From The Top of Mount Rushmore – PWG DDT4 2013

Welcome to the inaugural “From The Top of Mount Rushmore”.

I’ll be going over the 2013 Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament (DDT4). Every year PWG holds the DDT4, forcing their World Tag Team Champions to defend their titles in the tournament (though in 2011 it was changed to the winners being #1 contenders if the champions were unavailable for the tournament). The Young Bucks are the only team in PWG history to enter the DDT4 as champions and leave as champions, accomplishing the feat in 2009.

First up in round 1 action of PWG DDT4 2013 is The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs The Inner City Machine Guns (Ricochet and Rich Swann).

Steen is in the booth with Excalibur. There’s going to be SOOO much action with these 4 wrestlers.

The Bucks get the jump on ICMG. The Buck whip ICMG into the corners, they get reversed with a do-si-do spot, ICMG charge in with shoulders to the gut and then each hit a missile drop kick on the Bucks who bail to the outside. ICMG hit tope con hilo’s on opposite sides on the ring.

Ricochet hangs Matt up in a modified torture rack/Gory special type deal and Swann drop kicks him in the sternum. Swann throws a beautiful drop kick. Dueling drop kicks by Ricochet and Swann. Double drop kick, double kip up, double drop kick to a sitting Matt Jackson.

Matt gets a tag and Nick heels it up with a back rake and an eye rake. Swann front flips over a Nick drop down, straight into a Super Kick from Matt.

A racial slur from Nick gets a “No You Didn’t” chant. Now the Bucks are playing with a laser pointer, shining it in Ricochet’s eyes.

Bucks heeling it up with back rakes and double teams. Ricochet gets the tag the tag and hits a Zig Zag which Steen mentions “Some guy in the WWE does”.

Ricochet counters an O’Connell Roll by shrugging Matt off who gets Super Kicked by Swann, Swann’s Super Kick on Nick gets caught, his leg gets swung over to Matt who catches and holds it while Nick enziguri’s Swann, Matt swings Swann’s leg over to Nick and Super Kicks Swann, Ricochet kicks Nick in the back of the head, Matt Super Kicks Ricochet and Swann hits a jumping, spinning kick into Matt’s face and everyone is down. Whew!

A bit of brawling leads to Matt catching Ricochet’s foot and flipping him through the air like a backwards 450 and he slams hard into the mat just before Nick hits him with a spring board frog splash.

Swann ducks under a double clothesline, does a handspring and hits a double Ace Crusher before Ricochet hits another double Ace Crusher. Double standing Shooting Star Press.

Rich Swann fucking jumps high enough to hit a hurricanrana on Nick who’s sitting on the top turnbuckle, flipping him into his brother and Ricochet hits a shooting star from the top onto Matt.

Holy shit! Ricochet charges across the ring, jumps over Swann and the fucking turnbuckle and hits Nick with a tope con hilo. Swann bounces 3 times, does a 450, lands on Matt’s knees and gets rolled up.

The Young Bucks win!

Not a flawless match but a lot of fun. PWG specializes in high flyers and these four guys live up to it. The Bucks are the best tag team in the world and they really earned that title with innovative tag team offense, combined with old school heel tactics.


Next is the PWG World Tag Team Champions Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno and Stupefied) vs The Unbreakable Fucking Machines (Brian Cage and Michael Elgin). Cage looks like he does all the steroids (and is way bigger in 2015 than in 2013) and Elgin apparently is married to MsChif. Good for him. And he’s Canadian.

supermashbros unbreakableFnMachines
Sami Callihan (NXT’s Solomon Crowe) joins Excalibur in the booth for this match and the next.

Player Uno makes Steen look svelte.

Greco Roman knuckle lock between Cage and Stupefied leads to dueling monkey flips and other shenanigans before Elgin and Uno are tagged in.

Uno catches a kick, hands it to the referee and hits a neckbreaker on Elgin.

Some double teaming before Stupefied flies over the top with a tope taking down both Machines. Super Smash Bros. do one of their poses to a “That Was Cool” chant and Excalibur laments that he’s never received that sort of validation.

