Through the Years: WWF Survivor Series 1993

This Survivor Series card looked interesting on paper, but took two major hits just a few days before the show. First, Jerry Lawler was indicted on charges of rape. Although the charges were dropped after an admission of fabrication, the public relations look for the WWF was once again not very good. The hits kept coming as the crowds kept getting smaller. In addition to that, Vince McMahon had to enter a not guilty plea on charges of distribution of steroids. So as you can see, it was bad news all around. Once Shawn Michaels was put in Jerry Lawler’s place on the card, their promotion of the Knights vs. Harts match dwindled into nothing. As previously discussed in another article, they had to edit Lawler out of some of their television episodes.


– November 24th, 1993, from Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts


This video of Lex Luger with his family was corny. Too corny. This was a happy Thanksgiving bit. I don’t know why they did the national anthem before this show, I must be missing something. I guess it was because Vince was formally charged, so he needed to show how much of an American he was. Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan are going to be on commentary.

Diesel, IRS, Rick Martel, and Adam Bomb (w/Harvey Wippleman) vs. The 1-2-3 Kid, Marty Jannetty, Razor Ramon (WWF Intercontinental Champion), and Randy Savage in a SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: This heel team is so mish-mashed. Talk about a bunch of ill-fitting parts and contradictory characters. It’s funny, but I dig it. Given the quality of their opponents, this could be a good match. Mr. Perfect was supposed to be in this match, but he had walked out of the company. Savage was a great replacement, so it was nice they had that card to play. When that was announced by Razor, Savage got a good pop. With Savage in the match there’s obviously no doubt who the victors will be.

Match Review: Razor and Martel start the match, and Martel slaps Razor. He goes to a wristlock, then we have some reversals. Razor slaps Martel to return the favor from earlier, then Razor misses a charge to the corner and Martel comes off the second rope with a cross body that Razor reverses for 2. Razor then picks Martel up and fallaway slams him for 2, then gives him an atomic drop. Razor follows that with an inverted atomic drop, then clotheslines him twice. Adam Bomb tags in, and he’s really big you see. He shoves Razor into the corner, then to the canvas. Bomb goes to a headlock, then knocks Razor down with a shoulderblock. This is goofy. Bomb wins a test of strength, but Razor comes back and throws Bomb over his head for 2. Martel accidentally elbow drops his partner when trying to break the cover, and Wippleman gets in the ring for some reason. Martel clocks him, then Bomb decks Martel. Now Diesel pushes Bomb, and we get an argument between everyone. IRS calms his teammates down, then the Kid makes a tag in for the other side. Kid slaps a headlock on Bomb, who runs him over in response. Kid tries a sunset flip, but Bomb picks him up by the neck and tosses him to the canvas. Diesel tags in there, and throws Kid all the way across the ring too. Diesel GUTWRENCH POWERBOMBS Kid, but that’s not his finisher so Kid is okay. Diesel nails Kid with a huge big boot, but Kid comes back with a flying head-scissors! Savage makes the tag in, and flies off the top with a double axehandle. Huge pops for him clearing everyone out of the ring. I DIG IT. Bomb finally puts a stop to Savage’s offense, but accidentally runs over Diesel and gets kneed out of the ring. Savage picks Diesel up and slams him, then goes up top and nails him with the FLYING ELBOW for the pin at 10:20.

Starting the next fall, we have Savage getting attacked from behind by Martel. Martel chokes him, then gets backdropped. IRS tags in, rams Savage into the buckle, and Savage comes back with a cross body for 2. Savage hits him with some clotheslines as well, then tags in Razor for a wristlock. Martel knees Razor from behind as he runs the ropes, then Martel makes a tag in for a double axehandle. Martel then gives Razor a backbreaker, and drops some elbows on his back. Bomb tags in, and nails Razor with a back elbow. Martel gets back in there for another double axehandle, then IRS tags in and drops an elbow and leg for 2. IRS goes to a chinlock, and Martel makes an illegal switch in to do the same. Razor hits him with a knee lift, but can’t get out of there. Razor blocks a charge from IRS, then makes the tag in to Savage. IRS goes for a backdrop, which Savage blocks. Savage knees IRS into the buckle, then gives him a hot shot. He slams IRS, and here comes Crush! Savage notices him, then stops and runs over there only for his team to stop him from attacking Crush. Savage keeps telling Crush to walk down there, and while he’s doing that, IRS grabs him and rolls him up for the pin at 16:48. That’s a bit shocking.

