BB16: Power of Veto #9

Donny was very happy to win BOB but was bummed out because he knew Christine was trying to throw the competition. This was more confirmation that he was flying solo. The Detonators suspected that Donny figured out their plan.

Derrick has been in control of the game for awhile, but the latest BOB was something that finally didn’t go his way. He went to Donny to do damage control. Derrick continued to tell Donny that he was never his target, but Donny didn’t believe him.

Frankie and Derrick discussed who would go up if one of their allies won POV. Victoria’s name was thrown out as an easy choice. Derrick wanted to keep her around though, so he argued that putting her up would be a waste of an HOH week. What Derrick really wanted was for Zach to be put up, but he didn’t want to make that plan obvious.

Donny was trying to recruit some help for his game, so he surprisingly went to Zach to befriend him. Donny sensed that Zach was on the outside looking in of his alliance. Donny suggested to Zach that the people he was working with might not truly be on his side. Some of that BB paranoia started to set in for Zach.

Despite the friction between the Team America members, they still worked on their newest challenge. Their approach was to hide everyone’s personal items under the garbage bag in the recycling bin. They started by taking Victoria’s robe, Caleb’s cowboy boots, and Cody’s blue flower hat.

For the next veto competition, the players were: Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Victoria, Donny, and Christine. The Detonators/Bomb Squad were nervous about the possibility of Donny winning and guaranteeing a member of their alliance going home.

Before the POV, the famed Zingbot 3000 made its grand entrance into the house. Usually, Zingbot comes on Big Brother to well…zing all the houseguests. But it was in a rare mood at first, playing nice and complimenting everyone.

All of a sudden, comedian Kathy Griffin walked through the door, and everyone went nuts. Now Griffin is definitely someone who’s not shy about roasting someone. She stayed true to form, as she zinged the houseguests. Griffin threw more cold water on the Caleb/Amber relationship that never was. She called Christine dumb and Victoria irrelevant. But the biggest haymaker Griffin threw was at Zach, calling him out for cuddling with men. Zach wasn’t one to get upset jokes. But in that case, the pained expression on his face said it all.

Kathy Griffin was also at the house to host the POV competition. For this game, each participant had to correctly connect their cables to a circuit board to light it up. A maze was on each board to guide them. The first person to light all four of their circuit boards would win the POV.

Frankie, Caleb, and Donny were the only ones in real contention as everyone else struggled. Donny fell off the pace once he got to the third board. Frankie and Caleb were the closest ones to winning. Frankie was a tad bit ahead and was set to complete his last circuit board. However, one of his connectors fell out, and he had to run back and fix it. Luckily, it didn’t cost Frankie, as he had enough time to finish and win a crucial power of veto.

After the competition, the real Zingbot was brought back to life, armed with zingers that were sure to sting the houseguests. Frankie was called out for being in his famous sister’s shadow. Derrick was zinged about his looks. Zingbot made an obvious (and kinda lame) Duck Dynasty joke about Donny. Perhaps the most personal zing was about Cody making an enemy of Christine’s husband, who was surely watching his wife on TV flirting with another man (note: people watching the live feeds viewed the houseguests taking the zings very personally).

Back inside the house, everyone began to realize that things of theirs were missing. Zach and Caleb were particularly ticked off about their Florida Gators shirt and cowboy boots respectively being gone. All of the panic going on made it easy for Team America to organize the neighborhood watch.

Accusations were being thrown around, with most of them levied against Zach. It got to the point, where people started believing that Zach was the saboteur (note: some BB seasons have a saboteur brought in to sabotage the game in exchange for rewards). Eventually, Caleb found the stash of possessions, but the damage had already been done.

Frankie used this opportunity to throw mud on Zach. He called him out for previously putting Christine on the block instead of Donny. Frankie also mentioned that Zach was targeting him at one point. Derrick was loving every minute of it, as he could just sit back and watch everyone else attack Zach.

Frankie still had a dilemma as he decided who his replacement nominee would be though. Did he want to go after the easy target in Victoria and not get any blood on his hands? Or would he make a big move and target Zach, a person whom he couldn’t completely trust?

At the veto meeting, Frankie used the power of veto to save Caleb. Then, he named Zach as the replacement nominee. Zach of course felt betrayed by being backdoored by his closest friend in the house. Frankie knew there was no going back, that Zach would return the favor if he stayed in the game. Cody thought he might have the necessary votes to stay in the house, but he also knew that no one on the block was ever 100% safe.


Written by T. Green

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