Kayfabe, Lies and Alibis: Fan “Q and A” with Ric Flair

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Taped October 2008

The WWE did not bring back the Four Horsemen with Flair and a new batch of stars because the business has to move forward and new concepts and ideas have to get the chance to shine. The original group was the best faction ever and nothing could compare to it, so a new gang would be doomed to fail.

Flair’s party boys in the WWE have been John Cena, the Undertaker, Rey Mysterio Jr, Batista and of course a bevy of the Divas.

Drinking and partying helped relieve the stress of the constant travels. It also served to bring the locker room together.

Ric never planned on writing a book, but the opportunity arose and he’s glad he did it. Flair has a lot more stories in him, and would like to do another if given the chance.

The book that was released was not written in a manner that captures Flair’s actual voice.

HHH and Flair became best friends thanks to their massive mutual respect for one another.

After the excellent send off the WWE gave him, Ric has no intentions of ever returning. He misses the fun of competing though. The emotion of his final match with Shawn Michaels would be tarnished if he ever put on the boots again. (Sigh.)

Other sports greats have tarnished their legacies by dragging on too long, and Flair does not wish to have that happen to him.

Wahoo McDaniel, Terry Funk, Jack Brisco, Blackjack Mulligan, Harley Race and others all made Flair a better worker. Matches with these men were always a learning opportunity.

Taker. Kurt Angle, John Cena, Batista, Edge, Chris Jericho and others are carrying the business, but there will never be another Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair as they were once in a lifetime type of talents.

The young guys look to the vets for inspiration. The Rock was influenced by several of Flair’s traits.

WCW self destructed, the WWF did not kill them. Mismanagement from the top made the focus more on beating the WWF than building up their own product.

Vince McMahon now offers the talent much better medical care and there are a lot of extra perks for talent under contract. Flair does wish there was somewhere guys could go to grow and develop before being on TV.

TNA is nice to have around to give guys work, but they have to improve in many areas before they are going to be anywhere near the WWE’s level.

Goldberg was young and aggressive. He and the WWE had contractual issues and that’s why we don’t see Goldberg around.

HHH and Shawn Michaels are Flair’s favorite overall wrestlers in the business today.

Flair suffered a neck injury in 1987 that nearly ended his career. He worked through it and it healed up.

Ole Anderson being bitter has cost him family and friends. Flair wishes Ole had been willing to adapt and accept the changes that came to the business because he had a lot to offer the next generation of talent with his knowledge.

Ken Patera was the strongest man Flair ever faced off with.

Flair makes fun of the jabronis he was expected to make look good and even lose to while serving as traveling NWA World champion.

“The ref was sometimes the 2nd best worker in the match”

David Von Erich was the best of the Von Erichs. Fritz let his boys run wild or perhaps he was blind to there vices, and that helped them meet their early end.

Eric Bischoff may have some issues left with Flair, but Flair has shaken his hand and doesn’t concern himself with Bischoff’s sometimes demeaning comments.

Macho Man and Flair have not spoken in 8 years. Flair can’t answer why the WWE and Savage do not have a working relationship.

Brock Lesnar hated traveling. This proved to be enough of an issue that he left a high paying WWE gig to try other things.

One of the matches Flair worked with Sting or maybe Ricky Steamboat would be Flair’s favorite WCW match.

The best title run Flair had was his 2nd reign as he worked with Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Dusty Rhodes and a variety of others across the globe. (I’m surprised he didn’t say it was due to being given another NWA title run, thus proving he was a worthy worker who could carry the business.)

Flair’s largest bar tab for one night was over 5000 bucks. He has exceeded 3000 dollars several times.

The Marriott was packed the night of the Crockett Cup in Baltimore after Flair went on TBS and announced all the single women in the area were invited to come and party. That was another expensive night.

Wrestling in North Korea was the worst experience of Flair’s career. The government there took the Americans passports and wouldn’t allow them to use their phones. They hated Americans.

If he were still in his prime, Flair would love to face off with HHH and Shawn Michaels as the matches would be phenomenal.

Flair jokes about running for president and implies he wants to bang Sarah Palin.

Ricky Steamboat was a great opponent and friend. He and Steamboat had different “social views.”

The 1988 Horsemen with Flair, Barry Windham, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard was the best.

No offense meant to Lex Luger, Ole Anderson, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, etc.

The heat between he and Shane Douglas still persists.

Flair puts the fans over to close things out.

Final thoughts: Flair has a million stories, so any chance he gets to regale us with tales is welcome. The audio set up at the Q and A was not the best and it was a strain to hear him at times.

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