Through the Years: WCW Matches & Angles from Clash 17 to Starrcade 1991


I’m super hyped to see what happens leading into Starrcade, because not only have I found what looks to be great matches, but there’s the formation of this thing called the Dangerous Alliance to look at as well. There is, quite frankly, a hell of a lot of stuff to watch here. There was nearly a massive mistake on WCW’s part, which was par for the course. WCW was going to fire all their managers besides Paul E. Dangerously, Madusa, and Teddy Long. For some reason, they thought it would be smart to fire Harley Race. Lex Luger nearly quit as a result. They did change Harley Race’s character some and as everyone knows, he went on to manage Vader. I wonder when…


– Taped to air November 23rd, 1991, on the Power Hour


Cactus Jack vs. Sting in a SUBMIT OR SURRENDER MATCH

Pre-Match Thoughts: This is one of those times that I’m very thankful for WCW doing weekly gimmick matches. I have absolutely no doubt that this will be a classic. When this was taped, Sting was still US Champion. When this aired, he was not. These kinds of matches that I’ve never seen are why I do this.

Match Review: Cactus attacks Sting, and here we go. He bites Sting and works him over with punches, then misses a clothesline and flies over the top. Sting rams Cactus into the rail a lot, then decides to suplex him onto a trash can…only for Cactus to ram Sting into the rail. He clocks Sting with the trash can, but Sting back suplexes him onto it! Sting gets in some shots with the can, and puts it on Cactus so he can drop an elbow onto it. ELBOWS ONTO TRASH CANS! Sting heads up top, and flies off with a splash onto that trash can. Sting takes Cactus to the corner for some punches, and follows them up with a clothesline. Cactus comes back with a headbutt to the nuts, which may or may not have been a blown spot, but it doesn’t look like it was. Cactus drops a leg on Sting’s nuts, and follows with a facebuster. He covers, seemingly forgetting the roles, then drops a knee on Sting. Cactus throws Sting to the outside after that, and heads out there too. Into the rail he goes, and Cactus wants a chair. The fan didn’t want him to have it, but Cactus hits Sting across the back with it. Once they get back in the ring, Cactus takes Sting down with a clothesline and puts a chinlock on him. After a big flying headbutt, Cactus drops a leg and goes right back to the chinlock. Sting gets out of it with a jawbreaker, then misses a dropkick. Now Cactus takes Sting down with a DOUBLE-ARM DDT, and wants the referee to give a 10 count. Sting gets up in time, then backdrops Cactus over the top and out to the floor. Sting follows that with a big plancha, what a move! He suplexes Cactus on the floor, and brings him into the ring for a leap from the top that Cactus turns into a Hotshot. Sting rolls out to the floor and Cactus follows again, for a backbreaker. Cactus then heads up to the apron, and comes down with the CACTUS ELBOW! Sting crawls back to the ring and Cactus grabs a microphone, telling him to tell people that he gives up. Oh boy. This is way before this became commonplace. Sting refuses to quit, so Cactus gets a chair and throws the referee out of his way. Cactus misses the chair shot and hits himself with it, then climbs up to the apron, where Sting knocks him down with a dropkick as Cactus takes a disgusting bump on his head. Sting then puts Cactus in the SCORPION DEATHLOCK, and because he’s unconscious, he loses the match after 12:57!

My Thoughts: I think this match was awesome, with Foley doing absolutely everything to make sure Sting got over. There were big spots here, although the action didn’t work perfectly for me, it was still extremely entertaining. I do like the Beach Blast match more. Foley was so good at this point, he still had his agility and was able to move very well before all the injuries and wear and tear piled up. ***3/4. Can’t believe the bumps in this match either.


– Taped to air November 23rd, 1991, on Worldwide, from Georgia Mountains Center in Gainesville, Georgia




Tony Schiavone calls this match knowing what happened, so I’m not reviewing it. Dustin Rhodes had teamed up with Bobby Eaton to face Steve Austin and Arn Anderson, right? Eaton had teased heel turns before too. Whenever he tagged in, he would work on Austin’s arm for a little bit. It’s not like this was exactly a good match. When Eaton made the hot tag in, he started brawling with Austin and Arn, but that wasn’t the end game. Eaton wanted to tag out, but Dustin had been taken out. When Dustin made it to the ring apron, Eaton tagged him in. He then gave him a shoulder-breaker, and I guess that was the end of him being a babyface. Crowd didn’t quite know what to think of it.