Damn. Elgin hits a double Alabama Slam. That’s some power. Cage does some curls with Stupefied before just hurling him backwards over his head effortlessly. Cage drops him with a Flatliner then does the old foot between the shoulders, pull back on the arms rest hold. Not often you see a rest hold in PWG.

“Elgin’s holding onto the invisible tag rope.”
“Where are the tag ropes?”
“Oh, we never invested in any.”

Come on Excalibur. That would cost you like $10. Tops.

Tilt-a-whirl back breaker by Elgin and Cage kicks Stupefied in the face while he’s still across Elgin’s knee.

Elgin throws a nice drop kick for a guy his side.

Elgin holds Stupefied up for a delayed vertical suplex, tags in Cage and they switch off, cage holds him up awhile then tags Elgin back in and switches off. All together they hold Stupefied up for a count of 50.

Stupefied goes for an Asai moonsault on Cage, gets caught and turns it into a swinging DDT. Both Machines are on the outside and Stupefied makes the tag. He holds the top and middle rope apart and Uno dives through them, flipping into the Machines.

And Uno is hurt. His shoulder is all sorts of fucked up and his arm is hanging about 3″ lower than it was before.

Stupefied picks up Brian Cage in a Torture Rack (which is fairly impressive. Cage weighs about 240lb) and tosses him up into a back breaker.

Uno asks a fan to pop his shoulder back into socket like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.

Stupefied drop kicks Elgin into the corner, then pushes Cage into Uno who’s on his back on the mat. Uno uses his legs to launch Cage into Stupefied who overhead belly to belly’s Cage into Elgin in the corner. With Uno’s arm pretty much useless that’s probably the best they can come up with.

Stupefied hits a 450 on Cage (remember when those were special? Pepperidge Farms remembers) while Uno runs under him while he’s in the air and smashes his ass into Elgin’s face.

Elgin CRUSHES Uno with a spinning backfist before Stupefied hits him with a Meteora, Cage ducks a high kick and drops Stupefied on his face with a pump handle slam. Elgin deadlift German’s Stupefied, Cage wheelbarrows him, tosses him into the air and hits a neckbreaker, then Elgin hits him with a spinning Liger Bomb!

We have new PWG tag champions!

First time I’ve ever seen Super Smash Bros. and Elgin. SSB are okay. Uno didn’t do much even before he got hurt and Stupefied comes across as generic indy wrestler version 5f. Elgin looks like a pretty generic big guy with a mullet but he moves okay for his size and has some crazy strength. And he’s Canadian. I will always cheer for Canadian wrestlers.


Future Shock (PWG World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly) vs The Dojo Bros (Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong)

futureshock DojoBros
A bit of posturing back and forth between Roddy and Cole before Cole tells Roddy to suck his dick and gets chopped hard. He bails into the crowd and gets a “Suck His Dick” chant.

Callihan brings up up how sick Excalibur is and they talk about how he’s drinking straight honey just to be able to do commentary. That’s dedication!

By now Cole is back in the ring and Roddy drops to his knees in front of him. “He’s gonna suck his dick!” No Sami. I really doubt it. Cole does the Rick Rude hip swivel, starts to undo his tights and Roddy chops him hard, right in the dick.

“He chopped him in his dick!” Cole understandably takes a powder before tagging in O’Reilly to a chorus of “Chop His Dick”.

A bit of chain wrestling from O’Reilly and Edwards. Double drop kick leads to the Indy Applause Stance. Pretty sure The Dames trademarked that phrase.

Edwards and O’Reilly light each other up with hard kicks and chops before Edwards gets the upper hand and connects with a fireman’s carry into a facebuster then a hard running knee to the face. Tag to Roddy and there’s a bit of double teaming. Edwards and Roddy are competing over who can chop O’Reilly the hardest.

O’Reilly makes the tag and Adam Cole stomps Edwards down in the corner before raising his arms in celebration then selling his previously chopped cock. Any guy knows getting hit in the dick hurts for a long time.

Roddy fakes a chop to Cole’s dick and lights up his chest.

Some quick double teaming by Future Shock and Roddy is catching a beating.

Trivia I just learned from Excalibur. Reseda (where PWG shows emanate from) is where the All Valley Karate Tournament took place.

