OAO Black Sabbath/Ozzy Thread

That's crazy. Total disconnect for me, having Sabbath in a video game (pre-Guitar Hero, etc).

I could put this somewhere else but it counts.


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Frank Zappa seems out of place on that cover. But then again, I feel like metal dudes always had an odd respect for him since he was such a weirdo. Ah, where have you gone, Agent of Oblivion?
Finally got to listen to Ordinary Man in full. Best he's done in at least 20 years, but depressing as fuck. It's got the typical Ozzy stuff ("Straight To Hell," "Scary Little Green Men") but there's so much heavy introspective, honest stuff that it's hard to listen to. It seems like he's aware of how close the end is and it's a little jarring for me hearing him sound genuinely vulnerable. "Under The Graveyard" is the best thing he's done in god knows how long, and being back to back with "Ordinary Man" is the bleakest Ozzy I've ever heard.

The Post Malone shit is fun but way out of place on this album. Does fit the overall theme, I guess, but it just doesn't flow very well and being the last track is bullshit.
Ozzy credited as writing that while Lemmy wrote "Mama I'm Coming Home" is so cool. Until the last album I seriously don't think Ozzy ever knew how many songs he recorded were written about him.

Great video, too. Ozzy's sad at some realization, Lemmy's relieved and going to beat the shit out of someone.

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Rivers Cuomo just revealed in an interview to promote the new Weezer album that he originally wrote "Hash Pipe" for Ozzy's Down to Earth but it got rejected.

I never thought of it ...damn...."Hash Pipe" WOULD probably work a solo Ozzy song IMO!