– Taped to air November 23rd, 1991, on World Championship Wrestling, from Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia


Lex Luger (WCW Champion) and Mr. Hughes vs. The steiner Brothers

Pre-Match Thoughts: This was the first time the Steiners were able to work together since Scott’s bicep injury. I want to see big people get thrown around again, so I’m happy Scott is back and ready to really wrestle. I’m slightly confused as to why they’d continue with the storyline from the Clash and before. It wasn’t truly resolved, I guess.

Match Review: Rick Steiner locks up with Luger, and goes to a headlock. Rick runs Luger over with some STEINERLINES, and Luger rolls into the ropes. When they lock up again, Luger goes to work on Rick, booting him in the face. He goes up to the second rope, but Rick powerslams him down for 2. Luger rolls to the outside and stalls, then tags in Mr. Hughes. Scott Steiner tags in too, and he takes Hughes down with a big belly to belly throw. Luger tags back in and flexes his pecs, then works over Scott with punches and stuff. Scott comes back with a TIGER BOMB, and misses a clothesline, flying over the top. Hughes beats Scott up for a while, and throws him in for a suplex from Luger. Hughes tags back in, bodyslams Scott, and drops a big elbow for 2. Luger gets back in there, misses a charge to the corner, and Scott rolls him up for 2. Luger tries a hip toss, but Scott turns that into a backslide for 2. Once again Luger tries something, but Scott hits him with a STEINERLINE. Rick makes the hot tag in, and takes Hughes over with a massive powerslam. All four guys are in now, and Rick nearly kills Hughes with a backdrop. Rick heads up top, comes down with the BULLDOG, and that’s it at 6:28.

My Thoughts: Surprised to see Hughes pinned there. This was a solid match, with Luger not being the guy who looked the weakest. In fact, nobody did. **1/4, nice to see the Steiner Brothers back in action. I’ve blown through these matches so quickly that I didn’t even really miss them as a tag team by the time I got to this one. It was a big loss for WCW, make no mistake.


– Taped to air November 30th, 1991, on World Championship Wrestling, from Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia


Cactus Jack vs. Brian Pillman (WCW Light Heavyweight Champion)

Pre-Match Thoughts: I won’t pass up a chance to watch these guys face off, even if the match turns out to be completely irrelevant. This one may be irrelevant, but who knows? Cactus looked quite surly for this one. Obviously, Cactus was a fat guy and this is not a title match. Could be a good one regardless.

Match Review: These guys lock up, and Pillman has to use some evasive tactics for a bit. Cactus eventually catches up to him, only for Pillman to make it to the apron and fly in with a springboard dropkick that sends Cactus to the outside. When Cactus gets back in the ring, he rakes at Pillman’s face for some time, then resorts to biting. Pillman dodges a charge to the corner, and uses a flying head-scissors to send Cactus to the outside. A baseball slide sends Cactus’ head into the rail, but he rams Pillman into the apron anyway. Pillman gives him a back suplex on the floor, then runs up to a platform from which he clotheslines Cactus! Wow. He goes to suplex Cactus back into the ring, but instead Cactus suplexes him out to the floor! Cactus then hits Pillman with a big forearm that knocks him off the apron and into the rail, there are lots of big spots here. Cactus jumps off the top and gets dropkicked in the face, then Pillman goes up top only to be knocked down to the floor. Time for the CACTUS ELBOW! Van Hammer runs down to the ring and hits Cactus with his guitar, so Pillman picks up the victory after about 5 minutes of crazy action.

My Thoughts: For this to have been only five minutes is insane, but at the pace they were going, I have a hard time thinking of more spots they could have had in this. Great performance on both their parts, and the finish was quite stupid, although I don’t mind. **1/2 easily even with the match being so short.


Terrence Taylor & Richard Morton (w/Alexandra York) vs. Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes for the WCW Tag Team Championships

Pre-Match Thoughts: Thomas Rich being tripped at Clash of the Champions was apparently an accident of sorts. This is actually a great set of four for the match, I certainly expect that it will be good. Perhaps very good. First time I’ve seen Steamboat and Rhodes in the position of defending their belts. They sexed York up a bit and she looks very nice, by the way. Taylor and Morton are arguing about who starts the match. That is not good.

