WWE NXT – June 12, 2013

WWE NXT – 06/12/2013

Time for NXT!  I can’t stress how much I enjoy this show.

We get a video promoting tonight’s NXT Championship match with Big E Langston defending against Bo Dallas.

We see a random variety of people chanting NXT in the audience as Sami Zayn comes out first, ready for last week’s challenge.

We see a recap of the debut of Zayn as Sami smiles in the ring.  Antonio comes out angry with his beret and charges Zayn in the ring.

Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro clobbers Zayn and is pummeling Zayn on the outside, while the bell hasn’t even rung yet.  He drops him across the guardrail and as the men get in the ring, the ref has to shove him back.

Sami lets the ref ring the bell and immediately Cesaro charges the ring with a nasty uppercut for a two-count.

Regal is back on commentary this week and talks about how we have never seen Cesaro truly angry.  The two exchange some quick offense while Zayn does an impressive spring backwards over Cesaro that was so simple, yet I’ve never seen before.

Cesaro grounds Zayn, shortly after someone in the crowd fails at doing the Ole chant.

Zayn throws a quick kick for a one count.  Cesaro gets up and throws Zayn into the turnbuckle.  He picks Zayn up and hammers him with brutal looking and sounding punches.

Zayn tries to fight back but gets kicked down.  Antonio starts laying some nasty chops on Sami but Sami fights back with some punches.

We have William Regal back on commentary, who puts such great insight into every move.

As Sami jumps in the air, Cesaro catches him for a spinning slam across his knee.  We get another two-count before the frustration of seeing we’ve reached a commercial break!

Cesaro has control over the match still as we get back.  Cesaro keeps Zayn down with the chin lock and Regal not only puts over the chin lock itself but how well Cesaro does it.  He tells us Cesaro is so effective with the chin lock, his could finish a match!

Cesaro thinks he has control but Sami reverses him with a quick slam for a two count.

Zayn starts pumping himself up as Cesaro craws toward Sami.  As Sami reaches out, huge European uppercut from Antonio catches him by surprise.

Two count!

Feature of strength grab and toss by the Swiss Superman and that gutwrench just opens the door for more pummeling punches from Cesaro.

Cesaro starts battering Zayn in the corner.  Zayn is able to throw Cesaro out of the ring.  He looks to the crowd for encouragement before running and doing a crazy dive over the top onto Cesaro on the outside.  Zayn continues to pump himself up as he rolls Antonio into the ring.

Zayn works his way to the top rope, as he squares away a dive, Cesaro nails another nasty uppercut on the Zayn in midair but Sami kicks out at two again!

Zayn doesn’t know where he is, Cesaro is furious and lurking over a staggering Sami.  He locks in another chinlock and Sami tries to get free.  Sami gets lose and after a couple hits by each men, does a crazy, flippy-flopping almost Canadian Destroyer-like roll up for two!

Both men are out of it and as Zayn charges, Cesaro knocks him down with a nasty kick.

Cesaro cracks his neck and gets Zayn up, trying for the Neutralizer again but Zayn rolls him up.  Only two!

Cesaro with another chin lock, Sami tosses him.  Another chin lock, Zayn is fighting but starts to look like he is gone.  Cesaro shifts straight to the Neutralizer.

Zayn can’t kick out this time.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Regal puts over how tough of a fight Zayn put up tonight but that Cesaro was strictly the better man tonight.  Not only was the match better than the bulk of the main roster shows but the competitors are more properly put over.  Imagine that!

Cesaro does his celebrations in the ring but then goes down to the grounded Zayn and yells in his face.

Backstage, we see Renee Young.

Backstage Interview: Renee Young with Bayley

Bayley appears too shy to come on camera.  Renee Young asks her how she is and Bayley tells us she likes robots and then wants to talk about her headband.  Bayley seems cute but I think her gimmick is a five-year old.

We find out Bayley is in the title tournament tonight against former Divas Champion, Alicia Fox.  Bayley says she likes Fox because she is pretty and asks Young if she finds her pretty.  When Rene says yes, she is happy to have a new friend.  She says when she beats Alicia, they can go play robots and Jenga.

I really don’t know how to feel about a cute girl with the gimmick of a small child.

We get a quick hype for tonight’s world title match.

Another hype video for Leo Kruger.