Savage chases Crush to the back, but he’s out of the match so it doesn’t matter. Jannetty finally gets in the match for the first time, but with everyone already tired I don’t expect too much of the good stuff he can offer. Marty hip tosses IRS, then dropkicks him for 2. Martel tags in, and works Jannetty over for a little bit. Bomb tags in as well, and gives Jannetty a back suplex. Martel gets back in there, and goes to an abdominal stretch. When he breaks it, he misses a charge to the corner and Razor makes a tag in. IRS tags in too, and Razor beats him up for a while. After a chokeslam, Razor signals for the end. Razor goes for the RAZOR’S EDGE, plants him, and gets the pin at 20:33.

Martel attacks Razor from behind, but gets beaten up until Bomb gets in there. All five guys are in the ring now, and Razor has Martel up for the Razor’s Edge, but IRS hits him with his briefcase when the ref doesn’t see it. Martel rolls Razor out of the ring, and Razor gets counted out at 21:43. Now the match went from obvious win to in doubt. I dig it, that’s good booking.

Kid and Martel restart the bout, and Kid takes him down with an arm drag. Now Kid goes to an armbar, at least until Bomb tags in and clobbers him. Kid ducks under and trips him, then dropkicks him. Kid flies to the outside trying to take Bomb out, but Bomb catches and slams him. Bomb sends Kid inside, then flies back in there with a slingshot clothesline. Bomb throws Kid hard into the corner, then Kid dodges a charge to the other side and rolls him up for 2. Kid kicks him a couple times, but can’t make the tag yet. Martel does tag in, drops an elbow on Kid’s back, and gutwrench suplexes him for 2. Martel tries to fly off the second rope, but Kid hits him on the way down and finally makes the tag out. Jannetty hits Martel with a flying back elbow, then rams him into the buckle a lot. Kid tags back in, and they hit Martel with double elbows. Kid follows that up with a sunset flip, and pins Martel after 26:49!

Bomb then bumbles into the ring, and Marty sunset flips straight in for the victory after 26:59!

Survivors: 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty

My Thoughts: That was a pretty good match, I particularly enjoyed how they were able to keep the crowd heated the whole time. Lots of interesting booking intricacies as well. I was surprised that Diesel was eliminated so early, but I guess that shows where the WWF valued him at the time. I also like that Kid and Marty winning this match led to them becoming a tag team. I was wondering how they could possibly have Razor and IRS face off at the Royal Rumble, but with IRS interfering after his elimination that tied everything together. ***1/2. The Savage thing with Crush has to reoccur later in the show, right?

Shawn Michaels and the Knights (Blue, Black, Red) vs. Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart, and Keith Hart (w/Stu Hart) in a SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: Michaels had an interview before the match, and displayed his fake Intercontinental belt when talking. The Harts were interviewed by Ray Combs, late host of the Family Feud. This match lost all steam with Lawler having to be removed from it. People have said before that Terry Funk was intended to be one of the Knights. Instead, the Red Knight is Barry Horowitz, the Blue Knight is Greg Valentine, and the Black Knight is Jeff Gaylord. Combs took it upon himself to introduce the whole Hart Family, or at least those who decided they were in the mood to show up. Combs’ joke routine was boring. The outfits the Knights were wearing gave away absolutely nothing as to who they were. Owen and Bret were the only two Harts with a decent look, so it confuses me as to how any of the others thought they belonged in the WWF. Bret looks amusing wearing a singlet.

