Daft Punk is no longer playing at anyone's house


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I loved Discovery way back when. And still do.

Their first US show was in a muddy field less than an hour from me. Unfortunately, it was a few years before I started doing stuff like that.


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I heard "Around The World" as a kid on MTV and it was so catchy that I would annoy my brother and younger sister by singing it for a bit. My brother got Discovery in 2001 (Summer time maybe?) and that album made one of the biggest impressions on me as a kid. Human After All gets completely forgotten it seems like and while it was nowhere on the level of Homework and Discovery, it's got some bangers on it and is a pretty fun album.

Random Access Memories felt like an event when it came out and there hasn't been too many event albums at least for me since. I still switch between that and Discovery for their best, but it's an absolute monster of an album and one of my favorite albums of the last decade. I also have to give a shout out to the Tron Legacy soundtrack which rules and I wish they would've done more soundtracks in general.