Living In Reality: Free Agents Week 5

This episode was a battle of old vs. new, as Jordan and Johnny Bananas jockeyed for position in the game. Jordan continued to exude extreme confidence in his abilities. Bananas, who’s no stranger to winning, questioned why Jordan had such a big head when he hadn’t won anything.

The new game for this episode is Piggyback. Two teams have to go across a series of ten ropes to a platform on the other side. The teams have to follow a pattern of sorts. The first person goes to the first rope, the second person to the second rope, and so on.  Once all the ropes are filled, the person back at the first rope can jump to the final platform, and then everyone else follows in order. So essentially, the players have to climb over each other to get to the end.

The captains for this one are Johnny for the purple team and Camila for the yellow team. The purple team ran into some problems right away when a few of their players fell off the ropes. Jordan was the last person to go for team purple. If he made it across, they would’ve had half their team successfully make it to the end. Unfortunately he fell just short of the platform. That got a rise out of Bananas, who was on the other team.

So the yellow team either had to get five players to the end to win, or get four players across in a faster time. They got to learn from the other team’s mistakes, but they still had some players fall. Turnabout was fair play for Jordan, as he got to watch Bananas take a spill into the water below as well. By the end, yellow had the same number of players finish the course with four. But Preston didn’t touch the last two ropes with both hands, so yellow only had three players counted and purple won this challenge. On a side note, this marked the first time that Cara Maria would not have to be subjected to the draw, so she can finally rest easy.

With the purple team deliberation, their mindset was to vote for the stronger players this time. The girls vote was still split, but the most votes went to Laurel. The funny thing is that Theresa was the ringleader to put Laurel in. But when it came time for her to vote, she pulled a double cross and went in a different direction. So she got what she wanted without having to draw Laurel’s ire. For the guys, Johnny Bananas got the most votes, sending him to an elimination round for the first time in quite awhile. Jordan in particular reveled in voting for Bananas. Devyn was ticked about Theresa bailing, so she told Laurel who the real mastermind of the plan was.

Jasmine’s worst nightmare came true during the draw after she pulled the kill card. The tiniest girl in the house had to go against one of the biggest and baddest in Laurel in one of the more physical competitions (Balls In). She was still going to give it her best shot, but she knew her time was up. Jasmine did manage to eek out a (possibly gifted) point, but Laurel obviously had no problem dispatching of her, 4-1. The other girls were disappointed, as they knew that their entire plan was a complete waste of time, and only served to make Laurel angrier that she already was.

For the guys, it was Isaac who drew the kill card, which meant it was up to him to take out Johnny Bananas. Isaac didn’t do so well in previous physical situations, but he seemed very determined to get the job done. Bananas showed that the old man still had some moves left, as he won 3-1. He did some trash-talking afterwards, but Jordan wasn’t impressed by Bananas taking out a mediocre player. The two continued to argue back-and-forth at the house, further igniting their rivalry.


Written by T. Green

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