Match Review: Ray Combs is going to be on commentary. That kinda sucks. Michaels and Bruce are going to start things off, and Michaels immediately tags in the Red Knight. Bruce throws Michaels into him, and Michaels winds up staying in the match. Bruce goes to clear out the corner, then Michaels accidentally knees the Black Knight. Keith tags in, and he goes to an armbar. Michaels then blocks a slam attempt, and goes for a suplex that Keith turns into a cradle for 2. Keith goes back to the armbar, but Michaels slams him. Red Knight tags in, misses an elbow drop, and gets arm dragged. Owen tags back in and gets poked in the eye, then comes back with a hip toss. After some arm drags and a dropkick, the Black Knight has to tag in. Owen hip tosses and arm drags him a couple times, then the Blue Knight tags in. So does Bret. Valentine looks way out of shape. The Hammer hits him with forearms, but Bret gives him an atomic drop and an inverted atomic drop. After a clothesline, Bret covers him for 2. Keith tags back in, and takes Blue down with a fireman’s carry. Bruce tags in and drops a knee on him, then gets kneed in the back by Michaels. Blue slams Bruce, then Michaels tags in for a backbreaker. He drops some elbows on him, then tags in Red for a double axehandle. Red gives Bruce a butterfly suplex, and that gets 2. Black tags in, but Bruce backslides him for 2. The crowd has died. Michaels tags in there, but gets rammed into the buckle. Bruce follows that up with a clothesline, and Bret makes the tag in. He goes to work on Black, cradling him up for 2 as well. A small package gets 2, then Bret gives him a backbreaker. Bret goes to the second rope, then flies down with an elbow smash for 2. Owen tags in and hits Black with a spinning wheel kick, then everyone winds up in the ring. All four heels get thrown into each other, then Bruce clotheslines Black Knight in the corner. Owen hits Black with a missile dropkick, and eliminates him at 10:49.

Red Knight gets in there, and Owen goes straight to work on his legs. Bret tags in, and they give the poor guy a wishbone. Bret drops some elbows on his leg, then tags in Keith to continue the work. Bruce tags in to do the same, then Bret takes another turn. This continues for a while, until Red kicks Keith into the corner and misses a knee drop on him. Keith goes to a figure-four, but Michaels runs in and drops an elbow on him. Blue tags in, then Red trips Keith as he runs the ropes and Michaels splashes on Keith’s arm. Blue slaps an armbar on him, then Michaels tags in for a double axehandle from the top. Michaels rams him hard into the corner a few times, then brings in Red to wrap Keith’s arm around the post. Blue tags back in, as this thing has slowed all the way down. Blue gives him a hammerlock slam, then drops a leg on him. Michaels tags in and goes up top, then flies down with a ROCKET LAUNCHER that misses. Bret makes the big tag in, and so does Red. Bret slams him down, then slaps the SHARPSHOOTER on him for the submission at 18:10.

Right after that, Blue clotheslines Bret to break the hold. He throws Bret to the outside, where Michaels gives him a double axehandle from the apron. Blue gives Bret a suplex when Bret gets rolled into the ring, and covers for 2. Blue drops an elbow for 2, then Michaels tags in once more. He throws Bret hard into the corner, then covers him for 2. Michaels hits him with a flying back elbow for 2, then goes to the chinlock. He tags out of there, and Blue headbutts Bret down low for 2. Blue eats a boot while walking to the corner, then Bret hits him with a clothesline from the second rope. Owen makes the hot tag, and dropkicks Blue to the mat. He beats him up in the corner, then slams him. Owen goes to the second rope, then drops a flying elbow on him. Michaels and Bruce run in there and Bruce helps Owen give him a noggin-knocker, then Michaels ducks to the outside so Stu Hart can clobber him. Owen flies onto Michaels with a plancha, then throws him back inside. Blue and Michaels collide, then Owen gives Blue a cross body from the top. Michaels accidentally elbow drops his partner, then Owen and Bruce clothesline Michaels over the top. Owen gives Blue a bulldog, then locks on the SHARPSHOOTER for the submission at 23:46.

