WWE Superstars – 8/15/2013

WWE Superstars – 8/15/2013

Thursday, August 15, may very well wind up a historical day for the WWE.

On this day, Darren Young revealed to TMZ that he is gay, becoming the first openly gay active WWE Superstar.

He is scheduled to be on the air for this week’s show, so we will see if the commentary was provided before or after this information came out to the public.

3MB’s music hits as Tony Dawson tells us singles action is about to take place on Superstars.  The lead singer, Heath Slater, is the member in action tonight.


Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring next to take on the former Nexus member.

Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder

Drew and Jinder leave the ring and Slater shouts to the dismay of crowd.

Ryder responds and the crowd eats it up.  The crowd starts WOOing for Ryder as the two men lock up.

Slater misses a clothesline on Ryder but goes and kicks Ryder down before mocking the WOO WOO WOO.

Slater ties up Ryder but we hear about Kane and The Wyatts as the two men in the ring exchange holds.

A fairly competitive match is ignored to talk Kane.

The crowd chants “Let’s Go Ryder” and Slater, who is in control, starts yelling 3MB, BABY!

Ryder regains control, tosses Slater to the outside and nails him with a drop kick to the outside.

Back in the ring, Ryder rolls up Slater.  Slater kicks out but gets his head slammed in corner.  Slater retakes control as we hear of his history winning the State of West Virginia’s Golden Gloves.

Heath knocks Ryder outside, right into 3MB territory as Superstars takes a commercial break.

Back to action, Heath is playing air guitar while Riley is making comment about wanting to beat up 3MB again this week.

Ryder rises and gets hit with a slam for another two count.  Heath starts choking Slater in the ropes and as Jinder distracts the ref, Drew hits Zack with a cheap shot.

Slater applies pressure to Zack’s neck as the fans cheer Ryder on.  As Ryder tries to charge, Slater powers him down with a diving clothesline.  Zack kicks out and Heath starts shouting SERIOUSLY? At the ref’s counting.

Heath distracts the ref and Drew gets another shot in at Ryder.

Slater starts dancing and Zack rolls him up for two.  A frustrated Slater stomps away on Ryder and the 3MB’s frontman starts conferring with his team.  Drew gives sage wisdom yelling KICK HIM IN HIS HEAD.

Slater starts kicking him in the head a few times, Ryder kicks out and we will see if Randy Orton takes issue with Slater’s head kicks in a Superstars match.

Some more Slater offense is eventually met by Ryder hitting a face slam to mount a comeback.  Missile dropkick knocks Heath down.

Ryder goes after Slater but Slater kicks Zack in the face.  Only a two count.

Heath lifts up Long Island Iced Z for a suplex, which Ryder reverses into a neckbreaker, 2 count.

The Woo Woo Woo Kid charges Slater, Slater knocks him back and goes to hit him with a second rope move, Zack Ryder catches him, rolls him up AND WINS!


Winner: Zack Ryder

Ryder is up on the ramp with a pretty genuine smile as 3MB is furious in the ring.

A graphic airs for the Cena-Bryan Miz TV Instant Classic.

DID YOU KNOW shows WWE has Eight out of Ten of the Top Selling Sports DVD and they highlight GREATEST STARS OF THE 90s as one of them.  That set is like 4 years old now but I think has a universal price of like $6… which may be why it is on this list.

Dawson and Riley discuss how must-see Miz TV was and set up the first replay of the week.  For some reason, the segment picks up with shirtless Cena already yelling at Bryan, shortly before he held up his championship.

The conclusion of the battle royal airs next.  It picks up when it was down to Henry, RVD, Swagger, Cesaro, Ryback and Barrett and plays through the Big Show return.

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance next for tag-team action.

Kofi Kingston comes out next and seeing they faced each other for every show for two years, it is only fitting the pair will team together.


D-Young is yelling PTP in the house and Titus sneaks in a high five to a fan.  Darren is dancing while Titus barks.  Riley says this match is like if four of Miami’s starting five played two-on-two.

Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston vs. The Prime Time Players

Kingston and Young start off.  The announcers really put over how courageous Young is… from his performance against Justin Gabriel in tag action last week.

Dolph is brought in the ring and he starts to work Young into a corner until Titus smacks him.  Young gets a couple quick moves on Dolph and brings in Titus, who overpowers the Showoff.

Titus hits a big slam and then brings Darren back in, who makes an unsuccessful cover.

D-Young tries to charge Dolph in the corner and Dolph dodges it.  As Young writhes in pain, Riley mentions that he and Dolph have a red carpet event following this match.  Dolph brings in a fresh Kofi, who lays out both members of the Prime Time Players.

Kofi hits a Boom Drop as Dawson calls him Dwayne Wade.

It is all over action, Ziggler hits a Zig Zag, Kofi nails Young with a Trouble in Paradise and that is it.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston

Ziggler and Kofi celebrate in the ring before some replays play of some of the high-flying highlights.  Dolph and Kofi pose on the turnbuckles as the PTP are disappointed on the outside.

Video recaps air of the Punk-Brock feud to close out the last Superstars before Summerslam 2013.


WWE Superstars Win/ Loss Totals (beginning May 16, 2013)

Brodus Clay                                                        3-0

Natalya                                                                 3-0

R-Truth                                                                 3-0

Sin Cara                                                                3-0

Layla                                                                      2-0

The Miz                                                                 2-0

The Great Khali                                                 1-0

Kofi Kingston                                                     1-0

Cody Rhodes                                                     1-0

Ryback                                                                  1-0

Dolph Ziggler                                                      1-0

Tensai                                                                   3-1

Antonio Cesaro                                                 2-1

Justin Gabriel                                                     2-1

Wade Barrett                                                     1-1

Cameron                                                             1-1

Jey Uso                                                                 1-1

Jimmy Uso                                                          1-1

Titus O’Neil                                                         2-3

Naomi                                                                   1-2

Heath Slater                                                       1-2

Zack Ryder                                                          1-5

Darren Young                                                    1-5

Brie Bella                                                             0-1

Nikki Bella                                                           0-1

Brooklyn Brawler                                             0-1

Epico                                                                     0-1

Alicia Fox                                                             0-1

Curt Hawkins                                                     0-1

Michael McGillicutty                                       0-1

Primo                                                                    0-1

Tamina Snuka                                                    0-1

Jinder Mahal                                                      0-2

Drew McIntyre                                                  0-2

Alex Riley                                                            0-2




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