Living In Reality – Free Agents Week 9

There were various goings on in the house that would surface throughout the episode. Cohutta and Nany still had their “thing” going on. Laurel was discussing the fact that everyone in the house came to her to politic. Cara Maria was supposed to be Laurel’s best friend, but was taken aback when Laurel didn’t fully commit to having her back. She was also annoyed by Laurel being buddy-buddy with Jessica. Finally, LeRoy continued to talk about about avoiding elimination. His goal was to avoid the elimination round and not have to put in work on the way to the finals.

The next challenge is Dug Out. Three teams of two compete simultaneously to try and transfer 10 balls to the other sides of their pathways. For each team, five black balls are carried to one side, while five team-colored balls are carried to the other side. All three lanes converge in the middle, so brutal hits are guaranteed to ensue. This is reminiscent of the epic battle between Johnny Bananas/Tyler and CT/Adam during Rivals in which they played the same game. In that one, the CT-led duo was favored, but Adam screwed up by confusing where the balls were supposed to go.

After drawing names for captains, the teams ended up being: CT/Zach (game over), Cohutta/Johnny Bananas, and Johnny/LeRoy for the guys, and Devyn/Laurel, Theresa/Nany, and Cara Maria/Jessica (irony!) for the girls.

Despite taking a potential knockout blow early, Nany rallied for her team and helped herself and Theresa win the girls competition. Laurel was surprisingly slow during the challenge, but she wasn’t sweating the fact that Theresa would likely be gunning for her.

CT and especially Zach had a speed advantage that helped them out. The other guys teams stayed reasonably close however, partly due to playing it safe so as not to get trucked by Zach or especially CT. Later on, Johnny R. got his balls confused (heh), which took his team out of the running. Cohutta and Bananas made it close, but in the end, CT and Zach were just better as they won the race.

So, it’s Theresa, Nany, CT, and Zach who make the votes this time. As of late, the general house consensus had been to go after the weaker players, so the group identified Devyn and Jessica as possible votes for the girls. The guys situation was more complicated, as there were no obvious weak players. At this point, the voters had to take personal interests more into account.

Everyone went out to the bar after the challenge. Laurel continued to insinuate that her and Cara were on the outs. Elsewhere, Theresa tried get a sense of LeRoy’s intentions, but he wasn’t willing to play ball. A few people had questions about LeRoy considering he was mostly approaching this game alone.

When it came time to make the actual selections, the group went with Jessica as the girls’ inductee into the elimination round. Jessica wasn’t jumping for joy, but she understood that she had to go in as a rookie who hadn’t seen an elimination yet. For the guys’ vote, Nany obviously didn’t vote for Cohutta, but everyone else ended up doing so. Cohutta now has to go into back-to-back eliminations. Nany got very emotional as she feared that he could be sent home.

At the draw, Cara Maria and LeRoy drew the unfortunate kill cards. Johnny didn’t feel like he deserved to catch a break, but he was glad to have it. The game of the night was Balls In. Cohutta was not pleased about having to face LeRoy.

The girls’ round was quite the intense affair. Cara jerked around Jessica’s head in the first round, angering Jessica. Jessica came back and knocked Cara around a bit. Both players had a hard time scoring at first, but Cara was finally able to put a couple balls into the bin to win the elimination round. Interestingly enough, Laurel was openly rooting for Jessica during the battle. That lost her major points in the house. Even the jerks in the house thought that was a bogus move. Meanwhile, Cara injured her hand during the elimination, so she had to get that checked out.

Cohutta was the clear underdog for the guys, but he relished being in that role. Unfortunately for him, LeRoy manhandled him on offense and defense. Cohutta tried every strategy possible, but he was climbing an uphill battle. LeRoy ended up winning in a clean sweep, but he had respect for Cohutta battling him. Nany was upset, but had confidence that her relationship with Cohutta would continue after the challenge. She just had to turn her focus into winning.

There was also a bit of a cliffhanger at end, when the show cut to Cara Maria receiving medical attention for her hand. The doctors didn’t give a definitive diagnosis right away, but they did want to X-Ray her hand. Cara was bawling her eyes out in fear of being told  to go home.


Written by T. Green

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