WWE Superstars – September 5th, 2013

WWE Superstars – 9/5/2013

Watching the intro to Superstars and it hit me, Curtis Axel is now in the intro.  He was never in the intro when he used to actually appear on the show.

R-Truth comes out to the ring first as he is now the king of the Superstars/Main Event circuit.

3MB makes their way to the ring next and it sounds like “The Chosen One”, Drew McIntyre will take on Truth.

R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

Alex Riley puts over Truth as a rapper and actor, not only pointing out Truth’s appearance in The Wrestler but also Chris Rock’s Head of State, where Truth had a very minor appearance as a TNA wrestler… Interesting…

Truth gets Drew off his feet quickly and as Drew tries to recuperate, he yells a WHAT’S UP.

Drew comes back out more aggressive and starts throwing boots at Truth before a big slam that very much excites Heath Slater.

McIntyre whips Truth to the ropes but Truth counters with a hurricanrana for a nearfall.  Truth goes right into the armbar.  McIntyre tries to power out by getting up and slamming Truth but Truth rolls through not letting go of the armbar.  For a brief moment, Drew breaks free but R-Truth throws an armdrag and pulls McIntyre right back into the armbar, leading into a commercial break.

Back from break, it seemed like Drew had gotten control but Truth starts throwing some punches and gesticulating before downing the Scotsman for a leg drop.

Jinder Mahal up on the apron to make a distraction which allows McIntyre to throw a boot and down Killings.  McIntyre starts wailing away on Truth in the corner and hits a slam for a one-count.

Chinlock applied by McIntyre as Alex Riley and Tony Dawson discuss Drew being selected in 2009 by Vince much in the way Orton is now and discussing the Night of Champions main event.

McIntyre tries to keep pace by choking Truth in the ropes.  As the ref pulls McIntyre away, Slater sneaks in a cheap shot.  McIntyre resumes with a scoop slam and starts rubbing his boot on Truth’s face.  Drew makes his way up the ropes but when he jumps off, the “Suntan Superman” nails McIntyre with a boot to the face.

Truth knocks McIntyre to the apron, Drew does an impressive flip over between he gets on the receiving end of a series of different R-Truth kicks, finished off with the Ax Kick.

A two count brings the 3MB members onto the apron, Truth disposes of Heath and Jinder, hits Drew with the Lie Detector and gets the victory.

Winner: R-Truth

A-Ry puts over how Truth is able to isolate and win, which is hard to do against a group like 3MB.

A Night of Champions promo airs, centering on the Punk-Heyman/Axel match.

A replay airs of Stephanie McMahon’s confrontation with the Big Show, discussing their “friendship since she was twelve” and the revelation Big Show is broke.

Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring.

Curtis Axel comes out next.  Guess he gets his win back on a show no one watches.  Even better, on the same day I claim he never appears on this show anymore.

Kofi Kingston vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel

The announcers discuss the Intercontinental Championship anniversary just passing as Axel and Kingston circle off.

Curtis overpowers Kofi at first but Kingston manages to quickly escape and nail a dropkick, which causes Axel to scurry outside and to Paul Heyman at ringside.

Kofi goes to the ropes and Axel starts grabbing at Kofi’s leg before targeting it.  Axel stops the brief legwork to put on a chinlock and elicits a boring chant from the crowd.

Kofi gets to work and knocks Axel off his feet, so Curtis goes back to the outside, once again upsetting the crowd.  Kofi acts like he is going to dive outside but as Curtis runs away, Kofi stops himself.  On the other side, Kingston is able to connect as A-Ry throws a BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA.

Axel is back up and upset and smashes Kofi into a barricade as Superstars goes to another commercial break.

Axel is covering Kofi in the ring as the show returns from break.  He transitions right into a chinlock on the high flier as Heyman yells “You are better than CM Punk!”

Axel lays in a hammer to the back of the head of Kingston for a two count.  Curtis stands back as Kofi regroups, which gives Kingston time to refresh and take control.  He lays in some offense until Curtis blocks a dropkick.  Axel slams Kingston to the mat and goes for an ax handle off the second rope.  Back to the chinlock.

Heyman is seen holding up the Intercontinental title ringside as Kofi tries to get back in the match.  Kingston is able to knock Axel out of the ring.

Curtis back in and become victim of the kicks and clothesline that lead up to a Boom Drop.  Kingston connects on the Boom Drop.  He signals for Trouble in Paradise. He misses.  Axel hooks him up, throws Kofi, who dives back for a crossbody near fall.

Axel takes out the leg and the Intercontinental Champion puts Kofi in the ropes.  Kofi pushes back, hits the SOS but Axel kicks out.

Kofi tries to land a kick but Axel catches the leg and makes Kofi pay.  He gets Kofi in the center of the ring and hits a modified neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Axel stands in the ring with the championship while Heyman very much stays in the background.

Replay goes to the Big Show-Bryan No DQ match and aftermath with “The Corporation” to end the show.


WWE Superstars Win/ Loss Totals (beginning May 16, 2013)

R-Truth                                                                 4-0

Brodus Clay                                                        3-0

Natalya                                                                 3-0

Sin Cara                                                                3-0

Layla                                                                      2-0

The Miz                                                                  2-0

Christian                                                              1-0

The Great Khali                                                 1-0

Cody Rhodes                                                     1-0

Ryback                                                                  1-0

Antonio Cesaro                                                 3-1

Justin Gabriel                                                     3-1

Tensai                                                                   3-1

Kofi Kingston                                                     2-1

Jey Uso                                                                 2-1

Jimmy Uso                                                          2-1

Wade Barrett                                                     1-1

Curtis Axel / Michael McGillicutty             1-1

Cameron                                                             1-1

Dolph Ziggler                                                      1-1

Titus O’Neil                                                         2-3

Naomi                                                                   1-2

Heath Slater                                                       1-3

Zack Ryder                                                          1-5

Darren Young                                                    1-5

Brie Bella                                                             0-1

Nikki Bella                                                           0-1

Brooklyn Brawler                                             0-1

Epico                                                                     0-1

Alicia Fox                                                             0-1

Curt Hawkins                                                     0-1

JTG                                                                         0-1

Big E Langston                                                   0-1

Primo                                                                    0-1

Tamina Snuka                                                    0-1

Alex Riley                                                            0-2

Jinder Mahal                                                      0-3

Drew McIntyre                                                  0-4



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