Match Review: Steamboat and Taylor will begin this, and Steamboat slaps a headlock on Taylor. He takes him down with an arm drag after that, and drops some knees on the arm. Morton tags in and is unable to double team Steamboat, so instead Steamboat arm drags him. Dustin tags in and hits Morton with an elbow from the top, then he press slams him. After a series of punches, a double shot puts Morton down. Dustin hits the heels with elbows too, and the heels must take a break. Dustin and Taylor resume the match after that break, and Taylor gets in some punches. He then dodges a charge, and Dustin flies to the outside. Taylor goes to work on the arm that hit the post, and tags in Morton to do the same. He hip tosses Dustin, tags back out, and Taylor gets hit by a cross body for 2. Dustin takes Taylor down with his own arm drag, and Steamboat tags in to arm drag Morton. Morton flips out of a slam, Steamboat flips out of an atomic drop, and he hits Morton with an inverted atomic drop. Dustin tags back in, slaps Morton around, and hits him with a big clothesline for 2. Taylor tags back in, gets arm dragged, and gets dominated for a while. Steamboat gets back in there, but gets hit with a big clothesline. Morton tags back in and Steamboat takes him down for a backslide that gets 2, then Morton finally blocks an arm drag with a trip. Taylor clotheslines Steamboat with the rope, Morton throws Steamboat to the outside, and Taylor sends him into the rail. Morton suplexes Steamboat back in for 2, but Steamboat gets up to the second rope and chops Morton as he tags out. Dustin comes in with a bodyslam, and tags in Steamboat for a flying chop from the top that gets 2. All four guys brawl, and the York Foundation members get thrown into each other. Steamboat then monkey flips Morton, tags out, and Dustin hits him with a lariat for 2. Taylor doesn’t want to go back in the ring now. Dustin monkey flips Morton, Steamboat flies off the top with a cross body, and picks up the victory at 9:25.

My Thoughts: This was quite a quick match, and pretty well done in terms of slowly breaking up the York Foundation. The obvious problem is that the concept never ran its course nor did it ever have the time dedicated to it that it deserved. Obviously, I have a major problem with that. The match was strong, and featured guys working really hard. It also featured guys who could do work to back that up, so all in all I enjoyed it. ***.


– Taped to air December 7th, 1991, on World Championship Wrestling, from Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia


Bobby Eaton (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Dustin Rhodes (WCW Tag Team Champion)

Pre-Match Thoughts: This is an important match in terms of building up the Dangerous Alliance concept. It was taped before the Clash, so Steamboat and Rhodes weren’t the champions yet. Also, Steamboat wouldn’t have been at this match. Paul E. Dangerously accompanied Eaton to the ring. You know, now I understand the Clash match with Firebreaker Chip. Just in case people were at this taping, you see.

Match Review: Eaton thumbs Dustin’s eye, and this is the natural role for him all things considered. Dustin takes him down with a drop toe-hold, and now here’s Madusa, who takes Dangerously’s spot at ringside. The three huddle together and come up with a plan of sorts, which includes Eaton getting socked in the face I guess. Dustin then goes to work on the left arm, and backdrops Eaton over the top. Why is that not a disqualification? If rules are inconsistent, don’t have them. Dustin hip tosses Eaton on the floor and clotheslines him, then throws Eaton back in the ring where they belong. Back to the arm again, and after that they do a criss-cross that ends with Dustin’s knee being clipped. Eaton grabs a chair and wallops Dustin with it thanks to a distraction from Madusa, and sends Dustin back inside. He stomps on that left leg and puts a half crab on it, and when Dustin gets out, back to the outside he goes. Madusa kicks Dustin hard in the chest, and Eaton clips Dustin’s knee out again. He hits Dustin with the chair again, these look like vicious chair shots. Madusa gets in kicks too, and the studio crowd is getting VERY angry. Eaton wants the camera guy to zoom in as he works Dustin over, that’s good heeling. On the inside Eaton grapevines the leg, until Dustin smacks him around. Eventually Dustin falls down, so it’s back to the half crab. When they get up, they collide with each other, and Eaton covers for a 2 count. Eaton then throws Dustin into the corner and misses a charge, but still follows with a neckbreaker. Eaton smacks Dustin around for a bit, then signals for the finish. Instead, Dustin cradles him up for 3 at 12:40.

The Enforcers run right down to the ring after the match, and it’s time to put the boots to Dustin. Arn gives him a SPINEBUSTER, while Zbyszko stands there looking menacing. Now Eaton heads up top for an ALABAMA JAM, then Mike Graham and Brian Pillman run out there to put a stop to it. If only they had Steamboat for this spot.

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this match for what it was, and it was Dustin getting beaten down and getting a miraculous victory. Of course he was given that victory, but the body of the match was really nice. I’m pretty much begging to see WarGames at this point, knowing the storyline advances to that point. That being said, there are so many good things to be seen first. I shouldn’t really get ahead of myself. **3/4.