Back from commercial, there is a quick video for Punk-Jericho at Payback.

Returning to action, in the ring is the team of Baron Corbin and Travis Tyler.

We hear some French cut off the music in the ring and Sylvester Lefort is introducing the men who he calls the next NXT Tag Team Champions, Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan.

Baron Corbin & Travis Tyler vs. Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan

We hear about Dawson and Dylan being best friends from the same trailer park.  They give the back story of Lefort finding these two for his “unusual investments” by running into them at a Country Music Awards festival.  Interesting…

We hear again how Dylan likes to drink BBQ sauce and this time he has JR’s, which they use for a cheap plug.

Dawson and Tyler start for their team’s respectively.  We hear about Tyler’s history as a member of the All-Colorado High School football team.

Tyler locks up Dawson and maintains some early control.  Dawson breaks free and knocks Tyler down with a nasty clothesline.  Dylan gets tagged in and the redneck tandem ups the aggression.

Kicking away on Tyler in the corner, Dylan utilizes a quick tag strategy and Dawson and Dylan continue exchange quick tags for some great tag work.

The duo do a double team hair toss for a quick two count and we wind up with Dawson working over Tyler.

Another quick tag and these two keep exchanging tags and simply batter Travis Tyler.  This is an example of a fairly interesting team that I feel will become a poor man’s Cade and Murdoch when going to the main roster, and will sadly be extremely lost in the shuffle.

Dawson and Dylan continue to work as a unit and simply beat down Tyler.  Tyler finally lays a clothesline on Dawson before trying to get to Corbin.  Dawson grabs his foot but Corbin comes in and cleans house.  They just told me he is a former NFL star… I had no idea.  Appears to really be Tom Pestock, who played for the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals.

After a slight offensive burst, Dawson and Dylan pull of their tandem finisher, now called Up High and Down Strong.  Not the flashiest finisher but I REALLY like it, as Dawson does a spine buster, only to be followed up a by a sitdown ax-handle from the turnbuckles by Dylan.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan

Backstage, Graves and Ohno are towering over Adrian Neville “earlier today”.  Graves questions why Neville has a match next week against Bray Wyatt.  All of the men argue why they have the biggest beef.  William Regal comes in and says they should focus on the Family,  He compares Bray Wyatt and his family to The Shield.  Regal points out only a unit can take them out and in the WWE, no one can put their ego aside to take care of The Shield.  He reminds Corey of what The Shield did to him and advises the trio they will need to unite to stop the decimation.

Neville tells the others that he has the match already scheduled but asks Ohno and Graves, for one time only, to watch his back.  He says when he is done, they can have Bray all to themselves.  Graves says he hates waiting in line but will be in.  Kassius looks at Neville and says he will be in too.

Ohno stops Regal and thanks him for the chat.  He says he will try to somehow figure out a way to payback Regal for all the things he has done and leaves, as Regal smiles to himself.

We get a match graphic for the Women’s Championship tournament and Bayley awkwardly comes out to the ring.

Alicia Fox comes out in her Fox headgear and dances down to the ring.  We hear how she is the first ever African-American Divas champion.  Bayley watches on in awe.

Bayley vs. Alicia Fox

Bayley looks on with excitement and awkwardly reaches her hand out for a handshake.  Bayley ends up hugging a scared Fox and they wind up in the corner.

Fox starts pummeling Bayley,who is pulling off the facials of not knowing what is happening while being attacked.

Fox performs a nice bridging suplex for a two-count.  She works on an aggressive chin lock on Bayley.

Bayley tries to get out but gets slammed down by Alicia.  Alicia rips off the headband of Bayley and Bayley keeps trying to fight back.

Alicia throws Bayley in the corner and starts messing with Bayley’s hair.  Bayley eventually lets in with some hard hits and starts taking control.

The crowd gets behind he as she drops a flying knee onto Fox.  She hits a nice exploder suplex but it isn’t enough.

Alicia rolls out on the apron and lays a big kick into Bayley’s face.  Alicia is now marking Bayley and does her scissor kick to advance.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Alicia advances and she will meet Paige in Round 2.  Sasha Banks-Summer Rae and Emma-Aksana remain as the other first-round match ups.

Alicia taunts everyone on the ramp and signals her desire to be champion with a discount double check.