Now it’s 4 on 1. Bret forces Michaels to get in the ring instead of leaving, and Owen’s ready to deal with him. Owen gives Michaels an atomic drop, then Michaels takes punishment from all the Harts. Bruce tags in and drops some knees on him for 2, then runs straight into an elbow. Michaels pops Bruce with a superkick, but that only gets 2. Bruce blocks a backdrop, then Bret tags in for an inverted atomic drop. He throws Michaels hard into the corner, then catapults him to the other side. After an elbow smash, Bret covers for 2. Bret gives him a Russian leg sweep for 2, then Michaels goes to the eyes to put a stop to it. Bret tags in Owen, and Owen gives Michaels a great belly to belly suplex for 2. Bret’s on the apron holding his eyes, then Owen runs the ropes, which shoots Bret into the guardrail. Michaels rolls Owen up, and that gets the pin at 27:16.

Owen is extremely upset and throws a tantrum. Whoops. Then he leaves. Bruce runs into the ring and nails Michaels with a clothesline, and that gets 2. Bruce follows with a jawbreaker, then puts a sleeper on him. Michaels breaks it by throwing Bruce into the corner, then the two collide with each other. Keith tags in for an abdominal stretch, which Michaels has to reverse. Bret tags back in, and he clobbers Michaels with right hands. Michaels gets thrown upside down into the corner, then gets kicked onto the top rope and crotched. After Bruce and Bret shake the ropes, Bret trips Michaels and Michaels decides that he’s done with this match after 30:56. Owen walks back down to the ring to celebrate, but instead he pushes Bret a few times and tells his brothers he doesn’t need them. Helen’s fake crying was amusing.

Survivors: Bret Hart, Keith Hart, and Bruce Hart

My Thoughts: This match got boring in the middle, but once Michaels was the only remaining guy things picked back up again as they were at the start. It was also way too long for the content they had planned. The match couldn’t have been much better either, all things considered. I’d give this *3/4, which may sound high to some but not me. Decent enough as a replacement match and I thought they started the Bret/Owen rivalry off well.

Before the next match starts, Gorilla and Heenan get into it at ringside!

There was also a good interview done by Cornette on behalf of the Foreign Fanatics.

The Heavenly Bodies (w/Jim Cornette) vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express for the SMW Tag Team Championships

Pre-Match Thoughts: This is absolutely surreal. Very interested to see how the crowd reacts to everything, but given their energy levels throughout the show I expect something good. Apparently Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon are going to do commentary for this match. I love Cornette’s introductions. The Bodies looked like such scum.

Match Review: The Bodies attack, so we’re off. Morton and Gibson both get thrown to the outside, then the Bodies bring Gibson in the hard way. Morton takes them out to the floor the same way, then dives through the ropes with a double clothesline. Del Ray and Gibson keep things going, with Gibson hip tossing him. Gibson follows with a flying head-scissors, then tags in Morton for a double back elbow. Prichard tags in, and proclaims his team are the champions. Morton goes for a hip toss, but it gets blocked and he’s able to do it anyway. After a series of them to both Bodies, Del Ray accidentally hits Prichard with a superkick. The Bodies get thrown into each other, then Morton monkey flips one and Gibson the other. Stereo atomic drops follow that, then a series of wishbones. Morton kicks Prichard from behind, then tags in Gibson for a slingshot knee drop. The RnR’s give Prichard a double clothesline, then another wishbone. Morton tags in for a knee drop, but gets popped in the face and his eyes raked. Del Ray tags in, but Morton arm drags him. The Bodies get thrown together again, then given a noggin-knocker. Really love this style even though it can be tough to recap. Prichard and Morton resume the match, and Prichard gives him a powerbomb to deal with him. Del Ray tags in, and Prichard slams Morton, then throws Del Ray on with a moonsault that gets 2. Del Ray follows that up with a back elbow, then does some gyrating. Prichard throws Morton to the outside, and holds Morton in place so Del Ray can give him an ASAI MOONSAULT. Morton gets thrown back into the ring, and Prichard covers for 2. Prichard’s powerslam also gets 2, then Del Ray tags in and takes Morton down with a snap suplex. Del Ray drops a knee on him, then gives him a sidewalk slam assisted by his partner. Prichard gets a count of 2, then goes to a chinlock. He suplexes Morton, then tags in Del Ray for a leg drop from the top for 2. Del Ray goes for a powerbomb, but Morton reverses to a hurricanrana that gets 2. Prichard tags back in, but Morton cradles him up for 2. Del Ray goes for another moonsault, but Gibson kicks him in the head on the cover to stop it from winning the match. Morton fires off a double DDT, and he makes the tag out.