– Taped to air December 14th, 1991, on WCW Pro, from the Coliseum in Macon, Georgia


Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. The Fabulous Freebirds

Pre-Match Thoughts: Can’t complain about more Dangerous Alliance, right? Despite their opponent, watching it makes sense given the kind of things that have been happening in these matches. This one in particular ends very well, I believe. The Birds entrance will never stop being funny to me. They were quite over as babyfaces. Before the match, Dangerously decides to point out that the Braves lost to the Twins in that year’s World Series. Paul also sends Madusa to the back for some reason.

Match Review: Hayes fights out of the heel corner early on, and gets some help from Garvin to clear the ring. Hayes then decides to tell Arn Anderson that Minneapolis sucks. So, Eaton and Arn run into the ring again, and get knocked out of it again. That’s very regional of WCW. Arn and Eaton want to leave, and the crowd is going wild. Very redneck looking crowd too. Eventually, Eaton and Arn come back to the ring, and Eaton will face off with Jimmy Garvin. Hayes makes a blind tag in for a double backdrop, and double clotheslines Eaton over the top for good measure. This is such good heat building. Garvin tags back in to get things going again with Eaton, who throws Garvin into the buckle. Garvin comes back with a backdrop, then goes for the DDT only for Arn to tag in. Hayes tags in too, and they lock up with each other. Arn throws Hayes out of the ring, but Hayes trips him and wraps the right leg around the post. Garvin tags in next, and drops a leg on that leg multiple times. Arn makes a blind tag in when Eaton gets up and hits Garvin in the gut, which gets them some control. I like Arn’s mocking tomahawk chops. Garvin gets thrown to the outside, and Eaton hits him in the neck with Paul’s cell phone. Garvin tries to come in with a sunset flip, but a tag was made and Eaton leaps off the top with a shot on Garvin. Eaton chokes Garvin with the ropes, and after another phone shot, Hayes chases Paul around the ring, only to not catch him. Arn covers Garvin for 2, and misses a pump splash right after that. Garvin makes it to his corner for the tag, and Hayes does work with his fists. Garvin clotheslines Arn, forearms Eaton, and here comes Larry Zbyszko. Hayes hits him, but the distraction works, as Larry comes back with a forearm that gets Arn the win at 11:20.

Barry Windham shows up to dispute what happened, but Steve Austin is out there too, and it’s time to beat him down. The four guys from the Dangerous Alliance do work, but here’s RICKY STEAMBOAT to keep them from hurting Windham’s arm worse.

My Thoughts: This Dangerous Alliance stuff is good, but they aren’t really moving stuff along. The heat in this match was great, and it was solid, so I’m not complaining. Just wanted to say that. In any case, WCW was really starting to hit their marks and putting on interesting television. **1/2.


– Taped to air December 15th, 1991, on WCW Main Event, from Georgia Mountains Center in Gainesville, Georgia


The Young Pistols vs. The Patriots for the WCW United States Tag Team Championships

Pre-Match Thoughts: I’d be an absolute liar if I said I wanted to watch this, but what the hell, right? I don’t choose the title matches, nor the champions for that matter. Yet it’s important to talk about the title changes if at all possible, and it’s important to watch those matches. The Patriots were awful and I can’t sugarcoat it.

Match Review: Smothers and Champion start the match, and Smothers tries to get a clap going, but nobody likes them anymore. Smothers stalls for time, and they eventually lock up, with Smothers begging off. The second time goes the same, and the third time, Smothers gets slugged. Champion slaps a headlock on him, then clotheslines him. He clotheslines Armstrong too, and the Pistols must regroup. Chip gives them a noggin-knocker, and Smothers wants to fight him afterward. Champion obliges, so that’s what we’ll get. Smothers punches him, then tags in Armstrong, who gets arm dragged. Oops. Chip goes to the headlock, but Armstrong reverses to a wristlock, only for Chip to get the better of that wristlock. They separate, and Smothers makes a tag in. Chip fights out of the heel corner, but Smothers gets control and beats him up. Chip returns the favor with hard chops, and punches him for a while in the corner. Champion gets in to stop Armstrong from doing something dirty, but Armstrong clips Chip anyway. Smothers throws Chip over the top, and Armstrong slams his left knee into the padding. Back in he goes, and Smothers drops some knees on that leg. Armstrong tags in, punches Champion to draw him in, and both guys stomp on Chip’s knee. Smothers goes to a spinning toe-hold, but the Pistols miss a double dropkick and Chip makes the tag out. Champion is a house of fire, and all four guys are in there. The babyfaces beat ’em up in the corner, then the pistols are thrown into each other. A flying back elbow by Champion knocks Armstrong out of the ring, and the Patriots go for their finish. It’s a suplex and cross body combo, but Armstrong leaps off the top with a flying headbutt to break the cover. Smothers winds up on top, and we have NEW CHAMPIONS at 9:40!