Bray Wyatt promo.  He speaks about Regal and all of NXT as we see up into his rocking chair while the tag champs tower above.

After the break, we get a recap of what led up to tonight’s title match.

Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring.  Seems like much apathy from the Full Sail crowd.


I really like this theme (now available on iTunes!)

The crowd is chanting FIVE as Big E comes out.  We are reminded of Big E’s dominance and that he is undefeated on NXT.

NXT Championship Match: Bo Dallas vs. Big E Langston (Champion)

Byron Saxton sighting!  He is doing in-ring introductions.  The crowd hates Bo Dallas.  Big E is beloved.

Dallas tries to use a speed advantage early but Langston shakes him and tosses him easily.  The two men circle each other up and Dallas goes back to the same trick that did not work the first time.  He cannot budge Langston.

Dallas jumps over Langston, nails a dropkick that barely moves Big E.  Dallas can do nothing to Big E.  The announcers tell us Bo Dallas is capable but he is a longshot to win this match.

Dallas does down Big E briefly with a dropkick to the knee.  Big E charges Dallas but Bo pulls the ropes down.  Big E looks hardly phased on the outside.  Dallas charges him as he comes back in but Big E throws him into the turnbuckle as we head to a commercial break.

Back from break, Langston is strolling behind a staggering Bo Dallas on the outside of the ring.  Both men back in the ring and Langston is delivering some gut punches while getting the crowd excited as they count along.  Langston continues to pummel and play with Dallas.  He hits a big splash and Dallas crawls to the ropes while Regal highlights the damage done to Bo’s ribs.

Bo finds himself outside the ring again and Langston tosses him back in.  Makes a cover but Dallas kicks out.  Big E runs the ropes and goes for another splash, Dallas rolls out of the way!

It sounds like the crowd is chanting NO MORE BO as Dallas starts piling on clotheslines and kicks.  Langston pushes him away but Dallas pulls off an interesting variation of Sliced Bread for a two count.

Dallas starts measuring up Langston but Langston takes Bo down instead with a belly to belly suplex.  Now Langston is prepping for Dallas to get up.  Langston nails a series of clotheslines and signals for FIVE before throwing five knees to Dallas.

The crowd is excited, so Langston just runs over Bo Dallas.  The straps come down and the crowd starts going for the FIVE chants, signaling for The Big Ending.

Langston scoops up Dallas but he grabs the ropes and nearly pulls off a turnbuckle.  The turnbuckle is exposed.  Dallas runs Langston into it a few times, tosses Langston and scores the three count!

Winner: Bo Dallas

The crowd seems pretty unhappy over the title change.  Dallas stands in the center of the ring shouting and smiling with the title over his head.

Dallas heads up the ramp celebrating and Renee Young makes her way out for the interview.

Bo Dallas says chaos is going through his mind right now but starts yelling like a poor man’s Heath Slater.  The crowd is loudly booing throughout and Dallas just says he can’t think of anything so “I’m going to DisneyWorld”.

Dallas kisses the title as NXT goes off the air for this week.


NXT Win/Loss Totals (as of 5/15/2013)

Bo Dallas                                              2-0

Scott Dawson                                    2-0

Garrett Dylan                                     2-0

Luke Harper                                       2-0

Erick Rowan                                        2-0

Mason Ryan                                       2-0

Bray Wyatt                                          2-0

Emma                                                   1-0

Alicia Fox                                             1-0

Conor O’Brian                                    1-0

Paige                                                     1-0

Summer Rae                                      1-0

Antonio Cesaro                                 2-1

Big E Langston                                   2-1

Sami Zayn                                            2-1

Enzo Amore                                       0-1

Audrey Marie                                    0-1

Derrick Bateman                              0-1

Bayley                                                   0-1

Danny Burch                                      0-1

Jake Carter                                         0-1

Colin Cassidy                                      0-1

Baron Corbin                                      0-1

Sawyer Fulton                                   0-1

Curt Hawkins                                     0-1

Natalya                                                 0-1

Kassius Ohno                                     0-1

Briley Pierce                                       0-1

Sakamoto                                            0-1

Damien Sandow                               0-1

Tamina Snuka                                    0-1

Yoshi Tatsu                                         0-1

Brandon Travern                              0-1

Corey Graves                                     0-2

Travis Tyler                                         0-2


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