O’Reilly goes for a running, jumping knee in the corner and Roddy catches him, slamming hard with a back breaker. Roddy makes the tag and Eddie Edwards is a house of fire. Double enziguri on O’Reilly and Edwards hits a backpack stunner. Kitchen sink from Roddy, then a spinning backfist then Edwards chops O’Reilly in the fucking ear. Mother fucker would that hurt.

O’Reilly counters a charge from Roddy by tossing him over the ropes onto the apron straight into a Super Kick from Cole then hits 2 rolling butterfly suplexes, lifts Edwards up so Cole can grab his legs and drops him with an elevated double arm DDT, puts his feet on Edwards’ chest and pushes off adding to the momentum of a German suplex from Cole.

Eddie floats over on a suplex attempt from Cole grabbing a waist lock and gets kicked in the face by O’Reilly for his troubles. Kyle grabs Roddy in a fireman’s carry and Cole super kicks him. Roddy counters a kick from O’Reilly with a jumping knee and gets Super Kicked by Cole again. Shotgun drop kick into the corner by Eddie on Cole. Running enziguri by Roddy, running kick by Eddie, dual running elbows, fireman’s carry into a gutbuster by Roddy and a HUGE lariat by Edwards.

Roddy lifts Cole up for a suplex who counters with a knee to the head, then Cole sends Edwards into the ring post when he charges at him. O’Reilly lands a spinning kick to Roddy’s midsection then stomps the back of his head when he doubles over. Spinning elbow by O’Reilly sends Roddy into Cole who lifts him up for a suplex. O’Reilly kicks Roddy in the face and Cole drops him down. BRAINBUSTER ON THE KNEE!

Somehow Roddy kicks out. These 4 guys have really rejuvenated the crowd who have been a bit quieter than usual after Player Uno’s injury.

Fireman’s carry by O’Reilly and Cole kicks Roddy in the face again. They hit a Total Elimination type maneuver. I feel like the kid from The Simpsons when Homer beats the Krusty-Burgler. Stop. Stop. He’s already dead.

Eddie breaks up the pin, guaranteeing more brain damage for his tag team partner. Edwards and O’Reilly trade strikes. Edwards gets the best of it before Cole sends him to the outside and hits a tope suicida into the crowd. They hit the chairs hard.

Cole climbs back into the ring and Roddy hits a jumping knee. He hits The End of Heartache on Cole! Double stomp from the top rope by Edwards! And O’Reilly makes the save!

Edwards and O’Reilly trade strikes before Edwards counters a suplex by suplexing O’Reilly over the top rope and going with him.

Cole hits Roddy with the PWG World title and gets the 3 count. Future Shock advances.

I’ve never really liked Eddie Edwards but this is probably the best match I’ve ever seen him in. I’m a pretty big fan of Adam Cole. The dude is so sleazy it’s fantastic. Roderick has really come into his own over the last few years. He still struggles with charisma but his matches are great. O’Reilly is just fun to watch. The ending was a bit abrupt but Cole being a douche bag has to be expected.


The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs Steenerico (Kevin Steen and El Generico). This should be awesome.

thebriscoebrothers steenerico
Tons of streamers for El Generico on his last night in PWG. Rick Knox is on commentary with Excalibur.

Steen and Generico have been feuding off and on for years at this point as well as teaming off and on.

Fuck I hate trying to tell the Briscoes apart. They don’t look that much alike but I still have trouble. I feel like JR when the Hardys are wrestling. Good god are the Briscoes hillbillies. Beautiful. Glorious hillbillies.

Steen won’t look at Generico and the crowd chants “Hug It Out” followed by “This Is Awkward”.

Steen and Jay Briscoe start us off. Jay has no hair. Mark has hair. Hopefully I can remember that.

They trade hard shots before Jay hits a hurricanrana and Generico tags himself in, angering Steen. Loud “Ole” chants. Jay tags Mark in.

A little bit of standard indy wrestling before Mark takes the crane stance and Generico stops. “Sweep The Leg” chants ring out. Generico tries but Marks jumps it. Generico catches the crane kick and flips Mark who lands on his feet. Big kick in face by Mark and we get some double team action after a tag. Jay Irish whips Generico straight into a jumping knee from Mark. Jay drops Generico down after a tag and Mark does a crab walk on the middle rope and drops the elbow.

