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Never watched this back when it went viral years ago.... (Taped 2009)
Apparently Dundee and Iron Sheik did a shoot right before taping this one and Dundee is full of...supplements for this.

Just 10 mins in I think Bill Dundee may be in the talks for worst wrestling dad. Underage drinking is one thing, but getting your 4 year old drunk to pierce his ears.... yikes. There's more alcohol and sex stories involved.

Dundee drops the hard N several times while talking about Thunderbolt Patterson messing with Bill Dundee.

39 min mark - Story about Bill fucking one of the Undertaker's future wives when she was just 14 in 1982.

Hour 5 min mark: Story of Miss Texas (Jackie) blowing Lawler/Double J and *garbled name* in a shower when Jamie walked in on them.

Hour 24 min: Jamie declares he loved it in prison and he's a "White power" type of guy.

One hour 36 min mark: JCP's stars all leave their kids to be babysat by Jamie when he was 14. It was at Ricky Morton's house, who rewarded Jamie with weed and an 8 ball.

One hour 40 mins: Jamie claims Elizabeth was an escort who Savage bought one night and fell for. (Most unbelievable part of that story is that Savage paid for something.)
This is followed immediately by Jamie comparing Rampage Jackson to Obama, segueing right into challenging God to a fight and mocking Muslim names.

1 hour 52 mins: Jamie breaks down how he was only paid 100 bucks for WM 13.
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