BB16: HOH and Nominations #14

With the BB Rewind set into action, the houseguests have to replay the previous week. They began (again) with the Seed Saw HOH competition. Frankie won the previous time, but with another chance at the game, the others were able to perform better. Also, the light drizzle that rained on the houseguests the first time around turned into a huge downpour this time.

Cody was doing well heading into the latter stages of the game, but again had one of his final seeds fall of the spade. Like last time, it was down to Frankie and Caleb. History didn’t repeat itself though. Frankie kept the same steady pace that helped him win before. But Caleb picked up his pace and was able to keep his seeds balanced. That enabled him to win the all-important HOH.

Frankie mostly trusted Caleb, but knew that it was too close to the end to be assured of anything. All the other guys pretended like Frankie wasn’t the target, but that was definitely not the case. Would Caleb finally man up and make the big move? Well, he had multiple factors to consider. Caleb had loyalties to all the other guys, but had to put someone up next to Victoria. He knew that Derrick had never been on the block, so he figured that could be an easy excuse to put Derrick up. Caleb was also afraid of Frankie coming back at him later.

Derrick correctly pointed out to Caleb that Frankie wouldn’t have the numbers on his side. Even if Frankie stayed and wanted to go after Caleb, he wouldn’t have the necessary votes to pull it off. Also, if Frankie won the veto this week, he could use it on Victoria, which would guarantee Derrick or Cody being evicted. If Caleb wants to make a final three pact with Cody and Derrick, nominating Frankie gives him the best shot to do it.

The houseguests were excited when they were notified about the luxury competition. They headed up to the HOH room, where they were treated to a nice breakfast. A TV was set up so that they could learn more about the competition. Unfortunately, what they were about to see would leave them shocked and horrified.

The TV panned to the front door, and in barged all six members of the jury. They weren’t there to rejoin Big Brother, but they were there to raise hell. They overturned the entire house, throwing clothes, furniture, and even garbage all over the place. It was a precursor to the luxury competition, as it was actually the jury that would be playing it. The houseguests were left to watch the proceedings from the HOH room.

In “Jury Fury”, the jury members had to search up and down the house for knockout pucks. Once someone found a puck, that person had to run to the backyard and place it in the slot of the person he or she wished to eliminate. The last one standing would win $5,000. Also, the houseguests were able to bet on a jury member to win. The houseguest who selected the winner would receive $5,000 as well.

Frankie, of course picked Zach. Derrick picked Donny, Victoria chose Hayden, Cody went with Nicole, and Caleb picked Jocasta. No one bet on Christine, which was most likely another sign that she wasn’t popular with anyone. In any event, the game was about to begin and the Big Brother house was about to become even more torn up.

Jocasta found the first puck and took out Christine. It was yet another dig at Christine, but maybe she wasn’t best person to eliminate first. Nicole was on fire afterwards, taking out Zach, Donny, and Jocasta in order. But Hayden got the last laugh by finding the last puck and eliminating Nicole (after pretending like he was going to let her win). Not only did Hayden win, but Victoria finally won something!

The jury departed, but emphatically left their mark. The house was a complete disaster zone. Making matters worse was the fact that the house had been cleaned just days prior to the jurors wrecking it. The houseguests were understandably pissed off. If they weren’t aware already, the houseguests just got confirmation that the jury was very bitter. Whether that will affect the final vote or not remains to be seen.

For now, everyone needed to focus on making it past the current week. Frankie had a one-on-one talk with Caleb to see where his head was at. Frankie knew that Caleb’s tightness with Cody left him hesitant to keep the nominations the same as last week. Frankie tried to persuade Caleb that they were both targets because of their successes in competitions. Therefore, they needed to have each other’s backs. Frankie also appealed to Caleb’s sense of loyalty, mentioning that he didn’t put Caleb on the block during any of his HOH reigns.

Caleb ultimately nominated Victoria and Frankie. Caleb admitted that he had a deal with his Bomb Squad mates (which was probably already understood, but still). Caleb tried softening the blow by selling Frankie on the idea that he was just a pawn to get Victoria out. Frankie seemed legitimately shocked and knew he couldn’t trust anyone. It goes without saying, but the next veto competition is the most important one of the season. Frankie knows that the guys will take a shot at him if he doesn’t win it.


Written by T. Green

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