Gibson is a house of fire, and backdrops Del Ray. He hits Prichard with an enzuigiri, and all four guys are in the ring. Del Ray goes for a slam, but Morton cradles him up. Prichard goes and throws him over the top, which should be a disqualification in SMW, but not in the WWF. Morton comes in with a cross body from the top, but the referee is distracted. Prichard gets hit with a double dropkick, and that only gets 2. Morton clobbers Cornette and Gibson has the cover on, but Del Ray flies off the top with a tennis racket shot that wins the Bodies the titles after 13:41.

My Thoughts: I’ve never seen four guys work so hard while specifically doing things to get a reaction and for the crowd to completely ignore all of them. The work was great, but the setting was entirely off and it made everything weird. I loved the action in the match, they sure gave me a lot to talk about. These guys busted their tails. While the setting was strange, given that, I also think it was a good time to put the title on the Bodies if that’s what they wanted to do. The crowd wouldn’t have reacted any differently either way. Anyway, it was really weird seeing Morton and Gibson doing their thing in the WWF. Regardless of the crowd problem, this was a very good match. ***3/4.

Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger, and the Headshrinkers (w/Luna Vachon and Afa) vs. The Bushwhackers and Men on a Mission (w/Oscar) in a SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: The babyface team are supposed to be four Doinks. Like I give a FUCK. I’ve seen this match about ten times before and I hated it worse and worse each time. Now I have to watch it again. The WWF presented this match as being four actual Doinks, but that’s not what happened. Babyface Doink is not fun to me. The heels sans Bam Bam did a bit where they chowed down on a turkey together. Can’t fault anyone for being committed to their gimmick. As for the four Doinks idea, I feel like after the Knights earlier in the show, they may have thought this wasn’t a good idea. Luke and Butch look hilarious with this face paint, I must say. Men on a Mission were kinda over.

Match Review: The crowd feels cheated out of Doink, it feels like. They did get cheated out of seeing him if they really wanted to. Booger attacks Luke, and splashes him. Oh dear. Luke bites his butt, then stomps on his toe. I think I should be above this. Samu tags in and drops some elbows on Luke, then gives him a big headbutt. Samu keeps eating balloons. Eventually Mo gives him one, a bunch of water goes in his face, and Luke rolls him up for the pin at 3:01.

Butch tags in and tries to beat up Fatu, but headbutts him and hurts himself. Fatu gives Butch a suplex, then pokes him in the eye. Looked like it hurt. Booger tags in and drops a big leg on Butch, then tags in Bigelow. Bigelow chokes him with the ropes, then Booger gets back in there for a bodyslam. He lines up Butch for his butt splash, then wants to eat a banana. He tries another butt splash, but Mabel pulls Butch out of the way. The Bushwhackers then give Booger a battering ram, Mabel drops a huge leg on Booger, and covers him at 6:02.

Fatu gets in there and offers Butch some turkey, then punches him in the head with it. Mo decides to get in the ring and ride a scooter, until Bigelow dropkicks him from behind. Bigelow then throws the scooter to the outside and breaks it. Fatu gives Mo a side slam, then heads up top and comes down with a big splash. Instead of covering, he sees the banana peel. So Butch runs in the ring and Fatu slips on a banana peel, leading to Fatu getting covered at 8:32.