Some striking between Jay and Generico before Steen tags himself in by slapping Generico in the head which distracts him long enough for Jay to kick him in the face. I doubt Steen cares.

He grabs Jay by the chin and yanks him down hard, driving his knee into Jay’s back. Steen beats Jay up a little and squashes him with a standing senton. Generico tags himself back in.

Every time he punches Jay in the face the crowd chants “Ole!” They really love Generico. But really, who didn’t?

Steen tags himself back in by chopping Generico in the chest. Steen beats Jay up a little before he starts talking shit to Mark and it gives Jay a chance to fight back. Jay stuns Steen and comes off the ropes but Generico shoves Steen out of the way and gets a drop toe hold. Steenerico finally works together and Steen hits a flipping leg drop to the back of Jay’s head.

A proper tag between Steenerico and Generico is back in the ring. Hard back breaker by Generico. Steenerico is doing some classic tag team wrestling, cutting the ring off and making quick tags but Jay fights them off and makes the hot tag!

Mark is in and it’s time for some Redneck Kung Fu. Chop to Steen. Chop to Generico. Chop to Steen. Chop to Generico. Chop to Steen. Mongolian chop to Generico. Mongolian chop to Steen. Exploder suplex dumps Generico on his head. Exploder suplex on Steen. Mark lifts Generico into a crucifix and Jay slams him down with a neckbreaker. Generico kicks out!

Steen pushes Mark off the top rope and and Generico snaps him straight onto his head with a Tiger Suplex ’85 for the 2. Mark counters the brainbuster but pushes Generico into the wrong corner and Steen gets the tag.

A series of E. Honda-esque palm strikes from Mark before Steen hits a pop up power bomb for 2. Sharpshooter from Steen and Jay shoves Generico into him to break up the hold. Mark makes the tag and Jay comes in swinging. Or kicking anyways. Big kick to the face of Steen and one for Generico on the apron.

Jay goes for the Jay-Driller but can’t get Steen up. Generico gets the blind tag while Steen sinks in a sleeper and gets backed into the corner. Generico just misses connecting with a HELLUVA Kick on Steen which results in a shoving match between the 2. Jay shoves Generico into Steen who falls through the ropes and the Briscoes go for The Doomsday Device. Generico ducks the clothesline from Mark and Victory Rolls Jay.

Steenerico wins!

Honestly, great, fun match between 2 phenomenal teams. It’s El Generico’s last night before he intends to move to Mexico to take care of orphans and he’s going all out.


PWG World Tag Team Champions The Unbreakable Fucking Machines vs The Young Bucks

Eddie Edwards joins Excalibur in the booth.

Ryback must have just debuted in WWE because Matt gets a “Feed Me More” chant started and aimed at Cage and takes a powder.

Matt starts working the arm and tags in Nick to come off the top and stomp on Cage’s outstretched arm but Cage pulls Matt into Nick’s path and he gets stomped in the back. 15%!

Some double teaming on Nick by the Machines including the tilt-a-whirl back breaker/kick in the face move and Nick gets countered out of the air with a kick in the gut. The Machines do power wrestling fairly well. Demolition Decapitation by the Machines on Nick. Not enough teams do that move. It’s a classic.

“Cage and Elgin working like a well-oiled machine.”
“A well-oiled, fucking machine.”
“Well, you want your fucking machines well oiled.”

Matt low bridges Cage and the brothers toss Elgin to the floor. Springboard flipping dive from Nick. Excalibur calls it a tope con hilo but I always thought you don’t touch the ropes for a tope. Matt catches Elgin in head scissors on the apron while Nick drop kicks him in the face.

I really appreciate the fluidity of the Young Bucks double teaming. There’s a reason they’re the best tag team in the world.

Matt works the leg of Cage while Nick showers in a chorus of “Fuck The Young Bucks” chants. They love being heels. Quick tag and Nick continues working the knee before Cage fights back out of the corner and Nick cuts him off with a kick to the knee. More double teaming by The Bucks.

Cage reverses the Figure Four that Matt gets him in and Nick kicks him in the throat then continues to work the leg. More quick tags and double teaming by The Bucks.

Every time Cage starts a comeback the Bucks go straight to the leg. Classic tag team psychology.