My Thoughts: Smothers was hilarious as a heel, it would have been awfully hard for a younger Sage Cortez to hate this guy. WCW shouldn’t have had two sets of tag belts in the first place. Their tag division was nearly non-existent at this point with many of their teams having disappeared. The week after this, the Patriots were defeated in a 2 out of 3 falls match and were no longer allowed to team up. Oh joy! *3/4. The Pistols really tried here and did all they could.


– Taped to air December 21st, 1991, on WCW Pro, from the Coliseum in Macon, Georgia


Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson, and Larry Zbyszko (w/Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Brian Pillman (WCW Light Heavyweight Champion), Dustin Rhodes, and Ricky Steamboat (WCW Tag Team Champions)

Pre-Match Thoughts: There sounds as if there is no way this match can be bad. I don’t even know why I’d take it into consideration. Just look at the talent here. The crowd is also very likely to be on fire because everything with the Dangerous Alliance on this taping has been HOT. There’s not a single bad worker in this match. Only people in the upper echelon at that. I hope this match doesn’t end with Dustin getting a pinfall.

Match Review: Zbyszko and Pillman start this one with a criss-cross, and Zbyszko misses a dropkick. Pillman lands one, then takes the two guys on the apron out. Steamboat tags in, chops away at Zbyszko’s left arm, and Zbyszko gets scared of being chopped. Steamboat brings Eaton in the hard way, then hits everyone with chops. I dig this. Steamboat takes Eaton down with another arm drag, and Eaton curses. I wonder if Schiavone will apologize. That’s a nope. Eaton stalls on the outside and tags out, bringing in Arn, who flicks sweat at Steamboat. They lock up, and Arn winds up in the wrong corner, getting beaten up. He wants some of Dustin now, and SLAPS HIM. In comes Dustin, who gets smacked around leading up to Arn missing a charge to the corner and being rammed into the buckles many times. Dustin heads up top, but Arn crotches him. That’s a mistake I suppose. Arn tries a SUPERPLEX, but Dustin headbutts him and flies off the top with a clothesline for 2 instead. Zbyszko runs in the ring, gets kneed in the back by Pillman, and Steamboat hits him with a chop from the top. The babyfaces beat up Eaton next, and the ring has been cleared again. Zbyszko makes a legal tag in to face the grandson of a plumber, who runs him over. Zbyszko comes back by tossing Dustin to the floor, and suplexes him when he gets back in there. Eaton tags in and rakes at the face, then Dustin winds up on the outside where Arn can clothesline him. Big mistake for Dustin. Arn pulls Dustin back into the ring, and the triple teaming continues. Eaton tags in there, smacks Dustin around, and they start trading bombs until Eaton misses a charge to the corner. Zbyszko tags in and gets pulled to the outside, then Pillman makes the tag! He dropkicks Eaton off the top rope, and it’s a big mess now. Steamboat hits Arn with an enzuigiri, and Pillman heads up top! He comes down with the cross body, but there’s nobody to cover. Eaton hits ALABAMA JAM to the back of the head, and picks up the pinfall on¬†Zbyszko shortly after.

Barry Windham is at ringside again, and this time he’s beating up Arn with his cast! Now everyone brawls to the back!

My Thoughts: Looks like we’re headed towards something excellent, you know. This match was just a small piece of that, and this time Windham got in some shots. So the story was moving, regardless of how slow it was. This stuff is just so fun, there’s no way to hate on it. I mean, it may be repetitive, but I’m getting to see great wrestling here. I recommend checking out most, if not all of this stuff. ***.


– Taped to air December 21st, 1991, on World Championship Wrestling, from Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia


Ricky Steamboat (WCW Tag Team Champion) vs. Steve Austin (w/Madusa) for the WCW Television Championship

Pre-Match Thoughts: I am quite certain that this is the first match between the two to air on television. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. What a great matchup it is too, I mean, they’re really stacking up some of these television shows. This show was 2 hours and 30 minutes, in fact. Austin wasn’t a perfect worker or anything of the sort the last time I watched him in a singles match.

