365 Movies 2016: January

I find something romantic about watching the equivalent of a film a day.  Well, romantic may not be the best word seeing to do so I will have to do a decent amount of sitting on my butt to watch this stuff.

I’ve always been a huge film buff but somewhat lazy when catching up on movies, in my opinion, in the past few years.  With a pile of Blu-rays I have bought on sales that remain unopen and a ton of movies recorded off movie channels on my DVR, not even mentioning Netflix and the cinema, I’ve tasked myself with trying to watch the equivalent to 365 new films this year.

Now, a few questions to get out of the way – yes, this is 2016, a Leap Year.  It probably should be 366.  I will aim for that but my 365 in the title is more timeless and just plain sexier… so BACK OFF!

The official count will only include films I have never watched before that I watch completely.  You will notice a lot of the movies watched are a few years old.  This is my first time seeing them.  In the rare occasion I shut one off, it will be noted in the bottom of the monthly article but not count toward the total.

If it is a film I’ve seen before, I will notate in a special section in the bottom as well but it will not influence the count.

I will give mini-reviews of the movies I watch in these articles.  Instead of star ratings, these should be reviewed on these four tiers:

GO SEE NOW                                                     (Great)
Worth a Watch                                                 (Good)
See it, Don’t, I DON’T CARE                         (General Indifference)
Watch If You Hate Yourself                        (Golly, That’s Bad)

All movies appear in the order they were viewed.

Let’s begin the journey…
The Book of Life
YIM 2016-01-01
Critics = 81% / Audience = 78%
Surprisingly charming children’s film.  The crude characters work in the scheme of the film and add to the style.  Excellent voice work from a big time cast – Worth a Watch

That Awkward Moment
YIM 2016-01-02
Critics = 23% / Audience = 47%
Surprisingly funny and charming comedy.  Main cast has great chemistry, though the movie gets a little draggy and sappy toward middle, mixing which audience it is for.  – Worth a Watch

This Is Where I Leave You
YIM 2016-01-03
Critics = 41% / Audience = 60%
Excellent cast squandered in mostly dull story.  Has moments but underwhelming given all the talent involved. – See it, don’t, I DON’T CARE      

Two Night Stand
YIM 2016-01-04
Critics = 38% / Audience = 41% http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/two_night_stand/
Indie comedy that exceeded expectation.  Likeable role for typically douchey Teller, pleasant surprise. – Worth a Watch

Red 2
YIM 2016-01-05
Critics = 42% / Audience = 63%
I remember liking the original but didn’t remember much else going in.  Fairly standard fare for an action sequel but entertaining at that. Worth a Watch

YIM 2016-01-06
Critics = 7% / Audience = 25%
Super cornball as you would expect with this type of movie.  A few chuckles but not in the bad enough to be entertaining.  Feels like it isn’t actively bad enough to get the worst rating but it is kinda just there.  Vanilla calls this movie vanilla like it is an insult.  See it, don’t, I DON’T CARE

Jack the Giant Slayer
YIM 2016-01-07
Critics = 52% / Audience 55%
Stunning visuals, as this was marketed as 3-D movie. Gave work to Warwick Davis.  Probably ran about half an hour too long but that happens with visual effects movies.  Worth a Watch

300: Rise of an Empire
YIM 2016-01-08
Critics = 42% / Audience = 52%
Another sequel to which I haven’t seen the original in years.  Not as memorable as the original but worth watching for the visuals (both the fights and Eva Green).  Worth a Watch

Rock of Ages
YIM 2016-01-09
Critics = 41% / Audience = 54%
Sometimes I can be a sucker for cheesy musicals.  This was cheesy and corny but it served its purpose in entertaining me.  Worth a Watch

The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?
YIM 2016-01-10
Critics = 92% / Audience = 79%
Had long been waiting to see this, don’t feel like I learned much more than I knew before but some saw new concept art.  Worth a Watch

The Other Woman
YIM 2016-01-16
Critics = 23% / Audience = 57%
Formula chick revenge movie but knew where its strengths were for some solid moments.  Better than expected but nothing to go out of the way for.  See it, don’t, I DON’T CARE

The Purge
YIM 2016-01-11
Critics = 38% / Audience = 36%
Had stayed away from this, better than I expected.  Some areas weren’t quite where I expected but some genuine surprises picked this back up.  Worth a Watch

The Purge: Anarchy
YIM 2016-01-12
Critics = 56% / Audience = 57%
More polished, more political than the first.  Tone felt more like a survival video game.  Interesting elements but still seemed more forced than the first.  See it, don’t, I DON’T CARE

YIM 2016-01-13
Critics = 40% / Audience = 70%
I see the obvious Hunger Games meets Harry Potter comparisons… just like those movies without the charm or whimsy or being interesting.  See it, don’t, I DON’T CARE

Pacific Rim
YIM 2016-01-14
Critics = 72% / Audience = 77%
Best monster movie in recent times.  While story could still be a little corny, awesome visuals make me regret not catching it on the big screen.  Worth a Watch

Grudge Match
YIM 2016-01-15
Critics = 29% / Audience = 46%
I remember when this movie came out and wondered why DeNiro wanted a paycheck so bad.  Now I know Bad Grandpa is a thing (fingers crossed it shows up on this list later this month! ) Wasn’t as painful as I expected but more attempts at being “cute” than I would expect for a boxing movie.  See it, don’t, I DON’T CARE

2 Guns
YIM 2016-01-17
Critics = 64% / Audience = 66%
Played up some of Wahlberg’s comedic strengths, which I always enjoy.  Denzel in a Frankenstein mask was cool.  Outside a few slow spots, pretty well-rounded with moments of action, comedy and entertainment.  Worth a Watch

The Overnight
YIM 2016-01-18
Critics =81% / Audience = 57%
I don’t know if it is my personal tastes, the film industry or both but this feels like a movie that would’ve fit in more and garner more recognition about 10 years ago.  I feel like I kept flip-flopping my opinion but think it aligned with the movie’s own identity flip-flopping a little.  Good cast, had it’s moments but not sure if it is enough to tell people to spend time watching it…  See it, don’t, I DON’T CARE

YIM 2016-01-19
Critics = 47% / Audience = 64%
Standard fare for these Dreamworks animated but that is a good thing to me.  Light, entertaining, the right kind of corny.  I was happy.  Worth a Watch

YIM 2016-01-20
Critics = 62% / Audience = 60%

I was interested in the cast and the subject going in, I just wasn’t sure how well it was all put together, as I feel like this one didn’t get as much recognition as I expected at release.  They really played with the real story, as Hollywood always does, but I still super enjoyed it.  Worth a Watch

Total Count at end of January 2016 – 20

Movies scrapped
Walking With Dinosaurs
YIM-S 01-01
Critics = 24% / Audience = 41%

I rarely ever scrap a movie but throwing poorly done voice work, especially the super annoying voice John Leguizamo was doing, had me turn this off 15 minutes in and delete the recording I had done from my movie channel preview weekend.


Seeing I felt I was slacking on getting myself paced right, I didn’t re-watch anything.  I had some interest in re-watching a couple films I know and love but let’s get this started right before we add a fluff section.


Written by B. Patrick

Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, B. Patrick's interests include comedy, basketball, wrestling, comic books and can change as quickly as a butterfly flaps its wings.

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