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Hello everyone and welcome back to GADD!   I’ve come back home from my latest assignment JUST in time for E3, I literally got home around 9 PM last night, so I decided why not do an article  every press conference going on today, and the fake press conference by Nintendo tomorrow?   Last up for today is the Sony conference.  Will IGN look foolish when they show The Last Guardian? (lol no) Will Sony dare to spend time talking up the Vita in anything but a crossbuy platform?  Will they make it an awful chart after chart conference as they brag about how much they’re beating the XBox by?  I’m hoping for the best, but I can definitely see it being the worst.  Let’s start off by simply discussing every game shown in the conference, and my personal level of interest in them.




Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – It took until the last game of the show for me to get a GODDAMN SWEET moment, even if the trailer showed absolutely no gameplay and was only about 90 seconds long. I don’t care that I’m a hypocrite, Uncharted was my favorite series of the last generation.


Mortal Kombat X – oh man, they fucking killed me with 20+ minutes of nothing but bragging and talking about upcoming services, but they got me back as soon as they said gameplay trailer of MKX! Even if they did show some uh…questionable new characters, I’m still freaking IN on this.


Grim Fandango Remastered – Oh man, I don’t know WHY I’m so hype about this. I hate the idea of “remastered” games and I own the original Grim Fandango release but…shit I might pick it up again anyway. I’m sure part of the reason why I’m ok with it is because it’s been so long, not just re-releasing something that was just on last gen. I’m a dirty dirty consumer whore.


Need more information first:


Destiny – You know, the trailer they showed actually looked pretty cool, but I don’t know if you can actually use third person mode like they did in half of the trailer, or if it’s just something used in replay camera angles. If third person actually is a viable option, I’ll be interested. Destiny alpha will go up on Thursday and last for the weekend. I guess I’ll find out then if it’s something I’m into.


Far Cry 4 – Actual gameplay trailer this time which I’m obviously happy about. I have to say, I was really let down by the gameplay shown as it looked far more vanilla than I was lead to believe Far Cry 3 was. Maybe the weirdness of Far Cry 3 was exaggerated in my mind, or maybe they’ve just reeled it in some for FC 4. Oh wow, interesting Far Cry 4 news though, your friends on PS4 can join your games even if they don’t own FC4.


Magicka 2 – I loved the IDEA behind the first Magicka, but the actual game never clicked with me. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.


No Man’s Sky – The concept of an open world sci-fi game where you’re just constantly discovering new procedurally generated things sounds really cool. It obviously all depends on how it’s implemented and how random the procedural generation truly is, but I’m really interested for now.


Batman: Arkham Knight – Holy shit, the city in this game looks amazing. This and AC Unity show what can be done when developers finally start developing for JUST the next gen systems. This bat tank stuff just looks silly though. Do you really come to the Batman games for vehicle combat? This looks like a game I’ll wind up picking up, even if I need to finish Arkham City(and maybe Arkham Origins?  or just skip it?  not sure) first, but I’ll likely avoid the vehicle stuff unless it’s required.




The Order 1886 – This is another one that falls into the category of a game I can maybe see myself playing when it comes out, but the trailer did absolutely nothing but bore me to tears. I hope it develops a sense of atmosphere the longer you play it.


Entwined – “Hey if we use origami in our music game, that means it’s art, right? RIGHT?”


Infamous Second Son DLC – I seriously looked away for 2 minutes and missed it. Oh well, I’m not really an Infamous fan anyway.


Little Big Planet 3 – I seriously don’t know why they even demo these games. Nobody gives a damn about the campaign because it’s always shit. The creation tools are the ONLY thing that matters in these games, and so many games now have great creation tools in them that LBP is no longer special.


Bloodborne – Unfortunately this was just a CG no-gameplay trailer, as I was hoping to see what this game actually was, even if I’m not a fan of the Dark Souls series.


Dead Island 2 – Well the first Dead Island was a boring piece of shit that handled like ass so…let’s just say my hopes aren’t up. The inclusion of Jack Black (at least I think that was him in the trailer) makes me even less hype, if that was possible.


Battlefield Hardline – oh great, because the 19 hours of this I had to sit through during the EA press conference weren’t enough. NEXT!


Let it Die – When will people stop giving Suda 51 a free pass just because he makes weird games? Shouldn’t they be asking him to actually make GOOD games too? Just to be clear here, I’m also talking about myself, because I fall for his shit way too often.


Abzu – I don’t even…what the fuck is this?


The Last of Us: Remastered – I loved The Last of Us (and ended up finishing it off of GADD, sorry guys) but seriously, fuck this trend of re-releasing games that were just on the last console. Most negative amount of hype possible, and you’re a bad person if you have a PS3 and support this practice.


Grand Theft Auto V – See my comments about The Last of Us, except I didn’t even love the game in question this time.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – I REALLY tried to get into the MGS series. I played good chunks of the first 3 games when they came out, each time hoping for the best and coming away annoyed and bored, and mad at myself for fucking falling for it again. I’m glad I finally got smart enough to just ignore the series.


Overall this was a horrible press conference by Sony as there were nowhere near enough interesting games being shown.  I also didn’t mention before how they spent almost 30 minutes straight in the middle of the presser (with a short break to show the MKX trailer) just talking about how awesome they were, how many PS4s were sold, how often share was used and all that bullshit.  They also spent way too much time talking about services that nobody gives a shit about (although PS Now and PS TV did catch my interest) and original content they were making.  I like how they pretend that them giving all their original content to PS+ users is giving them “additional value.”   No, it’s still less value.  You took away the yearly cycle games and this is what you’re trying to replace them with.  I don’t know about you guys, but I personally signed up for a video game service for video game stuff, not shitty original movies and TV shows.  Microsoft definitely won the day for me.  Did I just get fatigued during the day and wind up hating Sony simply because it was last, or was their press conference just awful?    Either way, I’ve still got one more to go when Nintendo does their not a press conference tomorrow.  I imagine it can’t be very long, because it’s not exactly like they actually have games to promote, right?


Written by Matthew Przybysz

Matt has suddenly become a bit of a Sony fanboy without even realizing it. Also he occasionally streams via his PS4 on twitch at

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