Bigelow is very angry, and he beats up Luke as a result. Mo gets in the ring, and Bigelow clotheslines him. Mo gets thrown to the outside, but Bigelow isn’t doing that to Mabel. Bigelow can’t run him over, but Mabel can do that to him. Mabel misses a charge to the corner, then Bigelow knocks him down with a shoulderblock. Luke runs in and gets powerslammed, then Butch is on the outside messing with Luna. MOM then crushes Bigelow in the corner, and Mabel splashes him. Then all four guys pin Bigelow for the win at 10:58.

Survivors: The Four Doinks

Oh boy, at the end they had Doink show up on their video screen and be terrible. That’s an understatement.

My Thoughts: I thought this was inoffensive. Not that funny, but there were some moments. The wrestling was bad, but the thing is, nobody’s gimmick was destroyed by losing in this match so I hardly care. The Headshrinkers had a teflon gimmick, it meant nothing for them to lose. Nobody cared about Booger, and it took four people pinning Bigelow to keep him down. 1/2*. At least I didn’t hate this as much as I used to.

Crush, Yokozuna (WWF Champion), Jacques Rougeau (WWF Tag Team Champion), and Ludvig Borga (w/Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette, and Johnny Polo) vs. Lex Luger, the Steiner Brothers, and the Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) in a SURVIVOR SERIES ELIMINATION MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: Before this, the Foreign Fanatics had a promo. Jim Cornette did all the talking and did a typically great job. I’m really looking forward to this main event. I’ve watched a lot of garbage the last week or so and given the booking so far, I don’t think this will be bad at all. Before the Network came along, I thought I’d never see this show. The reaction the Undertaker got was such that it seemed inevitable they’d have to push him to the top even though he was going to be gone for a little while. It’s shocking they didn’t really pull the trigger on him until 1997.

Match Review: Taker and Yoko have a big staredown at the start of this, but they don’t brawl just yet. The bell rings, but it takes about two minutes to actually start the match. It’s going to be Scott Steiner and Jacques. Jacques wants to shake hands, and Scott tells him that’s not happening. Scott gives him a belly to belly suplex, and covers for 2. Rick tags in, and so does Yokozuna. Yoko clobbers him a few times, then gets hit with some STEINERLINES. Rick knocks Yoko out of the ring, then the big guy quickly springs back up to the apron. Borga makes a tag in, and Rick gets trapped in the corner and thrown to the outside. Rick gets up and goes up top as Borga’s congratulating himself, then flies off the top with a shoulderblock for 2. Borga comes back with a bodyslam, then misses an elbow drop. Rick tries to fly off the top again, but Borga gives him a terrible powerslam for 3 at 5:06.

Scott gets in there now, and with his brother out this creates an interesting situation. Steiner press slams Jacques into Crush, who catches him on the tag in. Steiner then gives Crush his double underhook powerbomb! After a STEINERLINE, Scott covers for 2. Crush comes back with a superkick, and here comes Randy Savage! He’s being held back by a slew of officials, while Crush has Steiner up for a press slam and dumps him out to the floor. Crush is obviously distracted now. Steiner crawls into the ring and eats an axe kick, then Crush drops a leg on him. Savage was gone, but now he’s back. Steiner dropkicks Crush out of the ring, then Crush decides he’s done with the match and goes to attack Savage. He picks Savage up, but Savage gets down and throws Crush into the rail. Now the bell rings, and Crush gets counted out at 11:36.

Jacques slaps a chinlock on Steiner to continue the match, then hits him with a flying back elbow for 2. Jacques PILEDRIVES him for 2, then Steiner hits him in the gut to knock him down. Steiner press slams him, and Luger finally makes his first appearance in the match. He slams Jacques, then goes to the second rope for an elbow smash that gets 3 at 14:05.

Borga gets in there, and Steiner thinks he can deal with him. Borga wants to fight Luger, but he isn’t getting that. Borga body punches Steiner a few times, then wrecks him with a clothesline. Oh boy. Borga splashes Steiner in the corner, then kills him with another clothesline. That’s how you deal with someone notorious for stiffing people. Borga heads up top, but Steiner pops him a few times and SUPERPLEXES HIM. Yoko runs in to break the cover, then gets to switch in because Hebner is dumb. He picks Steiner up and slams him, then misses an elbow drop. Steiner goes for the FRANKENSTEINER, but Yoko hangs onto the rope. He drops the leg on Steiner, and eliminates him at 16:57.