Cage reverses a double suplex and finally gets the tag. Elgin comes in and cleans house culminating in a Black Hole Slam on Matt. I’ve noticed that Matt tends to do the bulk of the work for The Bucks while Nick does more high spots. Matt Jackson is the Matt Hardy of The Young Bucks.

Elgin catches Nick in a fireman’s carry as he slingshots in then picks Matt up. Fall away slam/Samoan drop combination! Some double teaming by The Machines leads to a Bam Bam Bigelow like moonsault from Elgin. Nick does his crazy flipping through the ropes springboard facebuster then moonsault off the apron spot but gets caught by Elgin on the moonsault. Oklahoma Stampede into the ring post.

Matt drop kicks Elgin through the ropes, skins the cat and gets grabbed by Cage who drops him with an electric chair facebuster. Superkick by Matt leads to a twisting Blockbuster.

Matt reverses a powerbomb from Elgin with a hurricanrana, sending him into the buckle and a kick from Nick. Three super kicks to Elgin. Early Onset Alzheimer’s to Cage who no sells it and clotheslines the hell out of the Bucks. Double back suplex from Elgin (and Nick’s head lands hard on Matt’s, very similar to how Punk got his skull fractured against Reckless Youth) before Elgin hits a spinning backfist on Nick and Cage levels him with a huge clothesline. Hip toss into a back breaker by Cage on Matt who gets hit with an Air Raid Crash by Elgin.

Low blow on Cage by Nick and Elgin counters More Bang For Your Buck. Stereo deadlift Germans from The Machines. Stereo delayed superplexes by The Machines. They definitely know how to showcase their strength. Elgin goes for a Dr. Bomb on Matt and Nick schoolboys him!

The Young Bucks win and are new PWG tag champs!

It’s pretty rare to see a bad match in PWG and this is no exception. The Bucks did what they do best, bumping like pinballs for the bigger men and making them look good in a loss. It’s a skill a lot of teams don’t seem to have.


Future Shock vs Steenerico 

futureshock steenerico

Adam Cole has put on quite a bit of mass over the last couple years I can’t help but noticing.

Immediate crowd brawling and a “Kill Steen Kill” chant and Steen rams Cole’s nuts into the ring post, adding to the pain of the chop to the dick earlier in the night

Steen beats the shit out of Cole for a bit in a very Steen fashion. He bites him and elicits an “Eat Steen Eat” chant.

Cole gets the tag and O’Reilly starts working the body of Steen. Quick tags from Future Shock and they keep Steen grounded and away from Generico. Steen dodges a Sleazy Knee from Sleazy Kyle and makes a brief comeback before getting cutoff. Steen drops down (way early which is a huge pet peeve of mine since it makes O’Reilly look retarded for continuing to run at Steen) and sends Kyle through the ropes before hitting a Codebreaker on Cole. O’Reilly pulls Generico off the apron and Steen just misses the tag.

Cole grinds his pelvis at Steen and gets a headbutt in the dick before Steen gets him with a Rock Bottom. He gets the tag and Generico is a house en fuego. Cole’s a dick and grabs Generico so he can’t dive on Kyle so Steen runs in and kicks the middle rope into his nuts. Apron bomb on Cole by Steen and O’Reilly kicks out of a Blue Thunder Bomb at 2.

O’Reilly counters a HELLUVA Kick with a bunch of strikes and folds Generico in half with a backdrop suplex. O’Reilly blocks a HELLUVA Kick, Cole wheelbarrows Generico and Future Shock hits a tag team Lung Blower off the middle rope that Cole finishes off with a Back Stabber. That move needs a better name. Steen breaks up the pin and kicks Generico in the face in the process.

Super Kick on Generico. Steen Super Kicks Cole. Generico hits a half and half suplex on Sleazy Kyle. Cannonball by Steen on Kyle. Steen ducks a belt shot from Cole and plants him with a package pile driver. BRAINBUSTAH!!! by Generico!

Steenerico advances to the finals of DDT4 2013!

I’m a fan of all 4 guys in the ring. Adam Cole is such a sleazy douche that it’s so easy to hate him but he can work as well. O’Reilly is just a great worker in general. No one should ever have to say why they love Steen and El Generico.