Match Review: Austin refuses a handshake, and the two guys lock up. On the break, they stare each other down INTENSELY. Talk about a match feeling important. That happens again, and Austin goes to work with punches instead of locking up a third time. Steamboat flips through a slam attempt, and knocks Austin out of the ring with chops. Austin gets back in and eats more chops, sending him out to the floor a second time. Austin slowly gets back in there, and Steamboat goes to a headlock. Austin goes into a sequence where he relentlessly tries to get out of it, but it’s not happening. Austin drives Steamboat’s head into the buckle, but even still he holds on. A back suplex doesn’t do get him out either! Steamboat switches to a front face-lock due to his positioning, and there’s the headlock again. A backbreaker doesn’t break the hold, but doing it a second time sure does. I really like this. Austin goes for a suplex, and over he goes with it for a 2 count. A gutwrench suplex by Austin follows that, then he backdrops Steamboat. Austin slams Steamboat, backdrops him again, and follows with an elbow drop for 2. Austin bodyslams Steamboat once more, and uses an inverted atomic drop too. Austin capitalizes with three clotheslines, then puts a sleeper on him. I am slightly confused as to how that hold fits into what Austin has done, but again, Austin is a young guy here. Steamboat gets out with a jawbreaker, but Austin goes back to the sleeper. This time when Steamboat breaks it, he flies out of the ring and Austin’s throat is driven into the ropes. Austin tries to suplex Steamboat back in, but Steamboat flips through and back suplexes the champion. They fight their way to their feet, and Steamboat hits Austin with an enzuigiri. Steamboat rams Austin into the buckle a lot, then the two collide with each other and the referee as well. Now what? Steamboat heads up top, and down he comes with a flying chop. He covers, another referee runs down to the ring, and Madusa wakes the referee up to see that Austin’s foot is under the ropes. The second referee does count to three and grabs the title, but the crowd doesn’t buy it at all. The match then restarts after a discussion between the officials, and Austin backdrops Steamboat over the top for a disqualification at 13:00.

Madusa tries to hit Steamboat, but he grabs her, only for Austin to leaps off the apron with a double axehandle onto him. Austin brings Steamboat into the ring, and Bobby Eaton shows up for another Dangerous Alliance beatdown. YES! HERE COMES BARRY WINDHAM. Austin hits him and slams him, so it’s his turn to catch a beating. Steamboat grabs a chair to stop it all, and the show ends right at that point.

My Thoughts: This match isn’t for everyone, especially considering a lot of people find slow work to be boring, regardless of how it turns out. I am not one of those people. I really enjoyed this match. The headlock work was excellent, and these two put on a match that felt like it mattered. I also thought for a brief time that Steamboat would win it. This was also really well booked, and well announced by Jim Ross. He started playing up the idea that Steamboat was too much of a man to hit Madusa. Well, isn’t that interesting. It’s like that’s something that gets followed up on later. ***1/4 for the match, I took off a quarter because of the sleeper hold. WCW was so good in terms of ring work, and their programs were getting better and better every week.


I’ve always thought that WCW had laid the groundwork to be a successful company whether or not Hogan showed up. Obviously, Hogan was the key that made sure Ted Turner didn’t give up on WCW, but I think they were headed to the right spot after hitting their absolute rock bottom in the middle of this year. The Sting/Rick Rude feud was also great, and I should have included more of that. I couldn’t find the video of the angle where Sting locked Rick Rude in the Scorpion Deathlock and Paul E. jumped on Sting to pry him off, to no avail at all. WCW had made a few decisions that did seem a little weird to me, though. One was to pair Johnny B. Badd and PN News. I’ve also went over the York Foundation breakup, which continues going forward. They stalled Cactus Jack too, which I really didn’t like. All in all, still really fun stuff. This time may not have been so good for PN News, who lost an arm wrestling match to Rick Rude and wound up with a black eye afterward. Next up is the first edition of BATTLEBOWL, at Starrcade 1991!

Best: Cactus Jack vs. Sting. Yeah, it really was. Maybe the constant quality matches were the best, but I’m trying to think of one specific thing.

Worst: The Patriots breaking up. I do not want to see them in singles matches and hopefully I won’t. Why not fire them?


Written by Sage Cortez

Sage is a boisterous Los Angeles sports fan. Unsurprisingly, like many other loudmouth LA fans, he also likes the Raiders and a range of combat sports.

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