WWE NXT – 8/7/2013

WWE NXT – 08/7/2013

It’s Face Off Week!

Don’t know what that means?  I’m not quite sure either, other than big things planned and advertised!  US Championship on the line as The Shield’s Dean Ambrose visits to defend against The Man That Gravity Forgot, Adrian Neville.  Summer Rae will try to prove her dance superiority against Emma in a dance off.  Also, NXT Champion Bo Dallas defends tonight versus Number One Contender Leo Kruger.  They call Bo Dallas “controversial”, heightening the Cena comparisons.  20 more years of Bo Dallas everyone!

The NXT crowd is rocking while Byron Saxton stands in the ring to let the crowd know Tyler Breeze has entered the building.  Awesome.

Adrian Neville is out first wearing his shiny new NXT Tag Title.

This week Todd Phillips is on commentary with SAY IT TO MY FACE ALEX RILEY.

Dean Ambrose out next with his United States championship.

United States Championship Match

Adrian Neville (NXT Tag Team Champion) vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE United States Champion)

They play up Ambrose’s promo from last week, calling Neville a championship thief.  Riley puts over Neville as someone that when visiting the main roster, everyone in the back watches his matches.  He also greatly puts over how hard it is to get to United States championship.

The two men lock up early before Ambrose takes an advantage with his fists.  Ambrose takes control but the scrappiness of Neville comes out, who pulls out a hurricanrana to take advantage.The two men reverse some flips, Neville flips his way across the ring.

Neville connects before some fists from Ambrose changes the pace.  Ambrose keeps slowing it down, which Riley puts over and compares to other strategies in basketball and football.  Neville continues enforcing the see-saw mentality of this match and is able to get to the top.  Before he can soar, he jumps down, as Ambrose has slid outside.  Neville follows, only for Ambrose to take him to the ground and shout about being champion before going to the first commercial.

Back from the break, Ambrose is once again relying on fists to a grounded Neville.  He drops an elbow on Neville for a nearfall.  Adrian back to his feet and the men exchange knees.  We hear how much Neville could do with the win, not only beating a WWE star like Ambrose, but being the first in NXT history to hold multiple championships at the same time.

The United States champion continues to ground the high flier and hooks him in a side surfboard variation to stretch out Neville.  Riley continues the great commentary work, stating exactly what the  hold does to Adrian and how hard it is to get out.

A whip to the corner followed by a suplex, Dean gets a two count but goes right into a chinlock at the kickout.  Neville eventually fights to his feet and escape while flipping out of an Ambrose move.  Adrian tricks the Shield member into charging the corner and dodges.  Both men are down.  Adrian up and a cross body for a two count.

The momentum starts to shift to all Adrian, who brings Ambrose down with kicks, clotheslines and assorted moves until a hurricanrana to the outside.  Neville decides it is time to fly and flies onto Ambrose on the outside.

He gets the champ back in the ring and goes up top for the Red Arrow.  Neville connects!


Ambrose is still the champ!

Winner by DQ: Adrian Neville

The Shield works over Adrian until his partner Corey Graves and XAVIER WOODS (!) come out and stop it.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy are in the back talking to Scott Dawson and Sylvester Lefort.  I finally saw the son of Kristopherson, Garrett Dylan, was released recently.  They say he is too nice of a guy and can’t play a character…

Anyway, Amore, annoying in not the good way, starts talking about Dawson’s upcoming match with MASON RYAN.  I am zoned out.  Someone I don’t want to see talking about MASON RYAN.  I just want MASON.

Lefort and Dawson leave and CJ Parker is in the background video bombing/dancing behind Amore and Cassidy.

Match graphic for the tonight’s title match before another graphic for the first-ever NXT DANCE BATTLE.

The winner of this will be the first ever #1 Contender for the Divas title.

Summer Rae is out first in her main roster dancing gear.  While Todd Phillips claims we will see something we have never seen before as Summer Rae climbs on the ropes, I realize I am only in for disappointment now…

Emma comes out next to giant applause.  The crowd loves Emma at Full Sail.  I don’t have a problem with her but she always comes across too awkward to me.  Summer and Paige have some STAR qualities.

