Living In Reality: Free Agents Week 3

We start the show with more house hijinks. Cohutta and Nany have an “engagement” of sorts, so Isaac and CT organize a faux-bachelor party for the groom. Jasmine was not kidding when she said she wanted to be the whore of the house, as she provided the entertainment by dressing as a stripper.

Eventually, the other girls crashed the party. They wanted to have their fun too, so they created a bachelorette party, with Camila serving as the maid of honor, and Johnny acting as the Magic Mike-esque stripper. Johnny got quite close with Nany during this, getting a kiss from her. Nothing else came from it, but it’s worth monitoring to see if yet another love triangle emerges in the house

Frank becomes emotional while calling back home because he’s dealing with an apparent lung issue. He was debating whether he wanted to stick it out or not. Frank decides to stay in the game, even though his performance may not be the best going forward.

It’s time for another challenge day. But first, TJ has to drop his first atomic bomb of the season. He says that there’s a “serious problem” in the house. Everyone is taken aback as they appear to have zero clue what is going on. After speaking to the doctors, TJ learns that Frank has a viral infection that’s very contagious. As a result, Frank has to go home. It’s a huge blow for him, especially considering he just won two elimination rounds. Obviously, the guys view it as a nice break that gets them a step closer to the end.

Getting back to the competition, the new game is called Bar Crawl. Teams of four traverse across an elevated, vertical wall by using two metal bars as footholds. The teams have two members on each side of the wall that help move the bars from hole to hole. Jasmine was drawn as the last captain. Because of Frank leaving, she ended up short a man. She was given the option of sitting out, which would’ve left her out of the draw but still eligible for the regular nomination. Jasmine chose to participate. The move backfired though, as her team finished last, making them eligible for the draw.

Brandon/Johnny Bananas/Camila/Jessica finished as the winning team. They quickly decided to pick the other Johnny as the easy rookie pick. Before picking the elimination girl, Camila tried politicking with Nia and LaToya to see where their minds were at. In the end, Camila decided that Nia needed to prove herself, with LaToya already getting it done in an elimination previously. The remaining voters followed suit, putting Nia in the elimination round.

And it’s time again for another kill card session. Cara Maria has been anxious for weeks because she’s been a part of every draw. This time, she was the last girl to pick a card. Unfortunately for her, no one else drew the skull and crossbones, which left her with the card that put her up for elimination. With Frank already gone, there was a small chance that there wouldn’t be a guys elimination this week. Things were looking bad for the Portland cast, with Nia and Johnny already on the chopping block, and Jordan making the last card selection. But Jordan pulled the final blank card, leaving him and Johnny safe.

Cara Maria and Nia compete in what amounts to a fancy tug-of-war game. Both players are tied to a rope and have to weave around some posts. Whoever reaches the bell at the end of the course first stays in the game. If anyone remembers The Gauntlet III, a similar endgame took place. I specifically remember Frank from the original Las Vegas season beating MJ from D.C. in an epic battle then.

This particular game turns in a contest of wills, as over an hour passes without either girl budging. After 75 minutes, Cara Maria finds some motivation from Johnny Bananas rooting against her and finally starts to inch forward. Nia tries to hold on, but is completely spent. Cara wins after a grueling 80-minute standoff. It was quite an impressive victory for her, as she’s been known as a head case in the past. Even though Nia held her own, some of the others such as LeRoy and Jasmine weren’t impressed. Jasmine dismissed the Hurricane Nia hype and called her more of a mist storm. Meanwhile, a lot of the cast supported Cara coming back, which helped boost her confidence.


Written by T. Green

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