Living In Reality – Free Agents Week 8

As the challengers get further along in the game, some of the players are starting to feel the heat. LeRoy and Preston evaluate the situation at the bar, but end up with differing viewpoints. LeRoy keeps feeling the pressure as the numbers dwindle. But Preston takes the approach of playing it cool and not overexerting himself to get further in the game.

Also at the bar, Cohutta and Nany play it cautiously with their friendship. It could turn into something more, but neither wants to hurt the other. Things get awkward in a big way back at the house though, as Nany ends up hooking up with Johnny R. She claims she wasn’t even into him that much, but it just happened anyways. Nany feels extremely bad afterwards, as she knows that Cohutta is really into her. She doesn’t want him to feel like a fool. Nany let him know that she was sorry, and that she just had these hesitations because of previous bad relationships. Cohutta was understanding and he let Nany know that she doesn’t need to keep resisting relationships.

The eighth Challenge is Hold That Pose, which can best be described as the game Twister, only jacked up about 1,000 levels. The players are divided into two teams. Each person chooses a set of colored ropes to hang from. Once everyone on a team is hanging off the ground, the entire team has to remain elevated for one minute to win. Devyn and Johnny R. are the captains.

Johnny’s team runs into problems with too many strategies being floated around. Also, Laurel turns into a negative ball of energy for that team. She was still reeling a bit from losing Jordan, so she spent half her time here berating her teammates, and the other half being withdrawn.

Devyn’s team was able to get everyone up quickly and get the timer started. The one tricky part was CT’s legs barely being elevated off the ground. You could barely slip a piece of paper between the bottom of his shoes and the sand, but CT made it through the one minute successfully, helping Devyn’s team secure the victory.

Because of the format this week, Aneesa, Theresa, and Laurel were the only girls eligible to be voted in. Everyone voted for Aneesa. She obviously was not thrilled and believed that everyone was simply afraid to say Laurel’s name.

The guys’ vote was much easier. Many people felt that Preston had gotten a free ride too long, so he got the vote. The players were taking the approach that they would be better off trying to kick out the weaker players, even though this season’s format had a ton of unpredictable factors. Preston was mad because he actually had been performing well in this Challenge.

Aneesa was chomping at the bit to take on Laurel in the elimination round, and sure enough, Laurel pulled the kill card. For the guys, Cohutta drew that skull and crossbones card. Preston was satisfied, as he felt that he had a fighting chance against him.

The game of the night was Oppenheimer, where the players ran around in an enclosed circle in a race to the bell. The guys went first. There wasn’t much contact in the first go-around, so Cohutta used his speed to reach the bell first. Preston turned up the physicality in the second heat, but stumbled on the way to the bell, giving Cohutta the second round and the overall victory.

The girls’ round was set to be a big-time battle. The girls knocked heads first time up, and Laurel just got to the bell before Aneesa. The second round had an even bigger collision and an even narrower margin. Aneesa was able to push Laurel back some, but Laurel used to her speed and height to barely hit the bell first again for the win. Aneesa was super-bummed afterwards. She still hasn’t won a Challenge after many tries, and she lost to the person she least wanted to go down to. Theresa and the other girls actually gained a bit of hope because they saw that Laurel looked beatable for once.

(Funny moment of the episode: Led by Johnny Bananas wearing, what else, a banana suit, the house had a formal burial for Devyn’s wig. She even named it Tamara! But it had gotten worn out from all the dirt, sweat, and water that came from the competitions, so it had to go. R.I.P.)


Written by T. Green

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