B-Boy vs Willie Mack

bboy willie-mack
I’ve never seen a match from either of these guys.

The back of Willie Mack’s t-shirt has an ICP hatchet man with an Afro pick instead of a hatchet. I hope B-Boy drops him on his head.

Crowd starts with a “Let’s Go Willie” chant so I’m going to assume he’s the face.

Immediately they start stiffing each other with forearms in the face. It’s going to be that type of match I see. Willie kicks B in the gut, doubling him over then comes off the ropes and leapfrogs him but traps his head between his knees and face plants him.

B (or does Boy sound better?) trips Willie on the apron then drops him down with a Flatliner on the apron. He teases throwing Willie into the ring post before throwing him back into the ring and flipping off the crowd. Yeah, he’s the heel.

They trade some elbows before B-Boy pokes Willie in the eye. Mack picks B-Boy up and starts strangling him and gets poked in the eye again. It’s likes he’s in the UFC and fighting Jon Jones. Huge elbow in the side of the head by Mack drops B-Boy.

Body slam and exploder by Willie and B-Boy takes a powder. Is fat man going to fly? Willie Mack goes for a tope suicida and B-Boy pitches a chair at his face as he comes through the ropes.

B-Boy tries for a sunset flip into the ring but Willie’s just too tubby. He reaches down, grabs B-Boy by the throat and pulls him up. Samoan Drop and a fat man moonsault.

Huge swinging DDT from the middle rope by B-Boy plants Willie who kicks out at 2. Willie catches B-Boy when he goes for a Shining Wizard and slam him down with a swinging Flatliner.

WHAT THE FUCK!? B-Boy grabbed Willie by the back of the head near the corner and slams him down and somehow Willie takes the bump on the top of his head. I’m not sure if he was supposed to hit a turnbuckle with his face or what but it probably wasn’t meant to be a head bump. His neck bent at a pretty gross angle.

Willie must be okay because B-Boy smashes him with the Face Eraser Dropkick in the corner and Willie no sells everything. I hate when toughness is sold by ignoring the fact that you’re lucky you’re not paralyzed. He kicks B-Boy in the face and hit a Miz-style clothesline in the corner. Slingshot dropkick crushes B-Boy who completely no sells it and hits a Roaring Elbow. I guess we’re not selling shit no more.

Spinning heel kick from Willie. Superman Punch from B-Boy. And I thought Roman made it look like shit…

I guess they’ve decided to sell stuff now and the ref’s giving them a 10 count. They trade forearms from their knees. After ignoring head drops and high impact shots they’re now wobbling around the ring from forearms. Seems legit.

Willie catches an elbow and power bombs B-Boy out of a body slam and that gets 3.

After I said after the last match how rare bad matches in PWG are, this is easily the worst PWG match I’ve ever seen. Neither guy did anything that would make me want to seek out another of their matches.


Sami Callihan vs Drake Younger (Knock Out or Submission Only)

samicallihan drakeyounger
Sami Callihan is now in NXT as Solomon Crowe doing nothing of note and Drake Younger is on NXT quite a lot as a referee. Seems like a strange transition for a deathmatch wrestler.

This is match 2 in a Best of 3 series to be #1 Contender for the PWG Heavyweight Title held by Adam Cole.

Headbutt from Sami opens the match and he stomps Drake down in the corner. With no DQ Sami just keeps stomping. He stomps him for a good 20 seconds or so. Two power bombs on Drake. Sami throws him to the outside and flattens him with a tope suicida. Powerbomb into the ring post by Sami. It seems they’re going to bring the violence. Perhaps they may even upgrade to ultra-violence. “Callihan” chant while Rick Knox applies a 10 count to Younger.

Drake gets to his feet. He’s been busted open somewhere in the match. Probably from the headbutt I would imagine. He gets to the apron and counters a springboard dropkick by just clubbing Sami out of the air. Michinoku Driver on the apron. Cannonball Senton off the apron. Drake sends Sami into ring post and when Sami gets off the ground he hits Drake in the face with a Solo cup full of beer. The dread Solo cup! Then Sami grabs a dude’s pitcher and takes a drink while spilling half of it. Those are $12 pitchers motherfucker!

