BB16: Live Eviction #9, Juror Competition

Before the next eviction, we took a look back at Zach’s reaction to being backdoored. He tried to play it off like he wasn’t mad, but it was clear that he was upset. Victoria was relieved that she wasn’t the target for once. Cody felt reasonably secure, but was wary about being backstabbed himself. Frankie made peace with his decision, but was concerned that Zach would blow up everyone’s game.

With Zach feeling betrayed, he became a closer ally to Donny. Zach was trying to do anything he could to get people on his side, so he turned to Caleb next. Caleb wasn’t interested though, as he was tight with Frankie all of a sudden. Zach gave it one last shot with Frankie, but Frankie just could not trust Zach’s unpredictability. Zach was also on Victoria’s bad side because he kept picking on her. Victoria, who was finally fed up, stole Zach’s pink hat and cut it with a knife. (note: it was originally Victoria’s hat, but she let Zach have it…confusing, huh?)

Donny was relived to be safe for the week, but he knew that he needed help to get any further. He talked to Christine to hopefully get her to vote against Cody rather than Zach. Donny argued that Christine would feel stupid if she kept trusting her alliance only to see herself be the first one booted out of the group later on. It seemed to work a little, as Christine gave Donny’s words some thought.

When we last left Team America, they were in the midst of organizing a neighborhood watch because personal clothing items were “stolen”. Cody and Caleb in particular really got into the role of being watchdogs. Everyone took shifts, which helped in satisfying the 24-hour requirement. The mission was completed, and Team America was back in the winner’s circle.

Finally, it was time for the live eviction. Julie informed the houseguests that the last BOB had taken place. Therefore, there would only be one HOH per week going forward. Everyone was happy to see the double HOH twist go by the wayside.

After all the votes had been cast, Zach was the one evicted by a 5-0 margin. He knew his time was up, as he gave a concession speech before the voting even began. Zach was already out of his chair and walking towards the door before Julie announced the results. He even hilariously tossed snack food at the other houseguests in protest.

On stage, Zach admitted that his big mouth contributed to his demise. He told Julie that Victoria was the one person he hated, but didn’t elaborate. Zach, said he didn’t see the backdoor coming and didn’t know what went wrong between him and Frankie. He said he was a lovable guy outside house, but wanted to stick to his game plan of being a jerk. Zach was excited when Julie told him he’d compete with the other jurors to get back in the game.

Speaking of the jurors, we got to see highlights from the jury house. The jury house was more like a mansion, with much better accommodations than the Big Brother digs. We saw Jocasta’s reaction as Hayden joined the jury, and Hayden’s reaction when Nicole entered the jury house. Everyone was excited to see each other, but disappointed because they were hoping other people would get evicted.

But all of the jurors would get one last chance at redemption, as they were set to take part in battle. Julie let the other houseguests know what the deal was. The jurors were reunited with everyone for a brief period, as they made their way to the Big Brother backyard to play the game.

This contest was appropriately called “Comeback Fight”. Each player slid disks down a path to a spinning turntable. After seven rounds, whoever had the most disks left on the turntable won the juror competition and earned the right to re-enter the Big Brother house.

After a couple rounds, everyone was tied. A couple more rounds passed, and Jocasta was in the lead. After round six, Nicole, Jocasta, and Zach were tied. After the seventh and final round, Nicole and Jocasta were tied for first place. However, Nicole won the tiebreaker because she had a disk closer to the center than Jocasta. Nicole was the big winner, which granted her the opportunity to get revenge on those who got her evicted.


Written by T. Green

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