Living In Reality: Free Agents Week 4

The bulk of this episode revolved around Aneesa, Jordan, and Laurel. Aneesa could not stand that couple, citing their arrogance and bad attitudes. She made snide remarks about them in the previous episode too. Even Jordan and Laurel having sex annoyed her to no end. This would set the stage for the remaining proceedings in this episode.

But first, a new challenge called Bounce Out! For this one, every player is contained in huge bubbles that they run around in. Each team has one player designated as the “ball” and the purpose is for the ball to get into the goal. All the other teammates serve as blockers and defenders. The red team “balls” are Johnny Bananas and Jordan while it’s Zach and Isaac for the yellow team. Both teams are separated into two units.

In the first heat, Johnny Bananas surprisingly beat Zach because the former ran free without much resistance while the latter was ganged up on. In the next round, Jordan made it to the goal first with a surprising assist from Preston (who got picked last again).  Zach beasted through in the third heat to keep the yellow team alive. But Jordan won the following round to clinch the game for the red team. Once again, Preston was a huge help. Isaac had a very poor showing as one of the balls, getting knocked around by the opposing girls on the regular. That drew the ire of Zach, who did not care to have Isaac as a teammate ever again. LeRoy also got clowned for getting pushed around by Preston.

So, it’s up to the red team to make the vote. Shockingly, everyone had differing opinions of who to put up! Notably, Laurel wanted to throw Aneesa in, as she didn’t trust Aneesa trying to make nice with every single person. Jessica relayed that info back to Aneesa, which ended up making Jordan mad. When the red team reconvened, Jordan and Jessica had a huge falling out. Jordan was screaming at her about her loose lips. Jessica sniped back, saying that Jordan was mad because he fell during one of the previous missions while she had done well. She said he couldn’t handle any type of failure. It harkened back to their Portland days, when Jordan’s cockiness annoyed a lot of people.

Right before the deliberation, Laurel asked Swift to vote for Aneesa again in her presence, which further irritated Aneesa. For the girls, LaToya, Aneesa, and Jasmine got votes. Of course, all of them took it personally. The finally tally resulted in a tie between LaToya and Aneesa, so that had a revote with just those two. CT had the tiebreaking vote, and he went with LaToya. LaToya confronted Jordan afterwards because she felt he should’ve been man enough let her know about the vote. Five guys got votes, but it was Brandon who ended up with the most. Brandon was particularly mad about Swift voting for him. He called Swift out for following the crowd even though they likely wouldn’t have his back in the future.

The unfortunate “winners” of the kill cards were Cara Maria (again) and Zach. The elimination round was Oppenheimer, where players start back to back in a narrow, circular hallway. The first one to ring the bell wins the round. It’s best two-out-of-three. LaToya tripped in the first round, which lost her the first round. She stayed up in the next heat, but Cara Maria was too fast and won the whole enchilada. For the guys’ elimination, Zach trucked right through Brandon in the first go-around. The second run wasn’t quite as physical, but Zach clinched the victory nonetheless with a diving finish to the bell.

The aftermath: Even though this is an individual game to the core, we’re still seeing the usual divides in the house. Aneesa believes Jordan and Laurel are acting like they’re at the top of the mountain. To be fair, Laurel has been around the Challenge block more than a few times and done extremely well. But Jordan is still relatively new, and is not endearing himself to most of the veterans in the house. Next week, he and Johnny Bananas will get into it, which should make for a great confrontation.


Written by T. Green

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