A little floor brawlin’ leads them to the announce booth shaped like a table. Drake grabs Eddie Edwards’ headset and uses it to address the crowd. Problem is it’s a commentary headset not a mic. Sami hits him with the ring bell as penance for his mistake. DVD off the raised platform the announce booth shaped like a table is on through some chairs! But not the nice folding chairs. Rigid, padded chairs like you’d find in a crappy lawyer’s office.

That gets us a Fecal chant and a “You Sick Fuck” chant. Drake makes it to his feet at the 9 count and starts throwing chairs into the ring which backfires when he takes an unprotected (of course) chair shot straight to the top of the head. He hits Sami back with a chair and at least Sami protects himself. Drake starts pulling more chairs out from under the ring and I notice a guy in the crowd is wearing a SummerSlam shirt with Brock and HHH on the front. Obviously the people in Reseda are a lot more mellow than the ECW mutants in Philly. He’d have been dismembered for wearing a WWE shirt in the ECW arena.

Sami punches Drake into a chair, feeds him some hard chops, gets countered with a palm strike and sidewalk slammed through the chair. Drake is setting up something that will not feel good when someone goes through it. He’s set up a chair, then takes another chair and sets it upside down on the first so the legs are pointing up.

Sami gets up at 9 and gets clotheslined back down. Drake takes his contraption and sets it on its’ side. That’s not going to compress very much at all. Chair across the back of Sami who then gets body slammed onto the chairs. I was right. It didn’t compress. At all. Drake goes to the top and gets waffled with another (unprotected) chair shot. Then he gets slammed off the top with a Deadly Driver into the non-compressing chair trap of doom.

Sami traps Drake’s leg in a chair and smashes the fuck out of it with a chair a few times. Figure Four! Crowd starts a “Please Don’t Tap” chant. Drake smashes his way out with chair shots.

Sami flips his way out of a Cop Killer but gets countered on his attempt at a German. Bicycle kick in the corner by Sami. Exploder onto an upside down chair and the look on Drake’s face looks like he’s not selling all that much. “Fuck that. They could not pay me enough” says Eddie Edwards and I have to agree. Though that might not be the best thing to say when you’re doing commentary with the guy who signs your pay checks.

Stretch Muffler by Callihan. I understand why it hurts but it doesn’t look good. At least not compared to Brock’s. Drake counters into The Rings of Saturn. I haven’t seen that in years. Drake starts choking Sami with a chair while still applying The Rings of Saturn and Sami starts chewing on his finger to get him to break the hold.

Drake whaps Sami with a traffic cone. He puts the traffic cone on his head and charges Sami like a bull, hitting him in the midsection. ATOMIC DROP ON THE CONE! Sami ain’t a virgin no more! Northern Lights Bomb on a chair! Half camel clutch. Sami stands up and slams Drake back on a pile of chairs.

Drakes answers Sami’s scream of “Do you quit?” with a “Fuck you!” and a finger and gets a chair exploded on his head in return. Another chair shot. So that’s two more unprotected chair shots in about five seconds, bring Drake’s total to four for the match. Five. Then he headbutts Sami. ‘Cause if a motherfucker is hitting me in the head with chairs, I want to hit him with my head.

Mounted elbows by Drake and Rick Knox calls the match. Drake Younger wins by knock out.

A very ECW match for PWG. Way more old school hardcore than what I’ve seen from PWG. It’s a nice break from the constant high flying action of PWG.


And we’re at the main event, the finals of the 2013 Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament

PWG World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs Steenerico


The Bucks start the match off by hitting Steenerico with the title belts. Nick’s choking Steen with the belt in the ring while El Generico and Matt fight on the outside.

Steen whips Nick hard into the buckle and he goes flying over the ring post to the floor. More brawling. Generico hits Matt with a purse and a chair. More brawling. Steen smashes both Bucks crotch first into the ring post. More brawling. More chair shots. More brawling. More chair shots. Nick dives on Steenerico from the top rope to the floor. Generico counters a pile driver by back dropping Nick on the apron.

