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Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Brock and Khali would have a better match than anything Goldberg has done post-WCW. Low bar but I want that big fuck taking suplexes and Brock getting brain chopped.


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Shit add more body hair and cover his abdomen in scar tissue and you got me circa 2015.


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I own that on Cassette and CD, I may even have 2 CD copies.

I have 2 copies of the Macho Man rap album, which proved to be a good "investment" as those things are hard to find.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
I’ve probably shared the story a few times here so apologies for the repeat but I had the cassette as a kid. I got the CD later, I swear I got it at a dollar store or something after the late 90s boom. When I met Hogan at a signing in 2012, he signed my copy.

As a connoisseur of wrestling merch and the under belly of pop culture, I really regret not getting the Macho CD back in the day, as @BruiserBrody has pointed out the price is unbelievable.
My copy of the Savage album got ripped off when I brought it in for a radio bit. I wish I had it.

I got the Hogan CD as a gag gift from someone and then someone else got me the cassette. Both were from the dollar store. I remember listening to it several times but couldn't tell you when. That Jimmy Hart song is beautiful.