This dance battle will go FOUR ROUNDS.  We are told Summer Rae DEMANDED she go first, so Summer actually shows some dance talent and gets booed.

Emma awkwardly moves like a kindergartner and the crowd loves it.

Summer getting sexy to boos for “round two” (these rounds are like twenty seconds).  Emma does one of the worst chicken dances ever and the crowd erupts in YES chants.

They start chanting NO as Summer dances and they spend the bulk of her next turn showing the biggest virgin in the crowd being dismissive of her.

Emma informs Byron she is doing the “shopping trolley” and the crowd goes crazy.

Summer stops the competition telling Emma to stop mocking the art of dance while the crowd chants YOU GOT SERVED.  She demands her “REAL” music is played, they play Fandango’s theme and the crowd Fandangos as she does her thing.

Emma panders to the crowd more by taking off the t-shirt she was wearing and has her theme play, while she does her horrible, awkward dance.  I was indifferent to Emma more but the more she hurts Summer Rae, the angrier I get with her.

The crowd boos Summer mercilessly and awards the match to Emma.  Instead of a really good Paige-Summer title match, we will get Emma in there with Paige…

As Emma celebrates, Summer attacks and takes out Emma.  She shouts at Emma as the camera cuts away.

We get a new Leo Kruger vignette about kids laughing at him at school, so now he will take the championship of Bo Dallas and the kids will laugh at Bo Dallas.

Promo for Total Divas, which is now recapped for Culture Crossfire by Chad Numbers.

Danny Burch is waiting in the ring, looking like if Finlay had a baby with maskless Kane.

But wait… TYLER BREEZE, straight from his summer residence in Milan, Italy!

As Breeze takes pictures of himself, Riley states this guy better be able to throw some fists if he has a male model following up that last dance contest.

The crowd continues to try to put themselves over chanting THAT WAS AWESOME.  Wrestling needs to stop pandering to small mutant Florida crowds.  Although it is Florida, maybe they eventually will all shoot each other.

Danny Burch vs. Tyler Breeze

Breeze hits an enziguri, takes a picture of himself.  Goes back, big spin kick.  It’s over!

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Breeze gets right back to photographing himself, as he should.  He then gets down and takes a selfie of himself laying on his opponent!  GREATEST EVER!

We are told the NXT title match will be next and they throw it to Renee Young in the back.

Renee introduces the reigning NXT Champion, Bo Dallas, who says hi in a very simple manner.  He’s grinning as Renee congratulates him on his defense against Antonio Cesaro.  He interrupts her, showing the teased ego.  He calls Antonio a “good kid” with a bright future.

Renee talks about Kruger pinning Bo last week.  Bo blames the loss on Sami Zayn and starts doing the “too good for everything” bit before signing his off-tune “Don’t Stop Bo-lieving”.  Seems like they are back on track for the heel turn, which they have seemed to forget about the past few weeks.

The match graphic now indicates the MASON RYAN and Scott Dawson fight will be next week.  We also get a graphic for a six-man match next week of The Shield versus Tag Champions Corey Graves and Adrian Neville with Xavier Woods.

We get an update that Emma will be unable to compete and Paige will defend against Summer Rae next week.  Sounds good.

Byron Saxton announces to the crowd Tyler Breeze has left the building.

He’s been this character for like two weeks and needs to be on the main roster last week.  Or maybe not.  They’d never be this good on the main show.

Leo Kruger is out first, ready to go.

Bo Dallas comes out to another sea of NO MORE BO chants.

NXT Championship Match

Leo Kruger vs. Bo Dallas (NXT Champion)

The crowd begins a big Kruger chant and Leo scurries out of the ring after the bell rings.

Bo tries signaling him in, his actions right now aren’t matching the heel interview.  Still not sure what they want to do with him here.  Bo is one of the youngest guys under contract, I can’t think he is seasoned enough to handle this well.

Bo takes an early advantage with an early bridging suplex.  Bo locks up Leo and we hear this is a different Bo Dallas, breaking out moves we haven’t seen before.  As this is happening, the crowd chants BORING.

The crowd starts trying to rally Kruger out and as soon as Kruger gets a fist in, the crowd erupts.  Leo follows it up with a clothesline that throws BOTH men over the top to the outside.  Leo back in the ring, he does a baseball slide and knocks Bo down.  He does the shouting of his own name, which the crowd responds by shouting back as we hit a commercial.

