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I feel like Sam Jackson's sole WWE appearance should be a bigger deal.
The weirdest is Bradley Cooper appearing post Hangover in the guest host era. He wasn't as big as he ended up, but he was still fairly well known by then. Kristin Wiig is another wtf celeb appearance on Raw promoting MacGruber the year before Bridesmaids came out. She was already pretty big by 2010 though with her overrated SNL skits playing 13 versions of the same character capturing the public's eye.


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Cooper's appearance was literally him coming up on the ramp and thanking the crowd for coming to the show. It was to promote the A Team I believe
Yeah, Cooper split right after that and the rest of the show was Rampage Jackson and Sharlto Copley (another wtf guest host) doing bad backstage skits with the Divas.


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