We’re actually in the ring now. Nick slams Generico down hard on the middle turnbuckle and hits a running high knee. And another one while Steen and Matt continue brawling. And another one. Steen and Matt finally make it to the ring while Nick and Generico trade punches. Spinning back kick to the solar plexus drops Generico hard and Nick takes Steen off his feet with a springboard dropkick. Baseball slide on Steen from Matt and the crowd starts a “Fuck The Young Bucks/Lets Go Young Bucks” dueling chant.

Double hip toss, double back handspring dropkicks and Generico is getting his ass beat. The dreaded back rake from Nick. And another. And a third. Cartwheel into a back handspring and another back rake! I can’t help but feel that would make an awesome finisher in No Mercy. Man I miss that engine for wrestling games. Nick makes the tag to Matt and he continues the beat down. Jericho style pin.

“Ripping off Jericho. Those fucking people.” Roderick Strong, who is on commentary with Excalibur, sounds hot about it.

Generico struggles to fight back to make the tag and gets cut off again. “Stretch Steen Stretch” chants the crowd and Roddy makes a joke about DDP Yoga. Tag by the Bucks and Generico keeps fighting for the tag. Another tag by the Bucks and Generico gets the tag after an exploder into the corner.

Kevin Steen est une maison de feu! Huge power slam by Steen. Senton on Nick. Nick goes over the top onto Matt but they grab Steen’s ankles and trip him. Generico charges across the ring, steps off Steen and obliterates Matt with a tope con hilo. Rope hung DDT on Nick by Steen. Nick rakes the eyes to avoid getting murdered with a superplex. He goes for a top rope something but Steen steps back and Nick bumps hard on his back. Sharpshooter by Steen! And one by Generico! The Bucks make it to the ropes and Steenerico is forced to break the holds.

Matt Super Kicks Steen in the face to save his brother from some sort of pain that would begin from a fireman’s carry position. Another Super Kick. A third. Early Onset Alzheimer’s! And Generico catches it too. Another two Super Kicks. A third. He catches the fourth but eats a fifth. More Early Onset Alzheimer’s! Somehow Generico kicks out at 2!

But he’s out on his feet after the kick out. Double Super Kick in a seated position. Generico kicks out again! He will not be denied on his last night in Pro Wrestling Guerilla.

Tope con hilo by Nick on Steen who’s been a non-entity for the last couple minutes as the Bucks give his tag partner brain damage.



Early Onset Alzheimer’s on the not Rick Knox referee which seems foolish. The only other referee in PWG is Rick Knox and he hates the Bucks. Steen calls the Bucks “Motherfuckers” after spitting on them. He catches a Super Kick from Matt and swings it into Nick. 15%!

Steenalizer (I hate that name) on Matt! HELLUVA KICK on Nick! BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! on the top turnbuckle but Generico’s still punchy from his steady diet of Super Kicks! He makes the cover but the ref is down!

Rick Knox slides in to make the count!


Matt pulls Knox out of the ring and saves the match for The Young Bucks!

Rick Knox Super Kicks Matt Jackson! He slides back in to make the count and Nick kicks out at 2! Steen and Generico can’t believe it.

“Let’s kill this motherfucker!” screams Steen. He blocks a Super Kick from Matt that interrupts a cradle pile driver on Nick and plants Matt instead. He rolls Matt back to Generico for the BRAINBUSTAH! but Matt rolls him up with a small package!


The Young Bucks with the 2013 DDT4 and retain their PWG Tag Team Championship!

Rick Knox is pissed.

This was the final match of El Generico’s PWG career before heading to NXT. Or off to take care of Mexican orphans. Whichever you want to believe. There’s a huge “Please Don’t Go” chant and Steen grabs the mic to say that he wouldn’t be what he is without El Generico and they hug in a great moment. They truly are best friends. Generico takes the mic from Steen and addresses the crowd but the PWG sound system is garbage and it’s really hard to make out anything he says but you can tell he’s fighting back tears. The PWG crowd embraced and loved El Generico for his entire time there.

Overall, it’s a fantastic show marred only by B-Boy vs Willie Mack. A great blend of high flying wrestling with some power wrestling thrown in and a pretty crazy hardcore match between Drake Younger and Sami Callihan. I love tag team wrestling and PWG holding this early tournament is a wonderful thing to me.


Written by Justyn Curtis

Pros wrestling fan for as long as I can remember, PWG has saved my love of pro wrestling.

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