Big Brother 16 – Power of Veto #2

On the last episode, Paola “threw” the Battle of the Block competition with the assurance of Devin that she would be safe. I say “threw” in quotation marks because it’s debatable whether Paola really blew it on purpose or just plain had another typical poor performance (she did throw it, but I’m just saying). Nevertheless, Devin told Hayden that Paola threw the competition. Hayden and Nicole were concerned that it would come back on them if others learned about the rigged competition.

In the Bomb Squad alliance, the foundation has been showing some major cracks. Devin is concerned about Caleb sweet-talking Amber. He’s afraid that Caleb will pick the girl over the alliance as a whole. The dissenters in the Bomb Squad are tired of doing Devin’s bidding and letting him run the game. They want Paola to get eliminated instead of Brittany.

Big Brother fans (myself included) have been speculating that Devin will get back-doored by his supposed allies. Now, plans of that are finally starting to hatch. Caleb decided to confront Devin, saying that the other Bomb Squad members wanted to put Paola up. He also mentioned that the girls didn’t like the way Devin interacted with them. Devin did not take kindly to that feedback, and started bickering with Caleb. They later met up to simmer things down. Caleb then dropped a kernel of truth about other alliance members conspiring against Devin.

The Bomb Squad met up once again to put all their cards on the table. Devin insisted that he was going to be a team player going forward. None of the girls spoke up, but Zach stepped up to say that he preferred to keep Brittany around. He ended up being hung out to dry as the lone person who turned on Devin. Zach tried to backtrack and explain himself but Devin just saw him as the weak link in the alliance.

The final two members of Team America were revealed to be Frankie and Derrick (fitting for an undercover cop like him). Later on, all of Team America revealed themselves to each other by way of a secret code. So Frankie, Derrick, and Donny were now set to work together on secret missions. Fans can vote online to choose those missions.

Another power of veto competition was set to kick off. As is customary, the HOH and two nominees automatically compete. Zach, Derrick, Amber were randomly selected as the other three players. The challenge was to hang ten “planets” above the ground without having any of them touch the ground. The way the beams were set up made it hard to keep all the planets balanced. It was close between Devin and Derrick, but Devin pulled it out in the end, giving him even more power.

Brittany swallowed her pride for a few moments to try and convince Devin to save her. She appealed to their commonality of parenthood and he was buying into it. But, Devin was still concerned that Brittany would come back at him if she was saved. He also told her about Paola throwing Battle of the Block, which added yet another explosive element to the Big Brother fire.

Zach was still freaking out over being a target of Devin’s. The two met to try and work things out. For some odd reason, Zach came up with the bright idea to put himself up for elimination. Sure, he thinks the numbers are in his favor. But, like The Challenge or many other reality shows, everyone should be trying to avoid elimination rounds. Nothing is guaranteed.

At the veto meeting, it was finally time for Devin to make his decision. He made deals with both girls, and would have to go back on his word with one of them. He ended up picking Brittany as the person he wanted to save. Devin also went with Zach as the replacement nominee. Paola knew she couldn’t trust Devin, but was still pissed that he stabbed her in the back.


Written by T. Green

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