Back from commercial, Dallas quickly breaks out of a hold by Kruger but Kruger takes him down before the champion can take advantage.  Bo manages to kick out.

Leo performs a quick snap suplex and tries a pin again.  Kickout at one and a half.

Kruger starts nailing Dallas with elbows to the top of the head.  Bo tries swinging and Kruger shrugs him off.  Kruger scoops up Bo and smashes him in the corner.  Kruger puts Dallas up top and lays some fists to his head.  Leo tries for a superplex but the champion blocks it.  Bo keeps throwing fists and the crowd gets angry.  They start booing.

Leo stop shim with a headbutt but Dallas continues to block, much to the crowd’s chagrin.  As Kruger stumbles back, Bo does a diving clothesline.

Bo takes control and starts delivering clotheslines.  The crowd is not happy.  He hits a Sliced Bread for the two count.

Bo sizes up Kruger, who shoves him away.  Reverse DDT for Bo but another kickout.  Bo looks like he is going to cry.

The crowd stops caring and chants WE WANT RYDER (WOO WOO WOO).

During all of this, Leo rallies and hits a giant spinebuster, which leads to the crowd getting interested again.  Kruger starts signaling his big jumping lariat.  He connects.


The crowd is chanting YOU STILL SUCK.

Kruger is standing up.  He has an angry look before doing a TA-TA and locking Dallas in his submission, the GC3.  The crowd is viciously chanting TAP TAP TAP as the announcers discuss the possibility of crowning the fourth ever NXT Champion.

John Cena Bo Dallas embodies his NEVER GIVE UP philosophy and gets to the rope.  Kruger continues to pummel him and points to the corner.  He climbs up top while Bo writhes on the mat.  Kruger flies for a giant splash but Bo gets his knees up.

Bo suddenly flies to his feet and twists Kruger’s elbow in a submission.  Kruger struggles and looks to be contemplating his next move before he finally taps.

Winner: Bo Dallas

The referee has to break the hold and the crowd goes dead.  Quite a few in the visible portion do the “Turn my Back” move, where one guy up front turns his back while holding up a sign with “I DISAPPROVE”.

Bo celebrates in the ring to relative silence.  He holds his arm and title smiling, they show a sad Kruger on the ramp and Bo raises his own arm in victory to close the show.


NXT Win/Loss Totals (as of 5/15/2013)

Conor O’Brian                                    3-0

Paige                                                     3-0

Tyler Breeze                                       2-0

Charlotte                                             2-0

Xavier Woods                                    2-0

Sheamus                                             1-0

Rick Victor                                           1-0

Bo Dallas                                              5-1

Erick Rowan                                        5-1

Leo Kruger                                          4-1

Mason Ryan                                       4-1

Bray Wyatt                                          4-1

Emma                                                   3-1

Big E Langston                                   3-1

Luke Harper                                       5-2

Garrett Dylan                                     2-1

Summer Rae                                      2-1

Adrian Neville                                 3-2

Antonio Cesaro                                 3-3

Alicia Fox                                             1-1

Corey Graves                                     3-4

Sami Zayn                                            3-4

Scott Dawson                                    2-4

Enzo Amore                                       1-2

Colin Cassidy                                      1-2

Kassius Ohno                                     1-2

Aksana                                                 0-1

Dean Ambrose                                  0-1

Audrey Marie                                    0-1

Andy Baker                                         0-1

Derrick Bateman                              0-1

Baron Corbin                                      0-1

Dante Dash                                         0-1

Sawyer Fulton                                   0-1

Curt Hawkins                                     0-1

Natalya                                                 0-1

Briley Pierce                                       0-1

William Regal                                     0-1

Sakamoto                                            0-1

Damien Sandow                               0-1

Tamina Snuka                                    0-1

Yoshi Tatsu                                         0-1

Brandon Travern                              0-1

Sasha Banks                                    0-2

Bayley                                                   0-2

Danny Burch                                      0-2

Jake Carter                                         0-2

Angelo Dawkins                             0-2

Travis Tyler                                         0-2

Aiden English                                     0-3

Mickey Keegan                                 0-3



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