wide receiver.



2020 Pandemic Edition of My Squad.

We're looking to get back to the championship matchup this year and get our revenge on last season's championship loss to Flik.

QB Patrick Mahomes II
QB Sam Darnold
QB Jared Goff
RB Nick Chubb
RB Todd Gurley
RB Devin Singletary
RB Duke Johnson
RB Rashaad Penny
WR Amari Cooper
WR Allen Robinson
WR Chris Godwin
WR Courtland Sutton
WR Aj Brown
WR Golden Tate
WR Sammy Watkins
WR Scotty Miller
TE Travis Kelce
TE Zach Ertz
TE Hunter Henry
TE Tj Hockenson
TE Rob Gronkowski
DEF Indianapolis
DEF Chicago


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Got myself a solid enough team but, as always, my RBs are question marks in terms of how reliable they'll be throughout the season.


Week 1 Trade Block:

WR Sammy Watkins, 7 rec, 82 yds, td
TE Rob Gronkowski, gronk gronk gronk
TE Dalton Schultz, replacing the injured Blake Jarwin for Dallas


The FIVE Hundred point game glass ceiling has been broken gentlemen!

Through week 13 of 2020:

503.17 Krankor 2020
472.74 MFer 2015
472.32 Krankor 2018
466.53 Krankor 2018
458.30 Krankor 2020
457.27 Krankor 2019
448.80 Flik 2018
446.54 Steak 2013
441.97 Krankor 2018
440.06 Steak 2018
437.76 Flik 2018
436.59 Krankor 2018
434.73 MFer 2013
432.23 Krankor 2019
430.90 Steak 2016
430.51 909 2020
428.60 Harley 2013
424.85 Steak 2015
424.36 Steak 2018
422.48 Oldskool 2018
422.47 Harley 2017
422 23 Harley 2015
422.14 Harley 2014
421.93 BlackFlagg 2017
419.87 Harley 2015
418.37 Will 2016
418.24 Will 2016
416.47 Flik 2020
416.20 Krankor 2017
414.90 Hawk 2013
413.97 Krankor 2018
413.90 Harley 2015
412.70 Flik 2020
412.53 BlackFlagg 2013
411.96 Will 2016
411.07 Flik 2019
410.44 Flik 2019
410.20 Krankor 2016
409.93 Cartman 2015
409.87 Harley 2016
409.30 Will 2013
408.94 Will 2016
408.64 Krankor 2020
408.50 Roy 2014
408.13 Krankor 2018
408.05 Flik 2018
407.50 Oldskool 2013
406.64 909 2019
405.94 MFer 2013
404.30 Steak 2015
403.90 Krankor 2020
403.63 Krankor 2017
403.52 Krankor 2016
402.82 Will 2014
402.57 Will 2014
402.40 Steak 2019
402.30 Steak 2015
400.88 Hawk 2017
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It's been a busy day for Andy Isabella in the CXF leagues. Traded in both Dynasty & Keeper on the same day.

MFer receives TE Dalton Schultz & WR Scotty Miller
Krankor receives RB Le'Veon Bell & WR Andy Isabella

My RB depth is questionable at best so I'm hoping Bell finds a team where he will get used at.


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I've been reluctant to let Isabella go, but the Cardinals keep playing games with him, so I'm taking this opportunity to get help elsewhere. I might have the worst tight end situation in the league, so Schultz gives me someone with at least a faint pulse (plus Andy Dalton may look to his TE's more).



Oldskool gets RB Devin Singletary and RB Justin Jackson

Krankor gets RB D'Andre Swift and TE Ian Thomas

I like Swift a lot. I don't like Fatt Patricia a lot though. Hoping the latter isn't around much longer. Ian Thomas kind of just a depth throw in. I was higher on him before the year, but maybe he gets it going.
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Steak receives RB Wayne Gallman and Krankor's 2021 3rd Round Draft Pick
Krankor receives WR Marvin Jones and Steak's 2021 4th Round Draft Pick

It is a cold dark place when you resort to checking the availability of Marvin Jones. I expect Marvin to join all my other concussed and broken receivers after joining my team.

Backstage footage of the deal:

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Krankor Sends: WR Amari Cooper, WR Sammy Watkins, 2021 2nd Round Pick, Steak's 2021 4th Round Pick
HQ Sends: WR Keenan Allen, WR Corey Davis, 2021 3rd Round Pick

I get a couple draft picks and while I like Davis, I like Watkin's role/team situation better. I also think Cooper can bounce back in the long term while Allen's pretty comparable in my book so I'll take the guy who's 2 years younger.


I like Amari but the Cowboys QB situation for this year is murky. Dalton, Gilbert, The Nuuch, and Energy Drink Cooper Rush worries me for this season. Dalton is fine, but when he gets murked again with another concussion he could be done. Amari is best suited for a team playing for next season.

I like the Chargers being behind a lot and Keenan Allen getting fed targets.

Corey Davis' career will probably go off the rails with injuries now that I re-acquired him. I apologize to Corey Davis for that.

I don't really remember from whom or when I originally acquired Sammy Watkins, but he has been a solid bye week rotation guy for a few years. I just can't deal with his hamstring issues any more this year.

I'm also happy to have downsized my draft picks to just 2 for this year. I invested heavily in last year's draft and don't want to have to cut guys like AJ Dillon and Gabe Davis who I expect to establish themselves in 2021.


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Playoffs start next week. Only Krankor has locked up a spot though! 3 Spots remain for just 4 teams: Steak & Oldskool are sitting at 9-4 while Hawk and 909 are sitting at 8-5.


i may have somehow started my fifth best QB option this week

e: I did but it was Ben instead of Taysom
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Semi Finals! Krankor vs. 909 and Oldskool vs. Steak! Do we see Krankor battling Steak for a 3rd time in 4 years? Do we see Steak finally win a Title? Do 909 or Oldskool pull the upset victory?


I got a 13 week win streak going. Need to hit an unprecedented 15 straight wins to take home the title. Have the second highest total scored season points in league history. LETS GO