Luger gets in to continue the match, and the crowd doesn’t even react to him fighting with Yokozuna. That’s odd. They slap each other, then Yokozuna slams him. Yoko misses a big splash, then Luger goes for a clothesline that does nothing. Yokozuna’s clothesline does something, though. Borga tags in and goes to the body shots, then tags back out. This match slowed down a bit and needs Taker to tag in. He still hasn’t. Yoko misses a charge to the corner, then Luger finally makes the tag. The crowd went crazy. Taker hits Yoko with a DDT, and the crowd goes more nuts. That’s ring presence. He nails Yokozuna with some clotheslines, then Borga hits him from behind and gets himself knocked off the apron. Yoko crushes Taker with a belly to belly, but Taker sits right up. Same thing happens after a clothesline, but Yoko’s leg drop keeps Taker down. Yoko goes for the BANZAI DROP, then wants to do a second only for Taker to move out of the way. Taker hits Yoko with a flying clothesline, then things head to the outside. Yoko rams Taker into the steps, but it does nothing. So, Taker does it to him. Then the bell rings with both guys getting counted out at 23:25.

Borga thinks Luger is finished, so he drops a leg on him and covers only to get a 2 count. Borga drops Luger with a side slam, but that only gets 2 as well. Borga follows with a suplex, and it gets 2. Borga powerslams Luger for 2, and there are a lot of people leaving. So, that tells you what they think of Luger. Borga clotheslines Luger a few times for a 2 count, then goes for another suplex that Luger reverses. They each clothesline each other, then Cornette and Polo go to distract the referee. Fuji climbs in the ring and gives Borga his salt bucket, then Borga hits Luger with it. Borga covers, but only gets a 2 count. Luger gets up like Hulk Hogan, then hits Borga with a gut shot and a DDT. Luger hits Borga with a back elbow for 2, then then powerslams him for 2. Luger then hits Borga with the LOADED FOREARM, and Borga gets pinned for the first time at 27:59.

Sole Survivor: Lex Luger

Like last year, Santa Claus comes out to close the show. Way to make Luger look like a jabroni.

My Thoughts: I liked the match even though it had some dead spots. I don’t know why they did the Santa Claus thing at the end, I didn’t see that coming. The Yoko/Taker stuff was great. Their interactions got major reactions from the crowd. That plus the Steiners stuff was fun to watch. What wasn’t, was the Borga/Luger bit at the end where they both worked super hard and the crowd not even care. That shows what Lex Luger’s push meant, his reaction was NOTHING compared to Taker’s. That shows me that you can’t really manufacture a star. People are going to like who they like. **1/2 for the match. Even with some good spots, it was very long.

So, with that in the books, bad times were still ahead for the WWF, but I liked some of the things they were putting on television. Other than one match, everything here was passable at worst, and that match was really short. Overall this was a decent show, but I can see why some would take it or leave it. I’m glad they got past the point where Bret Hart felt less important than he should have been, that’s my greatest takeaway from all this. Was also strange to see Diesel look like a jobber. Next up for me, I’m going back to see WCW matches from Halloween Havoc to Starrcade 1993. Lot to discuss there.

Wrestling Time: 1:50:33. That’s more wrestling than these shows usually had, but about what I expected.

Best: Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Heavenly Bodies. Fuck the crowd. This was a good match.

Worst: Four Doinks vs. Headshrinkers, Booger, and Bigelow. Lots of people hated this more than I did.

Card Rating: 6/10. It’s not the worst show ever, but it’s not the best either. I edge towards the side of good because there are three matches decent to good and only one real bad one.


Written by Sage Cortez

Sage is a boisterous Los Angeles sports fan. Unsurprisingly, like many other loudmouth LA fans, he also likes the Raiders and a range of combat sports.